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    • Written by from Mumbai

    Have been using a Macbook for 3 years now and am still on my original battery. Cycle count is at 622 and must say am envious of the ones with a count in excess of 900-1000.

    A few things which have worked for me - screen brightness always at the lowest level, disconnecting the charger once the battery is fully charged. The second one is important. I have a friend who keeps the charger always plugged in and his battery doesn't hold charge at all.

    One thing I've noticed is that when my battery completely dies out and I keep the computer in sleep mode for some time say an hour, it then takes much longer to charge. My guess is this reduces battery life and is something that must be avoided.

    Simple way of looking at it - be extra careful at the extremes of battery charge.

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    over 3 years and still going

    • Written by from ELK GROVE

    These batteries are absolutely phenomenal. When its fully charged, the battery will last me about 3 to 4 hours of solid use with a lower lit back screen. It still amazes me how long it last when i hear friends that have PC's for only a couple years say their batter only lasts an hour at the most and they have to take their cord with them everywhere they go. People need to stop nocking the battery because it works beautifully and will probably last me another year or so. I don't let the battery drain completely before charging it, I just charge it when i get home. great battery!!!

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    Works for Me

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    I bought my MacBook in the spring of 2007 and never had to replace the battery until the summer/fall of 2009. I used my computer all the time because I was a student...I almost never shut my computer down. I traveled every few months but didn't really use my computer on my flights. When my battery finally died, my MacBook was still under my AppleCare plan. I brought it to the store and they replaced my battery for free. Not sure if that's normal practice or not, but I was definitely appreciative. I recently had to replace it again but it was my own fault--I fried it by using the wrong adapter for a year...lucky I didn't fry my whole computer. All-in-all if you're using it like an average person you're probably going to be fine. If you're on it all day every day then your battery isn't going to last as long...

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    3+ years . . .

    • Written by from Downers Grove

    After 3 years, I still get right around 3 hours on a full charge, sometimes more sometimes less depending on what I'm doing. My current cycle count is 1182. After going through some of these reviews, it looks like that is pretty solid performance for a laptop battery. As far as how I've maintained my battery/charging habits, I have no idea. Never really stuck to any sort of regiment, though I ALMOST NEVER turn my computer off or reboot it, noticed someone else mentioned something similar so maybe thats the trick?

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    It works perfect

    • Written by from Miami

    I bought a mac in January 2007 in August 2009 the battery was very bad when I charge full battery says only 1:17 and I bought a new battery and now there says I have 6:30!!!

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    Don't let it fully drained for a day

    • Written by from Los Angeles

    It happened to me also.
    I left my MacBook in sleep mode when it was fully drained. I didn't charge it for a day.
    When I came back home, I noticed that it said "Replacement Needed"

    It's not due to its age. The lithium ion or polymer ( Isn't it lithium ion? ) batteries don't have memory effect as NiCd batteries. So, I think it is due to a chip on the battery. As far as I know every battery has chips on it to monitor charge level, temperature, etc. It seems to me that the chip is somehow malfunctioning if the battery is left drained for a day or two.

    Also, I can't understand its high price tag.

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    3 years and going!

    • Written by from Petoskey

    I have a macbook from January 2008 and its still runs strong! I read a few years back in PC World that with Lithium batteries they should be charged more often instead of letting them go completely dead. NiCad batteries should be drained completely before recharge. What does every company normally use these days. Right lithium because they last a lot longer even if you don't wear them out all the way. Now don't complain about your batteries unless you know how to use them properly. If you have new battery ideas bring them to the table.

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    The worst reason to have a problem...

    • Written by from Smithtown

    I've had my battery for three years now and it has worked perfectly. I've waited until its fully dead before charging it, and keep my backlight lower to get good life out of it. And then one day, after not using my computer for two or three days, I pug it in and turn it on only to realize that it will not hold a charge. Apparently, when you don't charge/use your battery for more than 48 hours, it dies completely. As in useless. Dead. It's seriously irritating. I wish someone would have told me about this flaw sometime sooner because now I'm out 130 bucks.

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    Don't let it sit! Design flaw...

    • Written by from Los Angeles

    Left macbook behind for vacation. Returned three weeks later. Battery had died and will not charge anymore. Found out I should have taken it out before leaving. Didn't happen with my PC laptop...ups!

