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    I love my MacBook Pro, but . . .

    • Written by from Winterville

    I've replaced my charger 4 times in 4 years. At $80 each time, this is especially frustrating. Apple, please make a better charger, or reduce the price! Seriously!

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    I have had to replace two adapters in the past 6 months

    • Written by from Sedona

    Come on Apple - you are known and respected for your lap tops. I have been a loyal customer since 1985 (!) and always trusted the Apple brand. However my recent experience with the l-shaped power cords for the 13 " Macbook Pro has been highly disappointing and frustrating. From the reviews by other customers I read on just the first page I can see we are all disgusted with the quality and price. Twice this year the prongs for the magnetic connection have broken off! I can connect them for awhile but then the connection starts to fail and I have to grit my teeth and replace the device.

    Surely Apple could reengineer the power adapter so that it does not fray, burn, fall apart as is reported by so many loyal customers. Paying almost $90 to replace it is wearing on my patience as well as confidence that Apple stands behind its products. I would appreciate it if customer support would contact me regarding the issue.

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    Bad Quality

    • Written by from Richmond

    I absolutely love Apple products but there is obviously a problem with the chargers when there is this many negative reviews. I, along with every person I know who owns a MacBook, and most everyone who wrote reviews have had their chargers break. The charger itself overheats and stops working. Before my cord completely stopped working the cord ripped at the end, then quickly ripped all the way down, leaving wires exposed/fraying and rubber like dust everywhere my computer charger went. I am not rough on my charger and did nothing to it to make it tear. It is not fair to charge $80 for something that will consistently keep breaking.
    Different issue but I have also had problems with my phone/ipod chargers.
    Please re-design your chargers!

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    Terrible Charger

    • Written by from Flagstaff

    My MacBook Pro isn't even three years and I'm on my third charger. For such an expensive charger, it is ridiculous that Apple hasn't created a longer lasting product. Very disappointing product.

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    Break frequently

    • Written by from Minneapolis

    My first one broke, due to the design of having to twist the cord around to store it. I bought a second one and now that one has broken as well in less than a year for no apparent reason. It is ridiculous to charge so much for such a defective item. If they are going to continue to design or build these so they break at least once a year, they need to charge much less for them. This is the first time I've been seriously disappointed by Apple.

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    3 frays

    • Written by from Saskatoon

    I'm careful with my cord, this is my second one (first stopped working out of the blue, but no frays).

    My cord is 3 years old, and it was a brand new replacement. The plastic sleeve broke in 3 spots right by the magnetic head. I guess I have to buy a new one, because it finally stopped charging the computer tonight. Not exactly good timing as I need this computer for school and work. Apple please contact me about this.

    I do like the magnetic part.

    The self clip can tear the cord as well.

    I know I expected better, the computer has always been great.

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    • Written by from Los Angeles

    I was working on a project and realized the battery was running out so I grabbed my charger and saw that the cord was burnt. Now it's not working and I only have 9% battery life. What am I supposed to do? Does it burn by itself if its "over-charged"?

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    Way too expensive.

    • Written by from Calgary

    I've had my MacBook since 2008 and since I've bought it I've had to replace the charging cord several times. While I may not lose the charging function of the cord, it frays excessively. I'm well aware that things will grow weathered and tattered - such is life, nothing lasts forever. This is out of control though. I'm a huge supporter of Apple and their products but this is one thing that really grinds my gears. They look and act cheap but they're sure to put a hole in the average Joe's pocket. It's a shame its our only option.

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    The Achilles of Apple

    • Written by from Lynnwood

    I've had two lap tops, an ipad mini, two phones and 5 ipods, all great products save one phone. Worst part of every product has been the chargers. After 10 years owning apple products I say this, want to keep people loyal? Acknowledge the problem and try not to gauge your customers with another bad replacement part at steep prices. An $80 charger which will be the third one for my pro is pathetic. Every ipod charger has lost ability to give a consistent charge and we're constantly trying to find another cord. I shouldn't have to be buying Belkin chargers (they are smart, they are cashing in on the consistency of your failed chargers and offering them at a replaceable cost) that is cheaper and more durable than the Apple brand.

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    Lasts 3-4 Months Only

    • Written by from Jhon's Creek

    I bought a power adapter for my MacBook Pro 6 months ago because the original one had broken. After 4 months or so, the new adapter stopped working. My brother wiggled the cable and we could make it work at times. It is not cheap and I was in Venezuela, so I wiggled the cable until it worked every time; I did this for about a month. Now I am back to USA, the cable is not working properly still, but when wiggled it only shows a green light and the battery is not charging. Another adapter is about $80, very costly in my opinion and you never know how long it'll last...

