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    Love my Mac, not the charger!

    • Written by from Reynoldsburg

    My magsafe finally died a couple of weeks ago. The top of the charger was coming apart and I had to wiggle it around to get it to connect to my computer. Luckily, I had a backup, but it isn't very reliable. I don't need to repeat what other reviewers have been saying so I'll keep it short, these cords have an awful design. Here is my real complaint, why do these chargers cost so much? Also, why isn't it possible to buy parts separately? I don't need the part that plugs into the wall, just the part that plugs into my computer. I'd be willing to buy 3 or 4 of them at a time. Stop forcing us to dish out $80 for a charger that doesn't last very long.

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    Dear apple,

    • Written by from SUMMERSIDE

    I am a college student and am on a very limited budget, i don't have 90 dollars to through around at yet an other mac book pro charger (my third one) just because it is a very simple little problem with a wire fraying on the inside of the adaptor. Please figure this out.

    Sincerely, a poor college student

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    I wish there were 0 Stars

    • Written by from Cambridge

    Unless you never touch it, the cord will fray and eventually need to be replaced. During the life of your computer it will have to be replaced possibly several times. And to add insult to injury, if you borrow a charger the 85W and 60W chargers have the worlds tiniest writing, making it nearly impossible to tell apart. Absolute junk and not cheap, usually about $80 each time.

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    Bad engineering

    • Written by from East Dubuque

    The cord frayed and fell apart. I expect high quaility products from a company like Apple.

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    This is absolutely crazy

    • Written by from Dover

    This is my fourth apple adapter. The first 2 frayed near the brick. The 3rd & 4th the pins get stuck and don't make a clean connection. I am losing business because I can't keep my laptop charged! Are you serious? Not only money is being spent every 6 months on a new $80 charger, but I missed an important editing deadline because I couldn't charge my macbook pro. Not only did I lose the client, but I also get a nasty ribbing for not being professional. Thanks Apple, my professional reputation means a lot to me, what does your reputation mean to you? Please fix...your loyal customers are pleading with you... Are you listening?

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    My Son's Power Adapter(S)

    • Written by from Silver Spring

    My son bought his MacBook Pro in October of 2011. The laptop's still working well. However, he is on his third (or maybe 4th) power adapter. Someone at the Apple Store in our area always says he must be doing something wrong to cause the fraying. At first, I was blaming him. Now that I've read these reviews . . . maybe not! I have been a purchaser of Apple computers since 1990. This is the worst piece of equipment I've ever seen coming from your company. Disappointing.

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    • Written by from Las Condes

    This is the second time in two years I have to buy a new one. I take care of each charger but still it won't last much time. Too expensive. Apple should allow users to replace the ends, not the entire thing.

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    Bought my third one yesterday.

    • Written by from Fort Erie

    The initial 85W MagSafe Power Adapter that was included in my MacBook purchase actually started to burn and emit smoke. I was typing an essay when I noticed something smelled in my room, looked over and saw that my charger was burning. I called Apple Support and they replaced it for me. The reason for it was because apparently it wasn't handled with care, thus it started to fray and I should have wrapped it properly etc... However, just a few months ago, my second charger started fraying again and I noticed that the charger brick got extremely hot and it wasn't charging my MacBook properly. As a student, we have to go from class to class (basically everywhere) very quickly - I don't know one person who takes 5 minutes to wrap their chord, making sure the cable is at the right angle etc... The brick itself is simply too heavy. I hope this newly purchased one doesn't do the same thing.... They're really expensive!

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    Constantly Replacing

    • Written by from Gaithersburg

    One star is generous for this pathetic yet expensive adapter that continuously needs replacing. It is a true waste of money and consumers are being taken advantage of by Apple because there are no alternatives available.

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    Quality Control is Faulty

    • Written by from Irvine

    I bought my charger last fall, and it is no longer working. My warranty was up two months ago. I went all out and bought the $80 charger because my previous, $30 charger broke within a week (which was my own fault). I expected this apple product, bought from apple, to last as long as my computer. I expect a better quality control from one of the most expensive and successful companies. It was working beautifully this morning, and when I cam back from class, it refused to charge my computer. I plugged it in to multiple outlets, another macbook computer, and cleaned everything out. Nothing worked. Needless to say I am extremely upset. I am in college, and I am not in a position to wait for a charger for my computer, nor to pay for it. This was a high school graduation gift, so I didn't buy this mac myself. I am never buying apple again. Nor am I using Itunes.

