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    Angry on the Rechargeable Battery

    • Written by from Bucuresti

    My MacBook Battery is death after one year of use. I look on the Internet and I so this is a real problem. All the Rechargeable Battery for this product crash after one year. Now I really think this is made by the producer because after 2 year they don't make something to repair this issue. In my country this battery cost 237 USD so is 24% of the laptop price. I will go to our authority to reclaim this problem.

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    Return of the 15-inch MBP curse?

    • Written by from Wildwood

    I was on my 2GHz Macbook running on battery. I had only run 26 cycles, and battery health was at 100%. Suddenly, when it claims I had over 75% battery left, it crashes into sleep mode. I couldn't turn it on unless I plugged it in. Then, upon restarting it, my battery health is now 10%. That's right, TEN. I hope this is not defective, because I purchased this MB 3-7-07. Apple, for goodness sake, stop using Sony to make your batteries!!!!

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    works, and splendidly

    • Written by from brooklyn

    This battery really is a relief when travelling a long distance and the mac is my mobile entertainment center. the macbooks battery life is NOT quite as long as the specs would have you believe, although im sure that figure varies greatly on the nature of usage. there is no shortcoming i can see from this accessory, not at all. however, i am curious about one thing: i get the impression that apple deliberately made this batter compatible ONLY with the white macbook despite the fact that the architecture and software on the black model are identical. what gives? is this some sort of facist method of preserving color coordination? good product though...lets hope battery segregation doesnt prove to be detrimental to those needing it for the more popular black model, and thank heavens my WHITE ipod is indiscriminate as of late :)

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    956 Cycles and counting

    • Written by from Orem

    For those of you that don't know how to use a battery I have received 956 cycles on this battery over a three year period. First of all, to get the most out of your battery you need to charge the battery then unplug it. After the battery goes down to 10 % remaining then you plug it in. Second of all don't just keep it plugged in to the charger, it is a battery. Great battery if used correctly.

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    Terrible quality

    • Written by from Fort Collins

    I've had my MacBook for just over three years...and I've been through SIX batteries. I use my computer a lot, as I am a grad student and university instructor. However, I charge and discharge the batter as I should and go to great lengths to care for both the computer and the battery. Going through six batteries in three years is simply ridiculous and proves (to me, at least) that this is not a quality product.

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    Misery Loves Company

    • Written by from Still River

    One day I literally turn on the computer and it is dead. I was in disbelief that the battery could fail after just a few months of ownership (13 to be exact). I thought this was a major malfunction of the computer. My work PC laptop never had this problem. The only good thing is that I found this forum and know I am definitely not alone. I do hope Apple does something about this b/c this is the first time I have ever been SO very disappointed by a Mac product.

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    The worst battery i've ever seen

    • Written by from ---

    I bought my macbook 2 years ago, and the battery worked for just 1 year... then it suddenly started to indicate wrong information about the power left in the device and the computer now shuts down without any advice. I used to perform the battery calibration frequently, but once it went wrong and goodbye battery...

    And even when it was new, it's working time was 2 hours.. back then, it was the most dissapointing thing in my brand new macbook...

    And now what are my chances? To buy a new one for US$200 (the market price of the battery in my country), and buy one periodically every year...

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    Excellent Battery

    • Written by from Edmonton

    Compared to other computers, Apple's made a good battery. Some people are reporting 1-2 hours, however you need to learn how to optimize. Keep your display brightness to a minimum and turn off your AirPort when not in use while on battery power. Close unused programs running in the background, and keep it plugged in when you don't need battery power. That will keep it running 4-6 hours easily!

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    expensive but worked great.

    • Written by from Vancouver

    This battery lasted 6 and a half years before it finally stopped holding a charge. I just dont understand why it's $30 more than the battery for the aluminium MacBook Pro.

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    Battery doesn't last long

    • Written by

    This is going to be my third battery in less than 3 years! I love my macbook and have had no problems with it other than the fact that every 1 year and 3 months I have had to purchase a new battery. I do not over charge the battery or mishandle my computer, it is taken good care of and for some reason these batteries just keep going out. The first battery just stopped on me and wouldn't turn on and had to purchase a new one. The second battery just all of a sudden swelled up and started to put pressure on my keyboard and made the mouse key start sticking. So far, I am not very happy with this product escpecially when you pay so much for a computer and expect all of the parts to last longer than a year!!!