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    Dangerous and a rip off

    • Written by from Ottawa

    I've had to replace my macbook battery twice and today I bought my 5th power cord!!! In canada I pay $99 plus tax for each one. It frays within the first 6 months. I am scared of a fire or that one of my children will touch it and get electrocuted. I think thats pretty bad for apple to make such a lousy product and they must be making a fortune to sell a $100 cord 4-5 times to each macbook owner! Dangerous, sucky products are not cool!

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    May be the last apple product i buy

    • Written by from Bountiful

    Apple, you've done it. Your power cables have turned me. Both my charger cables for my iphone 5 and my macbook pro have failed me twice now. In a two year period, I have had to replace both twice. It really bothers me, to the point where I decided to come online and see what other people have to say. I will not pay another $80 dollars for your cable. I'd rather buy one overseas and replace my entire computer when that one dies, and who knows, it could possibly last longer than Apple brand.

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    Please try this before buying a new adaptor

    • Written by from PALO ALTO

    I had no idea that these adaptors had such a poor ratinguntil I came to this page. I have had my MacBook Pro around 4 years now so I guess I'm lucky I've had no issues with the adapter to this point. I just had a problem that my MacBook would not charge when I plugged the power adapter in. I read through some of the reviews here and noticed one that said to try pushing something on the prongs inside the magnetic head on the adapter that attaches to the computer as they can have issues. I tried that and it worked! My MacBook is now happily charging and I just saved myself $80...

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    magsafe 2 can't hold on to save its life

    • Written by from Bluefield

    Adapter doesn't hold as well as the old L-style - heck, even the original t-style; always popping off at the slightest breeze.

    I tend to think of myself as someone who takes good care of his adapters - after all, it's terrible to be stuck without one when running low on battery, and they aren't exactly cheap and inexpensive to replace - but this thing just slowly went south as I used it. Cable became hot to the touch while charging battery and even melted right through the cladding until it finally shorted out.

    So, thanks Apple - guess I'll plop down another $80 on a sub-par adapter that will die in a few years.

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    horrible and dangerous product

    • Written by from portsmouth

    this charger lit fire during a gig. and 80 for a replacement? wow apple ....

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    • Written by from Oneonta

    I walk to work with my magsafe charger in a backpack. I am extremely careful, yet I had to buy a new charger for my Mid-2009 MBP. Why does such an expensive item STOP WORKING, even when I'm super careful? I am beyond irate. The MBP has been golden (although it needed a new motherboard 1 year after purchase while under AppleCare coverage, as the left shift key failed), but this is highway robbery.

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    Macbook Charger

    • Written by from San Bernardino

    This by far is the worst charger ever, I've already replaced it 3 times and they aren't cheap.

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    Freaking Macbook power cord

    • Written by from Brentwood

    Just make a replacement power cord like the new Mac's and stop forcing us to buy these cords you are selling today where the cords tear and expose the wires and then the wires break. Does anybody know if there is a 3rd party company that sells these cords? I am so over this.

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    I Loathe all the Apple power cords!

    • Written by from Columbus

    I have had to replace my power cord for my MacBook Pro 4 times! At $80 each, this is ridiculous! The sheath around the cords gets holes from being flexed (it's supposed to be flexible) and then the sheath wears out, stretches & tears, exposing the wires. Another issue I've had with this is that the sheath discolors in the areas that lay next to the computer, making it look like it's burning from the heat or something. This is a serious issue for Apple, as I should not have to buy a new cord every year or so. When it's time to upgrade my laptop I will be looking to replace it with another brand or something that doesn't require replacing simple pieces all the time. This is utterly disappointing and ridiculous!

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    I've spent over $320 on 4 chargers in <5 years. Now I need a 5th one.

    • Written by from Peoria

    I've got a mid-2009 white Macbook. My FOURTH charger broke on me tonight. TONIGHT of all nights. The night before the first day of finals, which I've got 2 mind you as well as a term paper to finish. Everything I need is on my laptop and even if Best Buy was open, I can't afford to drop $80. After spending over $320, I see now only in retrospect, that I should have bought a box of cheap non-OEM chargers. I would have been way better off.

    Apple should issue this statement to every MacBook owner:

    "Please accept that you're not paying for a charger. You're paying for a limited time service, a random self-destructing charging device that uses innately poor equipment technology to self destruct on its own. Don't ask us when, the only guarantee is that it WILL self destruct (it's like a surprise present from us to you!!). Give it a year. Maybe more (pfff), maybe less (most likely less). No guarantees other than you will be paying for a self-destructing charging device service every year for the lovely price of $80/year + tax. Please note that we totally understand you you paid over $1000-$2000 for your now obsolete MacBook 4 years ago. We understand that we also haven't lowered our MacBook charger prices. We understand, and we are more than happy to accept this. You must too."

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