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    • Written by from DALLAS

    Wow, i can't believe there are so many negative reviews on this charger! I have a late 2013 macbook pro retina and i guess because i use it either in bed or in my living room, i've had no problems with it. I did see one review that feels the way i do, that the magnet is strong enough...it doesn't come out on me and the wire is not frayed...i suppose because i don't travel with it, accounts for it being in good shape. The one thing I don't care for is how HOT it gets when first charging...but i just keep it on a hard surface and all seems to be ok. I wonder if, like the other person said, we got ours from a good batch and maybe there are a lot of inferior ones out there? I wanted to buy another one so I wouldn't have to move it back and forth, but like the other guy, i'm wondering if i'll get stuck with an expensive piece of junk?

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    Works great!

    • Written by from Clarence Center

    I don't know why people have bad reviews on these adapters. My brother has the air with the 45W adapter and it doesn't have any issues. I have a retina pro with the 65W adapter. Compared to PCs, these will actually prevent damage to your computer. If something snags on the cable, it could pull the machine with it, possibly causing you to lose important data if you have a traditional HDD. Or if something hits the adapter hard enough will the computer is charging, there goes your motherboard and about $200+ for a new one and labor. And it's easier to find a replacement because you either have MagSafe or MagSafe 2 types and three wattage ratings per type. My dad has two Dell Precisions, the M4500 and the M4700. They both have to use separate adapters. The only complaint I have about these chargers is the price and the little clamp that doesn't do a good job a holding the cable from unwinding in your case.

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    Pretty Good So Far

    • Written by from Winnipeg

    I haven't owned it for very long, but so far, it works great. I was moving some cords around and it "mag-safed" out of the computer which showed me the principle of the thing. It stays plugged in otherwise and it's not too hard to insert. I find it slightly expensive, but I think all chargers are.

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    Safety vs. Expense? I'll take safety!

    • Written by from Deland

    This connection has help me avoid what would have been a sure trip and fall (certainly the MacBook, and possibly me) on more than one occasion. With this design Apple addresses a major concern: Safety. About the the longevity issue, I haven't had the adapter long enough to rate its longevity, nor have I experience with former models with which to compare it. Under the circumstances, I think I'm okay paying for a new adapter when this one breaks. I'll re-review when that time comes.

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    Alright, but not as good as the old one.

    • Written by from Camarillo

    It definitely charges my MacBook Pro 13" with Retina very quickly, but it seems to fall out a lot more frequently than the previous generation Magsafe charger.

    Perhaps they were REALLY trying to make sure if someone tripped over the cord that the new lighter MacBooks would not come flying off of the desk.

    Hopefully in the future the L shaped Magsafe adapters will come back!

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