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    • Written by from Barrow


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    Apple, You Deceived Us

    • Written by from Fuquay Varina

    I'm a software professional and my college background was in electrical engineering. I know your marketing model is for us to have to keep purchasing power adapters. I've had the old style macbook pro and I went through several power adapters. I have the new uni-body macbook pro now and once again I'm having issues with the power adapter. Why would you create such a piece of junk? I don't care if my power adapter is white or pretty or modern in design. I want it to work. Very very very very very disappointing. I sure wish they had a lesser rating than one star. It's junk Apple. I've spent a lot of money on your stuff and I have purchased lots of software for your OS. Please fix this issue.

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    • Written by from Hauppauge


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    The only thing I hate about my MacBook Pro

    • Written by from Peoria

    I'm a high school teacher who switched to a Mac about 3 years ago because of the durability--I take my laptop to and from school every day, it travels with me when I go abroad with students, it's my home and work computer, etc. I love it, but I HATE these power cords. My 2nd one just frayed from BOTH ends, and my original one did the same thing. I keep my computer wrapped up in cases, and I'm careful with my cords, but they DO have to go places--that's kind of the point. And this wear and tear is ridiculous. I didn't switch to a laptop that would last me a long time only to shell out ridiculous amounts of money on flimsy cords every year. This problem needs fixed, or else cords with this problem need to be replaced for FREE. If I could have given it 0 stars, I would have. Disappointed to have to be buying another of these things so soon.

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    • Written by from Ruckersville

    I'm on our 4th power adapter!!! Piece of JUNK I.... never had this issue with our Dell / XPS computers. I'll keep using my Apple phone and TV never again will I purchase an Apple computer.

    APPLE get it together with your power cords!!!!

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    I don't understand the problems

    • Written by from Cape canaveral

    I have had my 15" Macbook Pro for more than 3 years, and my original charger is still working perfectly. I disconnect the charger from the computer carefully, not by jerking on the wire, but I'm not doing anything special, just using reasonable care with the cord and connector. The only reason I checked 4 stars rather than 5, is that the cord should be replaceable without replacing the entire power supply. That is possible even with many cheap Windows laptop chargers.

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    Expect to replace annually...

    • Written by from COMMERCE TOWNSHIP

    this review is really useless... they've already updated the magsafe and they haven't remedied the MAJOR issue... the cord frays close to the "brick". I saw one review that suggested they design it to be detachable from both ends, THAT WAY people aren't forced to continue replacing power "bricks" when only the cord is the issue... I won't give the product one star, because the idea of magnetic connectors is brilliant, both on the outlet side of the "brick" and at the AC port on the laptop... So 3 stars...brilliant concept, poor construction...

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    What a piece of ... shameful product (euphemistically speaking)

    • Written by from Pittsburgh

    I bought 2 adapters so far and I am about to buy a third one because of the cable shielding breaking (close to the connector). It is totally unacceptable that I would have to buy a new adapter every year because the cable breaking (and this is NOT because of heavy use or abuse). Apple's business model when it comes to these kind of accessories (e.g. cables in particular) is shameful ! Their choice of materials leave MUCH to desire as it is by far the least durable among the different brand cables I own. I may be better off buying a much cheaper adapter and made out of much better materials than this piece of .. shameful product. NO, the Design is NOT everything, Apple! Durability is ALSO important! I'm glad to see i'm not among the few giving this product the lowest review.

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    This charger is a complete and utter joke...a failure for Apple

    • Written by from Arlington

    I'm on my 5 charger...one a year since I bought my 15" Macbook Pro in 2009. Truly disappointed in the quality of this charger. The outer covering starts to deteriorate as the warranty approaches. How in the world can a company like APPLE that makes such high quality products make such a low quality charger? I have bought disposable laptops made by HP that have cords which are still working 10 years later.

    APPLE better wake up and start taking care of their customers or they will start to lose market share. People won't continue to pay exorbitant prices for low quality products for very long.

    Is anyone at APPLE monitoring the comments on their own online store?

    With more than 1300 and all of them saying the same thing, either they aren't or they don't care...either one is a major problem.

    Someone needs to wake up and realize that when people spend more than $2k for a laptop they want the little stuff to perform just as well as the big stuff.

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    A failure for apple

    • Written by from Fort Lupton

    I love Apple products, but they have totally failed when it comes to this cord. We have had our computer 4 1/2 years and it is doing great, but we are on our 3rd cord. It has a one year warranty, but lasts about 15 months and then just falls apart.

    I always encourage friends and family to buy Apple, but this power cord is definitely a disappointment. I am shocked at its poor quality. This is not up to the normal Apple standards. I am frustrated that Apple has done nothing to remedy this problem.

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