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    Virtually Worthless

    • Written by from Littleton

    Worked great until one OS update from Apple; then most of the useful functions were disabled.

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    What's up with Maverick?

    • Written by from VANCOUVER

    I have enjoyed using Genius 3 (G3) on Mountain Lion, but when I upgraded to the Maverick OS, G3 was and still is unable to defrag my main hard drive from the computer installed G3 program. Further I have been unable to defray with a G3 boot disk. I understand that thoughtless OS develops (such as, Apple and MS) give little consideration to the numerous software developers that provide support products; rendering many of their programs useless when an OS redevelopment occurs.

    Yet how long will the G3 developer let their software remain disabled before they update the product? Maverick has been out for several months now.

    Whats up G3?? At least let your customer base know why the G3 product cannot be updated and if it is a permanent situation!

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    Not that lucky

    • Written by from MINNESOTA CITY

    The interface is easy to use but the user guide is not. I was disappointed with the support I got because they did not answer my question at all. Drive Genius was supposed to speed up the system after defrag but it didn't. I also did a scan for bad sectors - in case that was the cause for the slow down - but again Drive Genius did not find any bad sectors. So, it looks like I have to live with this.

    But this was not my greatest disappointment. I wanted to upgrade my hard disk to 1TB and in that process, get a larger partition for my boot camp Win 7. I could have gone for Super Duper, Carbon Copy and Winclone but chose Drive Genius because it was supposed to be all in one but in the end, it was not to be. The reviews were also very good so I thought I would get good advice and instructions on how to do that. But it was again not to be. Well, my recourse is to go to the one of local stores to see if they could get it done in another way.

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