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    usb superdrive with macbook pro with retina display

    • Written by from Round Rock

    I tried to install a cd into my new usb superdrive and nothing comes up on my screen. I cannot eject my CD from my files option or command E. I cannot move a cd icon to my trash icon because no icon appeared in the first place. Theres no way to get my cd out and the drive doesnt even work.

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    Superdrive don't play CD's on Mac Book Pro Retina

    • Written by from Buenos Aires

    Superdrive don't play CD's on Mac Book Pro Retina. iTunes crashes after playing only the first track. I tested it with many albums. Every time the first track ends, iTunes crashes. I'm very disappointed with my whole purchase: Mack Book Pro Retina + USB Superdrive.

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    Lame, doesn't work in a hub

    • Written by from Brookfield

    I have my monitor in one usb slot on my MBP retina...the other one is for my hub. i have to unplug my hub which i use for backup drives just to use this bloody thing.

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    Super Drive Super Bad!

    • Written by from Bethesda

    This super drive looks great but does not work well.
    I have tried to use it to install two different programs for the Macbook Pro Retina (Parallels Desktop 7 and Microsoft Office). In both cases, the drive refused to install the programs. And once the disk was in, it did not eject right away (there is no eject button, and using the Finder eject option does not work reliably). The only thing that works is to shut down the laptop and try again various software options for ejecting the disk. And if you insert a disk that is not correctly formatted, good luck!
    Overall, this is a poorly designed product, which is surprising coming from Apple.

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    Piece of Junk

    • Written by from Knoxville

    If i could rate this one star, I would. I bought a Superdrive for my new Macbook w/ retina, brought it home, and it refused to work. The drive would accept disks, spin for a minute, and then eject the disk.

    I followed all Apple guidelines for the product and read all of their support information; nothing helped. I will be returning this piece of junk tomorrow.

    I am a die-hard Apple fan and have always associated Apple with higher quality and durability. I payed 80 dollars for a drive that should have cost 40 because I believed in its quality. This drive does not live up to Apple's standards (the standards I thought they had) and they should not be selling it.

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    • Written by from Goodyear

    I heard some bad things about this drive from friends, and reviews..., but didn't believe that Apple would actually have a product for years and still have an ongoing problem. So I went ahead and bought it to use it with my MACBOOK PRO RETINA.
    My main purpose of drive was to rip my wedding video and preserve it into Time Machine Backup. i went ahead and put in the first DVD, ripped fine... but as soon as i hit eject, it made quick eject sound, like its coming out, but instead of coming out, it parked itself right into it and started playing again.
    i spent about 2 hours tried everything possible online to get it out.
    i was devastated since the DVD was the Master and only copy of my wedding. eventually after 2-3 hours of hitting my head on it, DvD finally came out. i had to shake the drive and hold it upside down, and eject simaltaniously

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    The Worst external DVD drive I've ever seen. By far.

    • Written by from Berwyn

    Save yourself some grief. Buy a decent drive from any other manufacturer for $10 less, it'll be a better drive.

    12 times in a row, I've been trying to eject a movie DVD from my new Superdrive connected to my Macbook Retina. Each time, the DVD doesn't quite make it past the mouth of the drive, stops, goes back in and starts autoplay. There is no eject button on the Macbook Retina keyboard.

    I've tried Ctrl-E, the Eject button on the DVD Player window, Disk Utility eject, and Terminal command "drutil eject". All repeatedly. This would not be a problem if, like most DVD drives, it had a small hole you could poke a paper clip into to physically eject the disc. The Superdrive is featureless except for it's slot. It doesn't even have an eject button. I'm taking it to the Apple store when I get a chance, and glad that I live near one.

    If I hadn't had this problem it'd still be the worst external drive I've ever seen or used. It ONLY works with Macbook Retinas and Macbook Airs. If a DVD drive fails on another computer you can't use this one in the emergency. Doesn't even power up if it's plugged into anything else. The cord is ridiculously short, just few inches. It's a drive made for lab testing, not real human use. An embarrassing design failure made by corporate drones who forgot to look at real users.

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    Doesn't work with older mac mini

    • Written by from Harlingen

    Sales person said it would work with a mac mini running snow leopard. Connected it to my mini, and no response. Will not read any type of disk. Will not accept a disk.

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