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    Great idea - Absent Editing Ability

    • Written by from SAANICHTON

    I've had a Livescribe for a number of years and would NOT recommend it for primarily two reasons. One, the software is not very user friendly. It will take you some time to work through the install, registration, creating folders and finding how it all works and links together. It's just going to take some time, with patience.
    The biggest reason I don't recommend this product at this time is there is NO way to edit the audio portion of a file when you are done. Example, if you didn't stop recording at the end of your meeting and just put your pen away, you will now have a 20-100+ MB file with however long it was until you eventually stopped it, blank at the end of your meeting file. Or, if you just want to send someone a portion of a meeting, or specific comments made, with or without notes, THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE.
    Livescribe has had requests for this FIX for over 3 years now and has done nothing.
    I don't recommend anyone buying one until they fix this major software flaw.

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    Helpful in college courses!

    • Written by from Maple Grove

    My university rented me the Livescribe Sky Smartpen to help me with my ADHD. This little pen is extremely useful. The best part is being able to replay lectures at anytime, jumping to different parts of my notes, and being able to pause what the speaker is saying. I have NO complaints about this pen! I can even download the audio from my pen onto my iPhone. I highly recommend this pen to anyone and everyone. I cannot say enough positive things about the Livescribe Sky Smartpen!

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    Excellent Product

    • Written by from potomac

    Love this pen. It is a lifesaver!

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