• 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Good drive, but not as fast as you expect.

    • Written by from Campobello

    The description of this drive is a little misleading. True, it is a Thunderbolt External drive, and Thunderbolt is 10Gbs. But that is 10Gbs to the INTERFACE! On the other side of the interface is a slow, 5400 RPM drive. It was actually slower than my USB 2.0 drive. I am using it to run a virtual Windows 7 machine that was previously on my MacBook Air, built-in SSD drive. When I ran out of space on the SSD, I moved it to the USB and ran it from there. It was adequate, but noticeably slower than before. I decided the Thunderbolt had to be some improvement, but actually ran slower, due to the pretty cheap hard drive. So I decided to void the warranty and take the enclosure apart and install an SSD drive in the enclosure. Now it is extremely fast, but I don't like that I paid $200 for a Thunderbolt enclosure. But it's a nice enclosure.