Can you remap caps lock to control?

I had a previous version of this keyboard(It was wireless, not bluetooth) and it was not possible to change the mapping for caps lock. Is this now fixed?

  • Asked by Josh A from Pasadena
  • Jul 19, 2013
Logitech Bluetooth Wireless Solar Keyboard K760

Logitech Bluetooth Wireless Solar Keyboard K760

Product No Longer Available

1 Answer from the Community

  • No, it's still broken.

    Supposedly you can remap capslock if you install Logitech's 60 MB driver-and-everything-else download. Unfortunately that ends up even buggier, especially on Mavericks.

    Until Logitech releases a keyboard that doesn't require a Windows-style driver download, I'd suggest looking elsewhere (wish I had...). It's too bad, the solar power feature is very cool.

    • Answered by Scott B from Santa Cruz
    • Nov 25, 2013