• 5.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Collingwood

    If the battery is used as it should be, it works perfectly. It is when it is not used appropriately that the life of the battery is diminished. I have had my original battery for 3 years, it was not until this time that the battery needed to be changed. The average life of the battery is 300 cycle count. Currently mine is at 900 and it is only just starting to be decreased, that is, the battery only lasts for 2-2.5 hrs.

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    Exactly what its suppose to do

    • Written by from Adrian

    I have had this battery for two years and have used it almost every singles day of those years. It is cutrrently at 482 Cycle Counts, and it is going perfectly. I recently bought a new battery for the last two years of college, but I believe continue to be running perfectly till then plus some.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Poor quality

    • Written by from Canton

    This battery is supposed to be at 80% health at the 300th cycle. I am on my 250th cycle, and the health is 44%. I can't remain unplugged for more than an hour at a time, if I'm lucky.

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    Battery Bulges!

    • Written by from Houston

    I first got annoyed when presses on the right side of my laptop's case would register as mouse clicks. Did a little research and found that this has to do with the battery bulging. This has also explained why the battery isn't flush with the case anymore.

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    Its good.. but why does it swell??

    • Written by from Hyderabad

    Its been 3.5 years now since I got this Mac. And the battery worked well until recently when it started sweling. It still works well but I can't find a reason for its newly acquired shape.

    I think Apple should find out the cause and correct it to at least avoid such problems in future.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from philadelphia

    Well lets see I had a macbook for 2 years and I've purchased 2 additional batteries because they both went bad after only around 150 charges. I've spent around 250 bucks on batteries and they still don't work properly. Thanks Apple

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    722 and just ran out!

    • Written by from Buda

    I've had laptops for years and this is the longest I've gone without replacing my battery. I have had consistently longer use time and, though it's fairly heavy and big, I wouldn't trade it for quality and battery life that I received. Apple just keeps getting it better and better.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Not happy....

    • Written by from Welland

    I got this battery with my laptop back in Mid 2007 and it is now expanding out of it's case I realize it's out of warranty and that I don't have apple care but apple should be responsible and fix the problem not burry it! I'm not happy right now Apple!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Pretty darned amazing.

    • Written by from Saugus

    My first battery lasted about a year before it wouldn't hold a charge, but I've had my current one for three years and I'm on 1040 charge cycles and 84%. That sound insane, but just two weeks ago I was still on 98%. I guess I'm finally headed towards a new battery again, but this one has served me amazingly well.

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    606 Charges and still going

    • Written by from Hialeah

    After 606 Charge Cycles my battery last only 3 hours. the health is at 97% but the battery drains fast looking to get a new one soon

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best Laptop Battery I've Ever Used

    • Written by from Kirtland

    I have my original MacBook battery and it has gone through 581 cycles and is still at 99% health. I have noticed maybe only slight drops in battery life over the 3 years I have owned it. I don't know what the heck these people do to their batteries that only get a few hours after only owning it for a few years. My battery can last 5 hours if I turn of airport and turn the brightness down and only do small tasks (like not watching movies or games). It goes to show that with proper maintenance this battery will last a very long time. Just don't be an idiot, use it until it's dying, then plug it in, let it charge up and don't leave it plugged in all the time fully charged. Not that hard...

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    313 full cycles and still gives me around 1 hour (2-3 apps running at once)

    • Written by from bellevue

    time to get a new one. Im surprised it has lasted this much, honestly, compare it to ANY other laptop battery life in the market and you really do get what you pay for. 3 years and the machine still works great too, that makes me and my wallet happy :)

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    • Written by

    I have a nearly 4-yr old 1st generation white Mac book, and I had the same experience as many other reviewers. My battery died slowly but surely over about a year and a half. I didn't know about the charging it fully then draining it fully theory of maintaining it, so after I get my second, new battery (finally...) I will try it. However, I have to say the battery really isn't that bad. It's bad now (20 min or less without power cord) almost 4 years down the road, but until 2 years old, it held almost 2 hrs of charge which could have been worse... Can't wait to get a second one though.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Battery Swelling Problem

    • Written by from Timonium

    The battery design is very well thought out in that its green LED indicators make it easy to tell how much charge is left even when the computer is off. However after having my macbook for nearly two years my battery started swelling dramatically, pushing up against the inside of the macbook making it almost impossible to click on the trackpad button and causing random clicks to happen when I rest my palm on the macbook to type. This is horrible.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Ridiculous - why?

