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    Yes , another one . I bought two of these laptops for my daughters. The batteries are a dismal failure- and EXPENSIVE. But it seems the parent company just snubs its nose at the hard-pressed consumer, and doesn't give a fig. They seem to just keep churning out the same defective product. BE WARNED, there are too many duds(batteries) to take the chance. SHOP ELSEWHERE ! THIS PRODUCT SHOULD BE REMOVED FROM SALE IMMEDIATELY.

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    • Written by from Issigeac

    I have had my MacBook for a year and the battery holds a charge for less than an hour.
    It has been getting progressively worse. Glad I checked out the site and found out that my problem is not unique. Now to find a battery.

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    • Written by from Scarborough

    The original macbook battery is bad. The battery is deforming after 3 years, it ruined my plastic cover on my macbook and I can't click my mouse.
    I calibrate the battery 3 times a year thinking calibrating may extends my battery life but it does not. I don't have any problem with the maximum charging capacity, it is still 3 hours and 15 mins. It is just deforming and it gets so hot. I may think it will blow up one day.

    My wife's Acer laptop battery is better in quality, I bought her a laptop 3 years ago, the battery still holds the charge and it is not deforming.

    My next battery will not be from Apple, 3rd party battery is far less cheaper and longer warranty.

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    Another disappointed battery user

    • Written by from DALLAS

    It may be that faulty MacBook design encourages batteries to discharge rapidly, as someone suggests. But I've a MacBook battery that's been sitting on a shelf under no drain at all for a couple months, and now it’s totally flat and incapable of being recharged. The computer doesn't even acknowledge that a battery is installed.

    My practice has been to charge the battery in the computer, then remove it and operate on mains power until I need to travel. This has worked fine, till today, when I reinstalled this battery and found that it's apparently lost a full charge just from experiencing no load at all for several weeks. This battery had been recharged probably fewer than 20 times -- nowhere near 1,000 times, as I believe someone reported is an estimate of what its lifetime should be.

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    Ridiculous - why?

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    These batteries seem defective and just die down without any warning at all.
    1st battery: after a year , I suddenly was unable to charge my battery. Battery just wouldn't respond to the charger.
    So I bought another battery, paying $150. This time it only lasted a month!

    I don't get it - can't Apple produce batteries that are not defective for this Macbook? especially as it is claiming to be the most technologically advanced notebook producer?
    And if it can not, can they please replace the batteries that die down, without any charge?

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    I recieved my macbook as a christmas gift this year 2008 and it is now May 22, 2008 3 days short of 5 months and my battery is already shot, dead, lifeless!! I now have to leave it on my desk plugged in untill I recieve my new replacement. If the new one dies shortly after my year warranty, I will not spend 129 dollars for a new one! I will put my macbook on craigslist for sale and buy a different lap top!

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    swelling battery

    • Written by from Sanford

    I thought it was just a poor fit. I don't use trackpad much but when it stopped working I found it had to be replace because the battery had swollen so bably. Was also told this was a potential fire problem. Have been using w/o battery but finally decide to replace with travel coming up.

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    • Written by from West Melbourne

    My original 13-inch MacBook battery lasted 3 years and a 3 months.

    I bought a replacement and expected it to last about the same.

    The replacement lasted one year and two months (just beyond the warranty).

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    My Battery Expanded too!!

    • Written by from Beverly Hills

    I thought my computer was broken because the track pad and keyboard was going whack! Then I looked on the bottom and the battery looked pregnant. Apple you should replace these for free or face a possible suit.

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    disappointed in Apple

    • Written by from Ottawa

    After 14 months of use with 300 charging cycles (letting battery drain before recharging), my battery now offers just over 40 minutes when fully charged. Given all of the ongoing complaints about MacBook batteries, it is disappointing that Apple hasn't invested in making significant improvements. I was persuaded to switch to Mac from PC notebooks as a result of sophisticated advertising and design. Perhaps Apple should invest some of these resources into producing a better battery. Not sure I will buy a MacBook again (due to battery) as much as I want to love it!

