Hard Drive

Hard Drive

About Serial ATA Hard Drives
Serial ATA hard drives offer high capacity to store your apps, files, and digital media.

About Solid-State Drives
For maximum performance, you can configure your Mac mini with a 256GB solid-state drive instead of a traditional hard drive. Solid-state drives deliver up to four times the performance of a traditional drive — speed you’ll notice when you boot your Mac mini, launch an app, or browse your photo library.

About Fusion Drive
Fusion Drive combines 128GB of superfast flash storage with a traditional hard drive. It automatically and dynamically moves frequently used files to flash for quicker access. With Fusion Drive in your Mac mini, booting is up to two times faster, launching apps is up to three times faster, and importing photos is up three times faster. As the system learns how you work, Fusion Drive makes your Mac experience even better. All while letting you store your digital life on a traditional, roomy hard drive.

All drives come formatted in the Mac OS Extended file format for efficient storage of your data.

Note: 1GB = 1 billion bytes and 1TB = 1 trillion bytes; actual formatted capacity less.