    $130 for an Apple product is a good hit. Get your credit card ready. Meanwhile enjoy reading the five star reviews on this item...

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    Short Life

    • Written by from Berkeley

    If you are buying this as an extra battery (for those 14hr flights) you should know this: if you store this battery unused for extended periods of time, it will die. As in, permanently dead; will not charge at all. Useless. I bought this and used it for one trip. When I needed it again a year later... dead and useless.

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    Another disappointed battery user

    • Written by from DALLAS

    It may be that faulty MacBook design encourages batteries to discharge rapidly, as someone suggests. But I've a MacBook battery that's been sitting on a shelf under no drain at all for a couple months, and now it’s totally flat and incapable of being recharged. The computer doesn't even acknowledge that a battery is installed.

    My practice has been to charge the battery in the computer, then remove it and operate on mains power until I need to travel. This has worked fine, till today, when I reinstalled this battery and found that it's apparently lost a full charge just from experiencing no load at all for several weeks. This battery had been recharged probably fewer than 20 times -- nowhere near 1,000 times, as I believe someone reported is an estimate of what its lifetime should be.

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    • Written by from Cheyenne

    I have had 3 batteries in three years. They love to spontaneously fail and become worthless. I love my MacBook, but loathe the battery. Apple is pretty unresponsive when you try to contact them about it too. They love to blame you and tell you that it is because you can't have it plugged in all the time.

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    Battery life - years

    • Written by from SCOTTSDALE

    I just ordered a new battery for my MacBook after about 4 years of use. I've kept it plugged in all the time (didn't know I shouldn't) except when traveling and have never had a problem. It has finally died. I'm sure I'm one of the lucky ones but my kept going, and going, and going!

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    Battery doesn't last long

    • Written by

    This is going to be my third battery in less than 3 years! I love my macbook and have had no problems with it other than the fact that every 1 year and 3 months I have had to purchase a new battery. I do not over charge the battery or mishandle my computer, it is taken good care of and for some reason these batteries just keep going out. The first battery just stopped on me and wouldn't turn on and had to purchase a new one. The second battery just all of a sudden swelled up and started to put pressure on my keyboard and made the mouse key start sticking. So far, I am not very happy with this product escpecially when you pay so much for a computer and expect all of the parts to last longer than a year!!!

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    Battery Life is not what it should be

    • Written by from Rodney

    I recall reading that the battery should be good for a large, finite number of cycles - in the order of 1,000. Mine gave up at 241, so I consider that to be substandard.

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    People! Read this Apple link

    • Written by from Chermside

    Judging by the general tenor of the negative comments here, more people need to know about the general and excellent Apple Lithium-ion battery discussion at 'apple com batteries', and the more specific Mac models battery info knowledge base article at 'apple com / kb / ht1490 (replace the spaces with dots to use.)

    Both pages good stuff, even for this old radio tech, and clearly presented.

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    • Written by from Fullerton

    i have had two laptop batteries and both of them have completely drained!!! i have only had this laptop for two years! if you don't want to waste your money i would think about buying a different laptop! and p.s. i am having to buy my third one because it wont charge anymore unless it is plugged in!

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    white macbook is a dud

    • Written by from Santa clara

    It's funny how all the bad reviews are in the battery section.

    In reality the problem is with the macbook itself excessively killying batteries.
    I went through 2 batteries in less than 6 months.

    One official Apple the other was off brand. both completely dead.

    so it's not the battery.

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    Waste of money!

    • Written by

    I've had my MacBook for 5 years and have had 4 different batteries. I've let them all drain completely and only charge them long enough to reach 100%. I'm so frustrated and irritated that I will never buy another laptop with this battery. Irate is an understatement.

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    3 Years 989 Cycles

    • Written by from san antonio

    I have put this battery through heck and thought that it was just alright, for being a good battery for 3 years 989 Cycles. I was finally told it was at 80% capacity and needed to be replaced. I never did half the stuff mentioned about only charging until its full, not letting it go into sleep mode, not charging halfway... I have done all these things countless times and my battery has done well. So, I thought this was an average product until reading all the bad fortune stories here. I guess I don't feel bad for needing a new battery now.

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