Is it ok to buy ipod touch 5th gen when you already have iphone 5?

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    Yes. But think, an iPhone is an iPod with a phone built in. (Basically) But if you want songs and games, and your iPhone has only a limited number of memory then yes, get and iPod 5th gen. and use the iPhone for calls.

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  • Yes, of course. The only difference is that the iPhone can call and text anyone and the iPod can only talk to other people with apple products and can't call people, although it does have facetime (live video chat with peole that have apple products only). Also you might not have enough space on your phone to store songs so you could buy an ipod for song storage.

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  • Of course. But i personally think its more easy to just store songs on your iPhone 5 than buying a new Ipod touch 5. You should think about this..... Does your iPhone 5 have enough space for songs? If not, go with the iPod.

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  • The choice is up to you. If you have a 16GB iPhone 5, and are looking for a game, movie, and music powerhouse, I suggest purchasing a 64GB 5th generation iPod touch.

    If you have a 32GB or 64GB iPhone 5, that should absolutely be enough for everything and in my opinion purchasing an iPod touch would be unnecessary.

    Remember that in the long term, the iPhone 5 is superior to the fifth-generation iPod touch. The iPhone 5 packs in the next to greatest design and performance with the A6 chip, which runs with no smoothness issues on iOS 7. The iPod touch lags a little in spots on iOS 7, as it sports the last-generation A5 chip (found in the iPad mini, iPhone 4S, and iPad 2). Performance wise, stick with the iPhone. Media wise, go for an iPod touch.

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  • As long as it won't put you into debt, I see no good reason not to buy the iPod touch. You could also consider a new iPad.

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  • the ipod touch 5th generation has a lot of memory and if you want to listen to music or download games the ipod 5th generation is the best and it also has iMessage so the iphone 5 is used kind of only for calling . use the iphone to call someone and you can use the ipdo for pretty much everything

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  • Obviously it is okay to purchase the iPod Touch 5th Generation when you already have the iPhone 5. However personally who wants a iPod when you have a iPhone.

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