Buying a refurbished Mac book. Yes or no?

I have always had Mac's. I have a desktop and am now finding that I need a laptop. Refurbished is okay. I will be using it for research and the writing of a book. I also will need Microsoft office for presentations, etc. What is best for me? Macbook Pro or MAcbook Air?

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    I ordered a refurbished Macbook Pro online and picked it up at the Apple store yesterday. Within 15 minutes of turning it on at home, the screen started flickering, the colors faded out and vertical pink lines covered the screen. I tried restarting it but it only got worse. I am returning it to Apple tomorrow to get a replacement or a refund. Apple has great customer service, and I realize that the vast majority of refurbished Macs are in perfect condition, but I wanted to share my experience to say that not all of them are. Just something to consider when buying a refurbished product.

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  • I'd recommend an Air for you. It doesn't sound like your need the power of a Macbook Pro, considering the Air is plenty powerful as it is, and the Air has amazing battery life and portability. If you're going to be writing on it, you should definitely get the 13" (the extra real estate is nice). I'd also recommend 256 GB of storage (so you don't run out!) and 8GB of RAM (for smooth multitasking), though 4GB RAM might be enough if you want to save a little money.
    For the question of refurbished, I can help you make an informed decision. You don't have to worry about the condition of refurbished Macs, they're really like new. The main issue is that they're older, and technology has been moving forward fast. For instance, any Macbook Air that was made before summer 2013 gets about 7 hours of battery life, while any that are summer 2013 or newer gets 12 or more, thanks to the new processors that are used! So, if getting a laptop that will be amazing for years to come is worth the money to you, get a new one. If it's not that big of a deal and you're more open to upgrading again sooner and want to save some money now, refurbished is a great option.
    I do not recommend buying refurbished or used from anywhere besides the Apple Store unless it's a person whose computer care and knowledge you trust.

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  • I purchased a refurbished macbook pro, I have used it for 1.5 years now and it hasn't given me any trouble whatsoever.

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  • I bought a refurbished 15" macbook retina last September for a great price and I am very happy with it.

    I personally went with macbook pro because of screen size. I don't enjoy writing on 11" or 13" screens, but I think a Mac Air will do fine as long as you are not a power user.

    Also if you or someone in your family qualifies for educational discounts you might want to go that route, because the edu price can be close to a refurb price depending on your upgrade options.

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  • for research and writing the biggest difference in the macbook pro and macbook air is the size and weight. In the refurbished department at Apple you can find them configured almost identically, but the newer MacbookAir comes with microsoft office already on it. So I would look for the newer refurbished model if you really want a refurbished machine. I gor my refurbished Mackbook pro 17 in 2010 and it is great, but a bit large to carry with me on trips, but I manage easy enough.

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  • In the last 15 years I have picked up 4 refurbished Mac products, a laptop, 2 i-Macs and a i Pad and I have been happy with all 4. I did have a problem with the screen on one of the iPads but Apple fixed it quickly and I was not charges anything.

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  • I have bought several refurbished over the years and have been very satisfied. Either will work fine for your needs but I think the Macbook Pro gives you more power and value for your money.

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  • I have been buying nothing but refurbished MacBooks and iMacs for over 10 years, not just for myself but for the startup technology companies I have been involved in. Never an issue out of the box and you can also purchase Apple Care. The only thing you don't get is a pretty box. Highly recommended. I buy nothing but refurb Macs.

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  • Yes

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  • yes

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  • Yes

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  • noononoonn

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