    • Written by

    These batteries seem defective and just die down without any warning at all.
    1st battery: after a year , I suddenly was unable to charge my battery. Battery just wouldn't respond to the charger.
    So I bought another battery, paying $150. This time it only lasted a month!

    I don't get it - can't Apple produce batteries that are not defective for this Macbook? especially as it is claiming to be the most technologically advanced notebook producer?
    And if it can not, can they please replace the batteries that die down, without any charge?

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Bad batteries

    • Written by from Lacey

    I have owned two Macbooks for the last 2 years, and the batteries have died in both of them. No warning (gradual weakening), just death. The batteries refuse to charge, and even when plugged in, the batteries seem to drain sometimes. I have always been impressed with the quality of Apple products, but the batteries they use for their Macbooks are terrible. The icing on the cake is how expensive the batteries are too... 130.00 dollars for something that won't even go 18 months?

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Price of Doing Business

    • Written by from Flagstaff

    Not a fanboy, but have always liked Apple interface and (usually) hardware, but this battery is clearly inferior to other batteries I've dealt with. Have had HP and Dell laptops and - while they can't compete with Apple's ease of use and stability - their batteries just work better. I have what is probably a pretty typical pattern of use. I plug in probably more than I should, but always want to be mostly charged if I need to travel. Dell and HP always put up with this pretty well, never degrading to the point where I couldn't get any charge at all, but my little white Apple lasted 13 months (seems to be a pretty common duration) before the battery flat-lined.

    A suggestion: How about a "dummy battery" - battery meant to only act as bridge between AC ports lasting 1 hours at the most, but tolerating frequent charging. Meanwhile, a lithium charging in a dock that will not charge beyond a recommended point. If - God Forbid - this Macbook dies, and Apple has not made a change to a better-designed battery, I'd be pretty tempted to return to the dark side. 130 bucks every 8-13 months as a "price of doing business" is pretty steep.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Apple Battery is my choice

    • Written by from Charlotte

    My MacBook is now 4.5 years old and I am on my 3rd OS because I chose to upgrade. Yes, I replaced the hard drive but only for more capacity, I also upgraded the RAM. My battery is only now starting to have issues.
    I've read the reviews on off brand and I for one plan to go with Apple endorsed. If the off brand has a review they all mention poor fit and some even complain of them falling apart. I use my computer a fair amount 4-8 hours a day. I stream video run multiple apps and even multi OS (I can't do my timesheet without Windows) though I moved that into VirtualBox. I need the battery to be fully reliable not a poor fit and falling apart.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Bad Reviews?

    • Written by from DETROIT

    This is a good battery, but it is expensive. Everyone that is leaving a bad review keep in mind that keeping your laptop plugged in constantly will kill your battery sooner than expected. This goes for anything running on a battery. You are overcharging the battery. This slowly destroys the battery and it will not have as long of a life span as it should. This goes for almost any electronic device running on a lithium ion battery. They should implement a feature where the power from the outlet is no longer supplied when the battery reaches a full charge. I think nintendo the d.s. lite does this but im not positive.

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    Why mac?

    • Written by from Atlanta

    My macbook battery stopped working all of a sudden. It just wouldn't charge anymore. I cannot disconnect my computer from the electricity outlet for one second because it would quit immediately. I also had to replace my hard drive because it also quit all of a sudden. I only use my mac for school and home. There is NO WAY this computer would make it if I had used it for office work.
    It seems like Apple computers are just big gigantic iPods that only work for pictures and music. My next computer is going to be PC. I may keep this mac as a CD player or to store my pix.

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