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    Par for the course...

    • Written by from natchez

    As far as laptop batteries go, this is about par. Rechargeable batteries, by their nature have to be replaced about once a year with regular use. Why? Well, the scientific answer would be that the chemicals inside the battery that are used to hold a charge, are, at first, seperate entities. However, as you charge the battery, drain it, etc. those chemicals that were originally seperate start to mix and bond to one another at the molecular level. The more they bond, the less charge they hold. This is normal. No I don't like it any more than you do, but here's a hint; other than the measures mentioned in previous reviews(brightness, volume, etc.) try unplugging your power chord as soon as you can, unless you are using power. If you are just charging the battery, unplug as soon as you get full charge. Even when your battery is charged, if you are still plugged in, the chemicals in the battery will continue to bond, just as if the battery was still charging.

    Try that.

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    Impressive battery

    • Written by from Washington

    After 1,667 battery cycles (and 5 1/2 years), my 13in. MacBook battery is finally dead. It took me through 3 years of law school, an entire keyboard (which had to be replaced because all the keys rubbed off), the Bar Exam, wedding planning, and 3 different jobs. A hard-working battery, if you ask me! Until just a few days ago, I could get about 3 to 4 hours out of one charge. Not too shabby. I only wish the mag-safe chargers lasted as long (I've had about 8 of those)!

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    Rechargeable Battery- Be aware

    • Written by from TALLAHASSEE

    I had this computer for 2 and half years. Over the years the battery would hold less and less, but never had a problem since I left the laptop unused for 10 days. Even thought the computer was charged and the charger not plugged in, at my return from my vacation the battery would not hold the charge, not even for a second. The charger gives me the green light, but the battery just does not hold. After reading some of the reviews, noticing that a lot of people had the same problems I wish I would have known better. I suggest anybody to read reviews on how to take care of their battery, or that Apple would warn their consumers. I also agree with other people about the high cost of the battery. Overall, in my experience PC laptops last much longer. When my battery died, my mouse pad broke too. That NEVER happened with my PC.

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    Battery Life is not what it should be

    • Written by from Rodney

    I recall reading that the battery should be good for a large, finite number of cycles - in the order of 1,000. Mine gave up at 241, so I consider that to be substandard.

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    Love Apple, Hate this battery

    • Written by from NEW YORK

    Really. Cant' you guys come up with something better? I drain it completely and try to never charge it overnight, just enough to fully recharge. I still only get about four hours out of this thing that cost a small fortune. These batteries should go for 8 hours minimum.

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    Impressive durability

    • Written by from East Lansing

    I go to MSU and always take my macbook around campus with me. I've had the macbook for 2 years now and the original battery still gets me an hour and a half with WiFi being on. Not too shabby considering how much I "abuse" the battery by leaving it to charge over night and using the computer while plugged into the wall. Also, $130 for a battery is cheap. My dad just had to replace his 3 month old Sony battery, which was $450!

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    Mac Book Battery Life reply

    • Written by from middlebury

    This is a reply to RR who wrote a review titled Mac Book Battery Life. I too have owned my MacBook for about a year and a half. The Batteries are a definite downfall of this product. The computer works great but the battery life stinks, even if i turn my screen brightness down to one. Im looking into buying a new battery but i really wonder if i should seeing as in a year ill be buying another and the same thing a year later. Plain and simple the computer is great the battery is not.

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    Battery dead after 3 months!?!?

    • Written by from San Jose

    Ridiculous! My first Apple, got it in October, and nothing but problems. All my buddies in the high tech 100 million dollar club use Apple with "reportedly" no problems, and wouldn't you know....I get the lemon. The battery shows a charging sign but says it is not charging. I'm being sent one for free, but the Apple care plan was $249, battery is $129 hmmm? Who wins?

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    Oi, the battery.

