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    It's called PRO for a reason...

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    Those who think they can just use pro at start...don't. Pro is just for those who know what and how to use multimedia tools. It's features though, if you read the directions, are simple and easy to use over all.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Agree with KS from silkeborg

    • Written by from Knoxville

    I also only paid for Quicktime Pro so that I could edit my video files. I bought a new digital camera and to my surprise the video files are only compatible with Quicktime. I was used to using Windows Media files and editing them with Windows Movie Maker, but I can't do that with this new camera. I wish I could take the camera back and get one that records WMV or MPEG videos. I can't figure out how to get Quicktime 7 Pro to edit videos. Can't say what I would like to due to the "Terms and Conditions," but I will say that I do not recommend purchasing this IF you plan to use it in the same manner as Windows Movie Maker.

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    • Written by from SAN ANTONIO

    THis is a great product for those of you that hae many dvd's for putting them on the iPod Video. Apple continue doing this kind of stuff!!!!!

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    Be very carefull!

    • Written by from silkeborg

    I`m a pc user and I`m use to work with windows moviemaker. I only bought quicktimepro because moviemaker can`t/won`t handle quicktime files. Here`s my experience after 6 hours:

    :) installation, no problems.(5 min)
    :/ make sure your computer has alot of RAM. LOT`S OF RAM.
    :( If you like to work with moviemaker don`t never ever think about starting using quicktimepro. It use lot`s of ram to work. It`s not logic compared to moviemaker, and it`s S L O W...ZZzzz...

    I wish I could get my money back. Now I will try to find a program that can konverte quicktime files to wmv.

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    Windows users IT WORKS I was worried too

    • Written by from Albuquerque

    I am running Quicktime Pro 7 on Win XP with a AMD athlon 1800+ and 256 MB RAM. I had no problems with the install and so far no problems with the operation. It is not intuitive interface for win users. When you are having trouble with an operation just relax and say to yourself "maybe it is just that easy" don't overthink it. It worked for me

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    • Written by from north brunswick

    I bought quicktime pro for the "Full screen" control feature. When I used "Full screen" the entire picture became blurry! I bought Quicktime Pro so I could show movies(taken with my cell phone) for a court case! Now I can't show the movies with "Full Screen" because everything is blurred out! What a waste of money. When pictures are brought to full screen, the clarity should be the same as the smaller picture.

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    • Written by from eugene

    Alright...I am a PC user, and Mac users are correct...this player is very easy to use if you just read the directions...I figured it out without the instructions. I am a PC user, which should not be confused with a MICROSOFT user. Sure I use microsoft, but the term PC refers to a hardware based system. Yes, PC's are better than MAC's, but Windows isn't GET IT RIGHT FOLKS. Just pay attention to the WORDS that have been written for you software.

    PC + MAC = :)

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    WYSIWYG! Exactly as described by Apple.

    • Written by from San Mateo

    If you are looking for professional editing software get something more robust like Final Cut. For a quick sleek job that delivers consistently with a few super cool tools, this is it. Enjoy!

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Not as advertised

    • Written by from Okemos

    A lot of the problems expressed in the other reviews happened to me too. Exporting from FCExpress to QuickTime Pro = chopped footage; difficulty registering the product; etc. Using QuickTime Pro has only resulted in frustration and wasted time. I would immediately return it if I could. Heed the warnings....

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    Why you should use Quicktime Pro

    • Written by from Indianapolis

    Quicktime Pro is for the people that the title indicates - Pros.

    I work in a small studio that generates HD content, and in the past have relied on software packages like HD repair ($10,000). Our content did not have sound and we generally just felt this software was the only thing possible to crank out HD content on a regular basis.
    Not so.

    We now use Quicktime 7 for all content. So, for $30 - we are doing what used to cost $10,000. You decide.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    I've wasted $30!

    • Written by from Summit

    I'm tech saavy and ignored the negative reviews. Wish I hadn't. This product is not user friendly.Sure I can watch my videos but conversion takes forever and trying to edit is a problem. I've found much easier programs that allow you to use the demo before purchasing to see what the product is like.
    This was a big disappointment. I'm stymied!

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    Why are you charging MONEY for this?

    • Written by from Boerne

    I can't believe you are charging customers 30 bucks for this player! I bought this for the "full screen" playback feature, and I have to tell you I've NEVER been more disappointed. The video is jerky and the sound is too compressed and sounds "phase-y!" I've been using both Windows Media Player and Winamp in years past, and I've never had such poor playback on either compared to your PRO player! No "pro" I know would ever settle for such poor poor quality! So much shame on you!

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    • Written by from Las Vegas

    i bought this proudct to make movies and convert my videos for ipod use. it has not worked very well at all
    i cant copy and paste and it is not very easy to use. I am pretty good with computers and i have used the help features for it and it didnt help at all.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    the satisfacion for a new product for me

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    • Written by from Runnemede

    Most of you "PC" users having problems must be horrible readers. I can guarantee you forgot to download the free version of 7 first. EVERYTHING apple puts out is easy to use, unlike Windows where you need decades of experience. Spent ten years using a PC and never thought I'd switch. It only took 1 month on a mac sell me for life. For all you illiterate and computer illiterate windows users.......READ DIRECTIONS FULLY! This is a great program and with the help of a free program on the web, it will even let you put your DVD's on your Ipod or Cell phone! Product works fine and they should put a label warning against user error!

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    h.264 sucks

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    I bought quick time pro one month ago. I found my old camera it is 1.3 mega pixels. I made a video, and then I went to the quick time website found the directions on how to make a h.264 movie. I followed the exact steps on how to make a h.264 movie. It took about 20 minutes to finish. The end product was 4 times the size of the original. I played both the versions side by side without the sound and there was barely any difference. I think there is not much improvement in the h.264 codec. I am hoping to see some improvement in there next HD codec.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Works Great

    • Written by from Hayward

    This product works perfect, maybe a little on the slow side but overall it's great. As for the people who have had so many problems, they are probably a little challenged. Read the instructions and follow them!

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    • Written by from Farmington Hills

    I don't understand why so many people are having difficulties. I use QTP on my Mac and on all three of my PC's and it works fine.

    Read the directions instead of just downloading and installing.

    Stop dissing Mac because you can't follow directions.

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    About QuickTime Pro

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    I carefully read all the papers and guess what i love it.thanx ..

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    disgusted and terribly disappointed

    • Written by from Elk Grove

    I should have heeded the warning of my son not to purchase this product. I can only assume most of the positive comments were from Mac users. I spent almost two days tinkering with QT7 Pro with negative result. I could not open the files I'd like to export to my iPod Video. Although, I managed to export a few files, they were only 2-4 seconds in length, and when I played them in iTunes, the screen was blank, and with a note, "NOTHING PLAYING". I called tech support and I did not get any help. I now kinda regret buying this 80GB Ipod Video. I really thought I could use it to save home video files that I can show to relatives and friends. Help anyone!!!

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