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    Just buy a new Shuffle

    • Written by from Halifax

    So for $39 i can buy a new dock or for $49 i can buy a new Shuffle 4th gen....hmmm tough decision..

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    • Written by from west hills

    who designed this is a few fries short of a happy meal. mine broke within a few months.

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    stopped working

    • Written by from Indianapolis

    stopped working after a while wouldn't charge

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    Poor Accessory for a Great Product

    • Written by from Huntington Park

    So I've had my 2nd Gen Product (Red) iPod Shuffle since roughly mid 2008 (nearly 4 years!) and the dock has finally come to the end of its short life. The metal prong is loose and will no longer charge my iPod Shuffle.

    Now I'm in a conundrum because I probably paid about $100 for my 1 GB Shuffle when I initially bought it and I can just replace the entire shuffle for $50 plus tax, but only the cable is broken so that doesn't seem necessary.

    I can go to a 3rd party cable supplier and see if I can get one for cheaper, which I will most likely do because I can't justify paying $33.00 for a poorly designed yet absolutely necessary accessory made by Apple.

    The metal prong poking out is a MAJOR design flaw which I'm sure Apple has figured out and which I'm sure is why, none of the newer shuffles come with this type of cable, but I am bummed out that they haven't updated the cable or allowed the older iPod Shuffles to be charged with the newer iPod Shuffles' cables.

    Quite the conundrum as you can see because I like supporting Apple and using their accessories but Apple you failed me on this one!

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    Broke off INSIDE the iPod

    • Written by from Astoria

    I had the iPod plugged into the dock and the dock plugged into my computer, and the pin broke off inside the iPod, so now both of them are useless. Please reinforce the pin to avoid these kinds of troubles.

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    Poorly designed for an otherwise great product

    • Written by from Framingham

    Let's get this straight- I'm not at all careful with my electronics. That's why I love the dock's counterpart, the sturdy 2nd gen Shuffle. You'd think that the charger would match... However, the dock itself is not designed for mobility in the same way. To those of you keeping it in one place- no kids, no pets, no travel- good for you! It probably still works very well.

    Mine has broken twice (always the pin!), and it's depressing to think that just a little more height in the plastic around that flimsy pin would probably protect it better. Anyway, $30 isn't worth it for a replacement. It's poorly designed. There are other ways to connect it to the computer, and other chargers available. There are used, off-brand, or hand-repaired ones, but of course try it at your own risk!

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    • Written by from Glen Allen

    The charger is a piece of junk. Mine broke off while it was in my bag during a trip! Now its dead and I have no way of charging it unless I go pay 30$ for another one that is bound to break too. None of my other chargers for different types of iPods or Apple products have this problem which makes me mad. They really need to make a charger for the 2nd generation like they have for the 3rd and 4th.

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    bad design

    • Written by from wedowee

    this is a very poorly designed port for the shuffle the prong breaks off easily I own 2 shuffles and am now stuck with my second broken dock can't apple fix these if we mail them in

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    Terrible dock

    • Written by from Vancouver

    My dock stopped working after the second time I used it. It wasn't the "pin". It is still intact. But when I plug the shuffle onto it, nothing happens. It doesn't charge and my computer never sees it. I have to push it onto the dock so hard that my thumbs turn white, and that's if I'm lucky. Most of the time, it won't work. To top it off, I'm upset, that after 500+ terrible reviews and customer complaints, Apple is still charging $30 for a new one. Really Apple?

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    Ipod shuffle docking station

    • Written by from Brigham

    I also have had two break on me....it would just be cheaper to buy a whole new IPOD......wich is probably the reason that they made it such a breakable design......Now if I want to charge it i have to buy a 29.00 station........what a joke. I love my shuffle but now have to drive to a friends house to charge it. I bought the usb port cable, it said would charge it and it wont.......frustrating!!!!!

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    • Written by from Birmingham

    I just realized today my Ipod Shuffle(2nd gen) is dead. The reason? The dock won't work. It looks fine,but a tech said the wire must be torn inside . Im getting a new one eventually. At least I still have the music from my play lists on my computer. So lame!

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    • Written by from huntingburg


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    I agree. TERRIBLE design AND expensive.

    • Written by from Carmel

    I agree with all the previous reviews. This is a terrible design. The post keeps breaking. This is the second one I've replaced. The first one was under warranty, so no charge, but oddly enough, apple lost their record of my purchase so I had to buy the second one at $30... what a waste!!!

    Apple... do you READ these reviews???? You have had this same docking station with the same complaints for over 2 years now, and no other alternative has been made available. I won't buy another Apple when it's time for me to upgrade to a new unit.

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    Broken iPod shuffle dock

    • Written by from MURRIETA

    I have to agree with the majority of the reviews on here that this iPod dock was not designed like other Apple products that I've used. Meaning, it was designed terribly, mine broke as well when traveling only after a couple of trips. FYI the 3rd gen shuffle cable was designed the way this one should have been designed, but guess what it does not work with the older generation, of course!! I'm off to spend $30 on the old dock that will surely break on me again!!! Come on Apple I really do expect more.

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    My Eunuch dock (the iEunuch)

    • Written by from Julian

    When I discovered my castrated dock on the floor I blamed myself and, out of shame, would never have spoken up about it, but when dutifully browsing the apple store for a replacement, I happened to read some of the reviews. To my delight I discovered that I am not alone with my sorrow! What a piece of junk! What a piece of very expensive junk, and now I wasted 10 minutes dwelling and complaining about this worthless plastic @#$%, and I will spend another 30 to research an alternative.

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    • Written by from moraga

    Horrible design... just asking to be broken. I've broken 3, and I was super careful with them, too.

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    $30 to Replace! My Shuffle is now USELESS

    • Written by from Dublin

    $30 is way to much for a wire that to plug in a $75 shuffle. (I bought one when they first came out, not sure what the going rate is today).

    My daughters have destroyed not 1 but 3 of these docking stations so the 3 shuffles we have in the house are stuck with the music they have. I also have a 3rd Generation Classic but it is very bulky for exercising and sports. I liked the option to change the music and now that is gone.

    We tried purchasing a third party cord which can only charge the shuffle iTunes does not recognize the unit.

    SHAME ONE YOU APPLE! A shuffle is a great tool for kids who have not demonstrated the responsibility to own one of your more expensive units and for active people. Neither of these groups are going to have much luck in not destroying this docking station. AND you want to charge half the price of replacement to buy a new cord. Despicable.

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    poor design

    • Written by from Toronto

    Horrible. The metal piece that connects to the shuffle became bent and no longer charges my ipod. Not impressed, and now I have to dole out $30 more bucks to replace it? That's more than half of what I paid for the shuffle + the charger!

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    Bad Design!!! Replacement Too Costly

    • Written by from Chesterfield

    Apple usually has great design in its products but this dock is terrible. Like many other reviewers, mine snapped off in my computer bag. I blamed myself until I read that others had similar problems. Apple should drop the cost of replacements...29 dollars is ridiculous.

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    Broken Dock

    • Written by from MARICOPA

    My ipod does not charge on my dock. I know it is the charger because it works just fine on my son's dock. I purchased my ipod back in March of 2009. I called Apple and explained the problem and they are sending me out a new dock. The gentleman on the phone was EXTREMELY helpful and professional. The ipod has a year warranty and it seriously was hassle free to have the dock replaced. I am impressed with their customer service as this was my first phone call to them. It is rare to find customer service such as this.....Thank you Apple!

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