    • Written by from carlsbad

    I would just like to say I have had something of a mixed experience with the battery. My wife and I ordered the macbook at the same time, over a year ago now. Her battery recently quit working. Mine works like new. The difference? She left her's on the charger 24 hours a day, whereas I unplug mine as soon as it is fully charged, then i leave it unplugged until the battery is about dead and needs to be charged again. Like one is SUPPOSED TO DO with ANY rechargeable battery. Rechargeable Battery 101: If it's charged, don't leave it on the charger or you'll fry it. Simple. My only real complaints about this battery are thus: 1. It's not idiot proof (and there are a *lot* of idiots in the world), and 2. Yeah, $130 is a tad bit on the expensive side, but I get it. If people have to have it and there's no competition, gouge, gouge, gouge! It's just good business!

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    Battery Life

    • Written by from Upper Marlboro

    I just bought a new battery last year after my previous one died out (which I had for 3 years by the way), now I have to buy a new one after only ONE year because it's doing the same thing. I'm not understanding how I have to buy a new battery after only having it for a year. Apple please do better.

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    Quickly loses capacity

    • Written by from Vantaa

    I have a 32 month old battery with 272 cycles, and only have 25% of the battery capacity left, translating to about 30 minutes of battery life. The battery has never been exposed to extreme temperatures or handled otherwise carelessly, so these numbers are highly disappointing for a battery with this kind of price tag on it.

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    Battery has only 98 cycles

    • Written by from Winnipeg

    I love my Macbook, but I called Support and they told me the battery needs replacing and I only have 98 cycles on it.
    It has swollen up recently and is pushing up on the touch pad causing it to not work.
    I thought that it would have much more life than this.

    Not happy with battery, but love the MacBook.

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    Completely dead after 400 cycles

    • Written by from Edmonton

    The original battery that came with my Macbook died after about a year and a half-- it was replaced free of charge due to a defect (an 'x' on the battery indicator). Now my replacement battery is dead (again after a year and a half) with less cycles than the original.
    I've had batteries slowly die and hold less charge as time goes on, but to have it completely die out of the blue is pretty awful.

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    don't leave the computer in the case for two weeks

    • Written by from Carmel

    I have had the 13" black macbook for a couple of years and the battery has lasted fine on it, then I got married and went on my honeymoon for two weeks in maui leaving my laptop at home, and not using it, when I got home from the honeymoon the battery had fallen into a deep state of discharge, after much research on this issue, I am now very hesitant in purchasing a $130 replacement not knowing how long that replacement will last for it's very tenuous, dubious in fact.

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    Dead after 14 months

    • Written by from Burr Ridge

    Of course it dies right when the warranty ends.

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    Problem with my battery

    • Written by from Miami

    I have my mac less than a year, exactly 10 months, and my battery is dead. This issue disturbed me very much. How a Company like a APPLE make an product so bad? This really make me bad. I love mac but this thing really make me think if I get in the future another product from them.

    The battery for macbook is so bad!!!!

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    • Written by from Loveland

    Like most everyone, my MacBook is just over a year old and the battery will not hold a charge any longer. Therefore I am buying a new battery. Apple, please correct this or as others have said, lower the price for the battery.

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    Not happy....

    • Written by from Welland

    I got this battery with my laptop back in Mid 2007 and it is now expanding out of it's case I realize it's out of warranty and that I don't have apple care but apple should be responsible and fix the problem not burry it! I'm not happy right now Apple!

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    • Written by from Lynchburg

    I have had my MacBook for 3 1/2 years and this will be my third battery. I think it's ridiculous that not only do they die so quickly, but they also don't have much of a life to begin with. I also have a mini PC for note taking and that battery lasts 7 hours. There is no comparison. I love my Mac but the battery does not live up to its name.

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    • Written by from Dartmouth

    My battery died in 9 months! I've been to 2 stores in boston and one in providence and they haven't had them in stock. If they die so quickly they need to at least carry them in the store at all the time. Horrible service

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