Can the cocoon slim backpack hold binders in it or just gadgets?

I really like the organization system, but as a student, I need my binders and books too. I'm guessing because it's slim, there won't be any room for books, binders, paper and whatnot. Am I right? If so, do they have more backpacks with the organization system plus the laptop component?

Cocoon SLIM Backpack

Cocoon SLIM Backpack

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    This does have room for binders and the like, but not very much so don't plan on carrying a lot of books or binders. As for other backpacks like this, I'm not 100% sure, but as far as I know, no.

  • I use this backpack to carry my Macbook Air and iPad, with one more slot left for holding a folder. Anything more substantial, (e.g. books/binders) requires the removal of the laptop to make space.

  • You can just buy the cocoon grid and put it in any of the backpacks. I recommend the herschell ones that's in sale here.