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    • Written by from NORWICH


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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    The BEST of Beats headphones at the moment I must say

    • Written by from Omaha

    I have owned seven brand name headphones and have tried many others like Monster , Klipsch, Bose QC 15, Sennheiser, ect. And recently I tried, tried , tried and bought an Authentic Beats Pro 2014. The sound quality is amazing, you have to try it for your experience and believe what I mean. The look is nice and very durable since 90% of it wae made from Aluminum.
    Yes, don't let other low reviews put you down on it. This is my best hp in my collection so far. I would recommend to anyone for this Beats Pro. I bought it only $262.00 which is a deal for me. Be careful of knock off product though. Again, trust me you won't go wrong with this.
    Peace and good luck.

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    Dr Dre Beats Pro

    • Written by from VANCOUVER

    10/10-All I can say is the best of the best...Amazing sound!!!!

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    • Written by from New Westminster

    Yes these are 400$ which is expensive. It's worth the purchase of buying these. For those who say they are too tight, they have terrible kids and highs and muddy bass, they break too easy, we'll, you probably own fake beats pros. BEATS PROS ARE THE BEST HEADPHONES IN THE WORLD OKAY! If you think otherwise, then you don't know anything about sound unless if you compared every single headphone in the markets, or if you're some kind of technician. But in my opinion, they are the best. And I like that little tight feeling on my head. It keeps them from coming off.

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    Their great

    • Written by from Douglasville

    I have these , I got them brand new about 4 months ago, but I got the Monster ones which aren't manufactured any more but can still be bought (correct me if I'm wrong), these headphones are great. I love how I can use them to daisy chain, and the bass isnt like other people say it is very powerful and if you dont like that go to your equalizer and tap , click , choose bass reducer but if you were to listen to a hip hop song then immediately start listening to a gospel song the song wouldnt sound bass filled like a hip hop song would but the bass in the gospel song would sound great still because of the clarity in these headphones. Also they aren't advertised as noise cancelling headphones but they do a good job at it.

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    Beats Pros are AWESOME

    • Written by from Marshall

    My very first beats and they are great...Sounds great, feels great, and looks great. What else can I say these things are the best headphones and they are for sure worth the 400 bucks.

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    My 3rd headphone from beats

    • Written by from 堺市中区八田北町

    From studios to executives then executives to pro! I wished i bought these headphones from the first place. Hands down.

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    beats by dr dre

    • Written by from new york

    its good and relax and btter than all beats :)

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    Best Headphones out there

    • Written by from Clarenville

    I have to say i Just Got them today and I never put them down only I wanted to to put them down. the beats pro is the best for DJ’S and if you and to have them. The Pros and Studio’s are way different because the high,mids,and lows in the pros are better then the studios i do Recommend the Pros if you want to have the style and all that get the Pros for your 300 or 400 dollars if you are a fan of Electronic music/Hip Hop Music I do Recommend the pros more then the Studios. I do have the studios and Pros Pros are better

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    No better existing headphones then Beats Pro

    • Written by from SAINT JAMES

    THERE THE BEST! I have never listened to a better pair of headphones in my life. I've listened to Beats Wireless (which are also amazing), Skull Candy Hesh and Bose 15 Noise Cancelation. There worth every penny. There isn't one bad thing about them. They are so amazing. The best noise cancelation ever and best amount of bass. Get them ASAP! They are so amazing. In my life time, I never listened to a better pair of headphones. Any Beats By Dre product is top of line. Always get Beats products! They are the best headphones ever as far as I can say.

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    beat pros

    • Written by from Ponder

    the beats pro isnt just a good looking pair of headphones they are also a good sounding set of headphones the perfect bass and you dont miss a single detail with beats pro they are so worth what you pay

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    Just amazing

    • Written by from Kodiak

    I don't know why people say these are tight, heavy, and uncomfortable. These headphone are amazing very comfortable and sound quality is amazing!!

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    just amazing

    • Written by from vancouver

    The sound is very accurate hits every note very recommend to edited videos and music the bass is just amazing...studios are just garbage waste of money they start crackling after a month and they lose their bass. from my point a view spend that extra 100 bucks worth every penny

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    • Written by from Mobile

    Bought 3 for my family and they don't even hear me because they are listening to music on their ipods

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Awesome !

    • Written by from New York

    Already got these from the apple store, are amazing it makes me stay for longer listening to Trance tunes, bouncing around here, weeeeeeeeeeee.
    Of the best headphones, must have for the DJs.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Zwijndrecht

    I have the pros for 4 months and I can garanty you they are the best bass I have heard so far!
    I will put here the good things in my opinion and the bad things:

    - Deep, Clear, not muddy, Incredible hard bass. (You can feel it in your chest)
    - Loud sound at same % like 50% volume from studios is not even the half as hard as the pros are at 50%.
    - No low voices sound like bass as the executives do
    - For 100$ it is easy to choice between the muddy studio/executive and pros.
    - Stylish.
    - You can walk with the pros outside without less sound, if you do that with like the Sennheiser HD 600 you lose sound from the headphone because it ventilate to much.
    - Bass, mid and high tones are all clean to hear.
    - Nobody around you hear the music you listen until around 70% (on iPhone 4 %) instead of the studios/executives are really loud and whole the house is going to hear you music 100%, with the pros not hard.
    - Good for action movies/And games like COD BO2 on Bass mode (can be set by music settings)

    - Don't like deep bass and overpowered bass? Don't buy it then!
    - BeatsByDre says its for in the studio, It really is not good for studios.
    - After around a hour the earcups are going to hurt your ears (not really painfull) (if you listen more often to pros you will feel it less and after a longer time)

    So you decide! I say do it they are really good. For travellers, outsiders or gymers I should think really good. I don't like them at the gym; reason: Really sweaty around your ears!

    For audiophiles or people who want a clear sound go for another headphones, these ones are basiclly here for the bass.



    Hope I helped you guys;) please rate so other people do not choose a bad pair of headphones!

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    Great Headphones

    • Written by from Lewisville

    This are some of the best headphones ever the sound quality is amazing although they are a little heavier than the studios they sure last longer since they are metal instead of plastic the only downside about themis the price... $450 dollars is quite a bit

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Pro vs Executive and Studio

    • Written by from Wigan

    I had these last year, and i really did like them for my sort of music (hip hop/rock) but i decided to be brave and swap them for the executive. BIG mistake, they only have bass in the right ear cup and noise cancelling is just a loud hiss. The sudios are just bass headphones imo. So i swapped back to the Pros and im swapping them again for when the red lil wayne edition comes out!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Up to standards.

    • Written by from Calgary

    These headphones are great! The bass is AMAZING and sound cancelling is superb (based on the reactions of people when I take them off at full volume haha.) I have bought them over a year ago and they are still working perfectly. The cord NEVER tangles so no need for the annoying untying and though they are a bit heavy the padding makes them super comfy and I can wear mine for 4 hours without my ears hurting.
    Great product highly recommended.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Way better than the Studios and Executive!

    • Written by from Bonita

    Headphones are the best and the sound quality is amazing.
    Don't let other bad reviews let you down.

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