Buying a refurbished Mac book. Yes or no?

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    We bought a refurbished iMac in Oct. 2008; a 24" 3.06 GHz. It is still running great and has never had any hardware problems. We saved several hundred dollars and have not regretted in the least buying a refurbished mac.

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  • Yes. At first, I was skeptical about purchasing a refurbished Mac, but I'm glad I did. I purchased my refurbished, maxed out 13'' MacBook Air (2013) on 4/30/14 from Apple's website and I received it 2 days later and I love it!!! It is just like a new laptop and I saved close to $400!!!! The only thing is that it doesn't come in the original box. It comes in a huge white box, but other than that, packaging is nice and it comes with a new power cables and manual.

    I've decided to purchase the refurb because of the 1 yr warranty and because I can get a full refund if I return it within the 14 day period, so I had nothing to lose, besides, I can also purchase the apple care.

    This was a great investment and I will definitely purchase another refurb from Apple in the future.

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  • Yes! I bought a refurbished Macbook Pro with 8GB Ram, 256 SSD, 2.4 GHZ i5 processor. I can't tell the difference between the refurbished one and a new one. Plus, it comes with the same warranty and ability to purchase AppleCare! Definitely a money-saving choice and well worth it if you find the right model!

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  • Definitely; don't hesitate.

    I've ordered refurbished MacBook Pros twice and each time they arrived in absolutely PERFECT condition, not a mark, not a scratch, not a dent, not a scuff. Absolutely MINT condition. They arrive with new cables, protective sheet on the screen and keyboard, etc. The only differences between a refurbished MBP and a new MBP is price and the fact that you don't get a nice white printed box, just a plain brown one.

    I will continue to buy refurbished MBPs going forward.

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  • Yes! I purchased my 13 inch Macbook Pro back in the fall of 2010 from Apple's website, and I have had no major problems with it to this day. The product arrived within two days, and was in factory condition, all the accessories and manuals ect were new and inside the box.

    My lifestyle is somewhat rugged, so I haven't kept the machine in the best environments, but I have used acceptable 3rd party protectors and coverings, the mac still runs efficiently and looks new whenever i clean it. Definitely a good value if you need or want a Pro but need to save as much money as possible. In fact, I plan on purchasing an additional refurbished unit within the month. Will get the Apple-Care this time around.

    Until my personal finances improve, I wouldn't hesitate to purchase refurbished... from the APPLE-site I stress!

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  • YES YES YES. I would recommend the Mac Refurbished to anyone wanting to get into the mac world and those who have been here since the beginning. I bought a late 2011 and a mid 2012 macbook pro 15". The warranty and support is the same as if it was new and the money you can save is awesome.

    I would, however, recommend one thing.. BUY THE APPLE CARE! it's been a lifesaver when a computer had an issue and had to be sent in. So happy we have the applecare.

    With our great experience with the refurbished store and apple's support both online, on the phone, and in the store, we now have 2 macbook pro 15", a macbook pro 13", 2 iPad, 2 iPhones, the airport extreme with time capsule and have even converted our business to apple. Now just can't wait until the new iOS and OS X.

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  • I look to refurbished first when I look for anything Apple. I bought a 2010 11.6 inch macbook air and its still working fantastic, even though just 2 GB ram I run Mavericks with no problem. At the rate its going it will last a decade! My iMac was bought at the store but after my air purchase I Look to refurbished first :)

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  • I bought a Refurbished MacBook in 07 and it still works like a champ. No issues to report.

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  • I have never once purchased a new Apple device (exception is iPhone with service plan). I have had two iPads, one iMac, two MacBooks, and a MacBook Air with zero problems with any of them. Apple does a fantastic job of refurbishing devices providing me with a great savings on a product that meets my needs.

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  • i have two refurbished mac products and they are just as good as brand new...just for less money.... so yes do it

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  • yes

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  • Yes, we bought a MacBook on refurb 5 years ago and it's still doing great.

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  • I bought a refurb'd MacBook Pro. It was indistinguishable from new and I saved quite a bit of money. NO regrets...!

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  • Definitely. Bought one (from apple) 3 years ago, sold it to a friend (it's still running strong - i7 quad core and I upgraded the ram to 16gb). Went back to pc, bought a refurb air for the wife (from apple), she LLLOOOOOVVVEEEESS it, so I bought a used MBP and am now considering a refurb air, if I could find one with an not-so-inner geek will not allow me to get anything less....

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  • YES: I bought a 2012 13" MacBook Pro in 2013, In March 2014 the keyboard developed a fault. Apple replaced the keyboard under warranty & it has been working fine ever since. I did purchase an additional 2 year warranty with Apple care.

    I would have no hesitation in recommending anyone to save some serious money & buy refurb. Mine looked brand new when I received it and it came with all the accessories as well as a free upgrade to OSX.

    MacBook Pro.
    8GB Ram
    2.9 GHz Intel Core I7
    750GB HD
    Optical Drive

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  • I have furnished my office with Mac Mini's and Macbook Airs with Refurbs....and saved hundreds.

    Apple's refurbs are as good as their new products - with same protection and service. Apple is an amazing company when it comes to standing behind their refurbs. I got a refurbed phone from my provider and it was obviously not an Apple product, and took it to the Apple store and they took care of it - no questions asked.

    Suport after the sale is the best.

    A definitive YES.

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  • Yes

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  • Yes

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  • I say yes!
    I bought a refurbished 15" Mac Book Pro and it is working like a champ.
    I bought a brand new 13" and had to take it in for service. That is why I bought a refurbished Mac Book Pro.
    I would do it again!

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  • YES

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