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    works, and splendidly

    • Written by from brooklyn

    This battery really is a relief when travelling a long distance and the mac is my mobile entertainment center. the macbooks battery life is NOT quite as long as the specs would have you believe, although im sure that figure varies greatly on the nature of usage. there is no shortcoming i can see from this accessory, not at all. however, i am curious about one thing: i get the impression that apple deliberately made this batter compatible ONLY with the white macbook despite the fact that the architecture and software on the black model are identical. what gives? is this some sort of facist method of preserving color coordination? good product though...lets hope battery segregation doesnt prove to be detrimental to those needing it for the more popular black model, and thank heavens my WHITE ipod is indiscriminate as of late :)

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    Best Battery Ever!!!

    • Written by from Encino

    I bought this battery for my new Macbook and I works great. I get about 5 and a half hours of usage on normal settings. With two batterys I get 11 hours of usage! Buy this battery for your Macbook, It is worth the money!!!!

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    • Written by from santee

    i just bought this product for my mac book and its awsome. i lead a ver busy life and the extra battery comes in handy. also i can carry it with anyware since its sooo small

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