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    Defeats purpose of a Labtop

    • Written by from San Jose

    I love my macbook, but the battery only lasted me for 2 years. And with such an expensive computer I expected more. The battery only lasted a couple hours unplugged, which defeats the purpose of having a lab top, A.K.A. portable computer. I'm very disappointed in apple.

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    • Written by from Austin

    This will be the third battery I've bought for this thing. I'm only doing it because I'm giving the MacBook to my brother and it would be ridiculous to have to run it off of wall power constantly. The price is a rip-off.

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    Two down, third to purchase

    • Written by from Peoria

    I purchased my MacBook in November, 2007. The first battery stopped charging in November, 2008 and Apple replaced it as it was just at the warranty timeframe. Now it's August, 2009, and I am currently typing this review with 36% battery power and the adapter plugged in. Guess what ... it's not charging. That's two batteries in less than two years. I love you, Apple, just not your battery.

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    bad apple product

    • Written by from parker

    my laptop cant even stay charged for 30 minutes after two years of having it I'd rather stay with the charger than to rely on this product that really does not have that good of a charge i mean can't apple come up with something better to keep our laptops charged

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    Poor Quality

    • Written by from Kremmling

    The MacBook batteries are poor. After less than one year of use, they report incorrect charges and your MacBook will shut down suddenly as a result. Apple really needs to step up QC on a few products, this is one of them.

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    Severely disappointed...

    • Written by from Santa Rosa Valley

    While I'm an avid promoter of Apple products, it's hard to convince people that Mac is the way to go when I can't even transport my MacBook around since the battery is broken and requires constant access to the charger (which is slowly breaking as well, might I add). It just crapped out one day without any kind of warning, and as if I wasn't disappointed enough by it's spontaneous destruction, I was baffled to see the price of this product -- how do you expect me to afford this? Just because it's a defective product, does that mean I should have to buy a replacement at this ridiculous price? Come on Apple, make it easy on me -- I don't want to stop loving your products.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Santa Fe

    I have to add my two cents to the overwhelming pool of people disappointed with their macbook's battery. I love the computer, however, the poor battery life after just a year of use has effectively rendered it a desktop rather than a laptop. It's completely immobile now. If my computer's in a good mood, I may have 10 minutes of battery life without power. That's just sad. There ought to be a recall on these things.

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    Bad Battery!!!!!

    • Written by from Fresno

    When I first received my MAC I was happy to see that the batter is suppose to last up to six hours under normal use. At first, the battery was working as stated. Now, after only 3 months, I get like 2, maybe 3 hours of battery life. I have done what is suggest, charging completely then discharge completely before charging again. Well, that don't work. I look around for an extended life battery, guess what, there isn't one. I am disappointed. I have a PC that gets a battery life of 9 hours on an extended battery, why can't Apple come up with one!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Par for the course...

    • Written by from natchez

    As far as laptop batteries go, this is about par. Rechargeable batteries, by their nature have to be replaced about once a year with regular use. Why? Well, the scientific answer would be that the chemicals inside the battery that are used to hold a charge, are, at first, seperate entities. However, as you charge the battery, drain it, etc. those chemicals that were originally seperate start to mix and bond to one another at the molecular level. The more they bond, the less charge they hold. This is normal. No I don't like it any more than you do, but here's a hint; other than the measures mentioned in previous reviews(brightness, volume, etc.) try unplugging your power chord as soon as you can, unless you are using power. If you are just charging the battery, unplug as soon as you get full charge. Even when your battery is charged, if you are still plugged in, the chemicals in the battery will continue to bond, just as if the battery was still charging.

    Try that.

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    Impressive battery

    • Written by from Washington

    After 1,667 battery cycles (and 5 1/2 years), my 13in. MacBook battery is finally dead. It took me through 3 years of law school, an entire keyboard (which had to be replaced because all the keys rubbed off), the Bar Exam, wedding planning, and 3 different jobs. A hard-working battery, if you ask me! Until just a few days ago, I could get about 3 to 4 hours out of one charge. Not too shabby. I only wish the mag-safe chargers lasted as long (I've had about 8 of those)!

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