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    apple cord is an apple cord

    • Written by from lawrence

    Ordered many accessories and computer from Apple. They are Apple products and they are wonderful. Yes, I have had to replace cords, but I also take my cords everywhere, shove them in my purse, pull them from the wall, roll over them with my office chair, lend them to my friends, etc. So, yea, they don't last forever. I just ordered the 2m one and ordering another one for my boyfriend. I actually don't like how long it is, but like it better then the Apple original short Apple cord.

    P.S. Yes, Apple there is a problem with both computer cords, and iphone charger cords getting loose or coming apart at the base. I think they may be to fragile or thin. I guess that is what we want aesthetically and compatible for travel. I am sure they will fix it like they fix everything else.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Honolulu

    Bought this cable on Dec 19th and have used it many times since. I have not had any problems with the cable failing and the quality on it is excellent. I still have my original Lightning to USB cable for my iphone 5s and I have never had any problems even though I coil the cable and just toss it around in my backpack.

    The only thing that I would wish for would be for the cable to be at least 3m in length.

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    iPhone Lighting Cable Helpful Hint

    • Written by from San Antonio

    If you are having problems with the ends of your cables bending and breaking you can use the springs from pens ton the ends to strengthen them. I've been doing this since before the iphone 6 plus came out and have yet had any problems with my cables.

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    Meets My Expectations & Does Its Job Well

    • Written by from Los Gatos

    First, I'm glad to see a much smaller cable head compared to the 30-pin head from previous generations. I'm also a fan of the new design which no longer has a hollow component prone to dust/lint. The fact that it's now also omni-directional makes it easier to quickly insert-and-charge.

    I'm not sure why so many people complain about the manufacturing quality. Not only do I still have my original cable from my iPhone 5S purchase (December, 2013), but I also have my original cable from my iPod Touch purchase (May, 2013). Both function perfectly just like the first day out of the box, and I've never needed to purchase a replacement cable due to damage.

    I use my cable like the (I believe) average customer: charge my iPhone a couple of times a day (in the car and at home), sync my iPhone and laptop weekly, and back it up monthly. Since one cable is always in my car, I use the other everywhere else, constantly unplugging and re-plugging it to take to work, school, then back home, etc. I coil it neatly to prevent kinks, and keep it from ending up under the heavy books in my backpack. Sure, the occasional friend will borrow it for a quick charge, but that's about all... It's not I play tug-o-war with it.

    Anyway, take care of this cable like every other normal adult would, and it'll work perfectly fine for at least another generation or two.
    ... You wouldn't use your iPhone to prop up the short leg of an uneven table, right?

    "4 Stars" because it sufficiently meets my expectations.
    "5 Stars" if it could brew my coffee.

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    One of the Lucky Ones

    • Written by from Edmonton

    I've been using this cable for the past 18 months with my 5th Gen iPod Touch and 4th Gen iPad. I have charged both of them daily and have had no problems at at with the iPod and only occasionally have I had to make 2 or 3 attempts at plugging and unplugging the lightning connector to get the iPad to charge.
    I have 3 of these cords in different rooms of my home and I really haven't had any real problems with them. I guess I'm just lucky.

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    Still working 1 year later

    • Written by from Fremont

    I bought the 2 m version over a year ago and it is working fine without any sign of wear. However, a 1 m one (that came with my iPhone 6) wore through at the lightning connector end just as so many reviewers have communicated. But all my kids (4) and my wife have had lightning connectors for the past 0.5-1.5 years and it is just one of the six that wore through. With that said, one is too many. Apple makes quality products, but it doesn't take much for otherwise satisfied customers to become disgruntled. Come on Apple!

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    Good cord, should of been packed with iPad Air

    • Written by from Brampton

    iPad Air comes with a 1 m cord. That is just too short for practical use. When at a desk, I rather have my iPad plugged in than have it run off its battery. The iPad Air won't charge when connected to a USB port on a Mac and if plugged into a wall outlet, the cord is just too short to reach over the back of a desk. My 1 m cord had to come up the front of my desk and when not in use, the cord would lay on the floor. While on the floor like that, it ended up being accidentally rolled over with my desk chair a few times. Cord got damaged because of that (still works) but I ordered the 2 m cord.

    This cord is so much better and really, should of been included with the iPad instead of the 1 m cord. Now the cord reaches the power outlet, up and over the back of my desk and stays safe on top and off the floor.

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    The 2m cord is thicker….FYI

    • Written by from Marlboro

    Just got two of the longer iPhone 5 lightening cords…so far, working fine, but be aware that while the connector itself is the same, the cord is slightly thicker than the 1m cord…..could be an issue if you use it with some types of docking stations where you thread the cord into the dock (example: 12South's HiRise Dock for iPhone. I managed to make it work, but have to tape the bottom of the docking station where the cord threads out to keep the cover on it.)

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    Little pricey, but does the job

    • Written by from Pearl River

    Not much to say here, because the cable is a replica of the stock cable that comes with the phone, but longer, which is useful is a lot of different situations.

    My one drawback is the price, not too crazy, but if it came with the wall adapter it would be 5 stars.

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    Much improved over 30-pin connector

    • Written by from Santa Ana

    I love the new lightning connector. It has this very satisfying 'click' when you connect it in to the port. Charges and syncs just as fast as before, if not faster. You can insert the cable right side up or upside down and it recognizes both ways. Seems sturdy and high quality, just as you would expect from Apple.

    The downside: just as you would expect, you pay a premium for this better quality and better materials. There is also a level of control from Apple over the third-party market, and this has increased the price of third-party accessories as well. Being that these are mass produced on such a high level, I would expect and wish the prices to come down faster and to a more affordable level. This is the reason for one star off.

    Overall, great product and the best of the consumer-level quality that is available.

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