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    0 star for the battery issue

    • Written by from Singapore

    I got my notebook two years ago. Warranty expired. I have encountered the battery expanding problem recently.

    The customer support told me i need to pay for new battery.

    I have fujitsu notebook with me and it's older than my macbook. The usage is about the same. The battery doesn't expanding at all. Expanding might lead to possible explosion. And now i have to pay for it.

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    Waste of money

    • Written by from Taylorsville

    I replaced my battery 6 months ago, now it wont hold a charge, I cant use my laptop unless its plugged in.

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    This battery is way overpriced

    • Written by from Aloha

    The cost of this battery is excessive. I can buy a Kindle for the cost of this battery. If it was actually worth the money being asked for this, I wouldn't be looking for a replacement after 101 cycles.

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    Battery not recognized

    • Written by from georgetown

    after leaving my macbook asleep for a week and i forgot to power down, it will no longer accept a charge, i follow the support to get it out of low charge and nothing, this is the second time this has happened, my lat battery i got on recall was replaced just over a year ago, since the apple store is about 1 hour away its probably just going to be easier to pay the 150$ for a new one, not satisfied at all!

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    Battery is poor quality

    • Written by from bell buckle

    This battery will last, maybe, a year. I have read so many other reviews it is rediculus. Mine barely lasted past the warranty. This is a hit and miss item, maybe you will get one that lasts or maybe you will get one that will barely last past 6 months. I can't believe apple hasn't addressed this yet, why put such a poor quality battery battery in such a good computer? Lucky for apple you have to buy their battery. Good luck.

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    Macbook Battery

    • Written by from amawalk

    I don't understand why everyone hates these batteries. I have the first generation macbook and have owned it since Sept 2006, dropped it from my top bunk dorm room bed countless times, and STILL on the original battery. My battery needs replacement now because after almost 3 years, I am at 50% capacity. Charge it fully, (till the green light comes on) unplug it so you don't overcharge it, and run the battery till the computer shuts off. I have over 520 cycles on my battery. Thats pretty good for a battery thats almost 3 years old. Also the new macbook pro is rated at 1000 life cycles so having my battery now last more than half that life is more than what i can ask for. Use it right and it will last you.

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    I love Apple products, don't get me wrong. But this is just ridiculous. Right around one year to 13 months, RIGHT AFTER THE WARRANTY ENDED, I turned on my MacBook one day, and there was a little "x" on the battery image. It said that there was "No Battery Available". After I just saved up $1100 to buy this laptop just over a year ago, now they're telling me I need to buy another $130 battery? Come on Apple, this is your fault, not mine. I take such great care over my things, I would obviously never damage anything purposely that I paid $1100 dollars for.

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    • Written by from Sterling Heights

    My battery lasted almost 5 years, then started swelling/bulging and losing charge too fast, needing to be replaced. Not bad for a laptop battery! Just keep an eye out for the swelling before it causes damage.

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    What are you gonna do about it???

    • Written by from New York

    It's astonishing how poor the quality on Apples batteries are.
    Headed out to the Apple store to get the third one for a Macbook that's two years old. They just stop working after a few hundred charges, which makes them by-far the worst quality batteries I have used as a professional, and the hurdles that Apple makes you jump through to get a replacement are atrocious.

    304 Cycles and the battery completely dies. I'm just disgusted by how little care Apple has about this - but they do get to charge you upwards of 15% of the new purchase price of a Macbook just to replace the batt. Makes it worthwhile to just consider buying a new one (or course it won't be a Macbook since the quality is just so bad).

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    Assault and Battery

    • Written by from santee

    Have had my mac for about 3 1/2 years it will say fully charged and even on the power save mode it says (0:42) but only lasts about 10min well i guess shelling out $140 is what i have to do.
    Very disappointing. If after 3 1/2 years i only lasted 5 min with my Gf i would be in trouble
    also disk drive stopped working recently right after my apple care expired.

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