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    Macbook battery == EVIL

    • Written by from Rutland

    After < a year of use, the battery can only hold a charge for a half an hour at MOST. Seriously disappointing... especially because the replacements are $130....

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    Severely disappointed...

    • Written by from Santa Rosa Valley

    While I'm an avid promoter of Apple products, it's hard to convince people that Mac is the way to go when I can't even transport my MacBook around since the battery is broken and requires constant access to the charger (which is slowly breaking as well, might I add). It just crapped out one day without any kind of warning, and as if I wasn't disappointed enough by it's spontaneous destruction, I was baffled to see the price of this product -- how do you expect me to afford this? Just because it's a defective product, does that mean I should have to buy a replacement at this ridiculous price? Come on Apple, make it easy on me -- I don't want to stop loving your products.

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    Someone tell me what to do

    • Written by from BAY HARBOR ISLANDS

    I bought my MacBook 2 years ago and i having problems with the battery since the last 6 months, but now i can hardly use it unplugged no longer than 30 sec.
    should i buy a new battery and expect to same or should i use my portable as a desktop?
    PC's have the same problem?

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    Disappointing that Apple won't fix it

    • Written by from milton

    disappointing - - I would expect better from Mac. I have had my MacBook for two years and now get less than one hour battery time. This is a serious problem that will probably cost Mac many millions of dollars in lost revenue. Maybe they decided the fix would have cost more. I don't want to be cynical about Apple yet, but this is a serious problem that they seem to be ignoring.

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    why so many bad reviews?

    • Written by from sheddon

    I was just surfing the site and started reading some of these reviews. I have not had any problems with my battery but I also cycle the battery. (meaning i drain it and fill it FULLY) as A reply to the one reviewer who said he goes to a internet cafe and only charges it a bit and is upset by his battery life just charge the battery be for you go... overall great product and i expect nothing less from apple

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    Battery does not work in the real world.

    • Written by

    I love the computer, too bad the battery is awful. I have a friend that has the same macbook as I do, and my sister has a different model and both have had battery issues. My problem started, I believe, as a result from commuting from my house to an internet cafe when I was traveling. If the battery was low, I would plug it in to charge, but often times I had to unplug it to change tables or I would decide to leave. From my own experience and what I have heard is that the battery takes on a memory and will not function properly unless you completely drain the battery and then fully charge it. I feel that it is unrealistic to expect the user to fully drain and fully charge the battery every time, after all this a mobile device, the user may only be in a location for a short time period. The best analogy I can think of is filling your car with gas; people don't wait until their car is on E to refill their tank and on some occasions they do not have enough money to completely fill the tank. The same goes for battery charging, if you are constantly moving locations, chances are you don't want to wait until the battery is dead to charge it and you won't have enough time to let it fully charge at one location. If I used my laptop in a home office everyday I would find the battery to be satisfactory for that setting, yet if this were the case I would not have purchased a laptop.

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    • Written by

    Yes , another one . I bought two of these laptops for my daughters. The batteries are a dismal failure- and EXPENSIVE. But it seems the parent company just snubs its nose at the hard-pressed consumer, and doesn't give a fig. They seem to just keep churning out the same defective product. BE WARNED, there are too many duds(batteries) to take the chance. SHOP ELSEWHERE ! THIS PRODUCT SHOULD BE REMOVED FROM SALE IMMEDIATELY.

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    Short lived

    • Written by from Colorado Springs

    I bought this computer in 2006 and replaced the battery on Christmas 2007. I already need another battery and it's only been 6 months. It's extremely frustrating that I have to spend $140 every six months just to keep my laptop portable. Seems like Apple could engineer something more efficient.

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    my rechargeable battery does not work

    • Written by

    I have buy a 13-inch macbook (white) in last May. It did not work the day before yesterday when I found that I can not turn on the computer without using AC adapter, and the machine could not find rechargeable battery when using AC adapter, and of course the battery can be charged up.
    I have read the news that the consumers can get a new battery when their battery has problems like I described above. Ok, I have one question that whether I can replace one new rechargeable battery for free?

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    Peripherals messed up my battery

    • Written by from Des Moines

    I've had over 500 cycles, my macbook is 2 years old and until I bought an external hard drive a few weeks ago I was still getting about 3 1/2 - 4 hours per charge. Since I started using the external hd, however, i'm only getting 1 1/2 hours per charge - I don't think it's Apple's fault, but I don't understand why the HD messed up my battery so bad. Any thoughts?

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    • Written by

    I own a duo core macbook and my battery died completely just after the first year. I think think Apple should back/fix their hardware and recall all these bad batteries. I don't think they are saving money by assuming that they aren't going to take a hit in image. They spent so much on their amusing PC slamming campaign. When will we see a PC company do an ad that shows the fat guy bragging that at least his laptop is mobile, or "We don't care, we don't have to. We're Apple, where else you gonna go?". Since PC is a competitive, multi corporation platform that offers competitive products for it operating system we will never see that. Apple is looking like Microsoft to me now. Just another monopoly.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Problems, but not with battery

    • Written by from Lawrence

    The battery is fine, 550 cycles in two years and I now am down to 1 1/2 hours of normal use. I have had a ton of problems with this MacBook (power cord melted under a year, 2nd cord the same, logic card for ethernet jack died, fan stopped, hard drive spectacularly self destructed, . . . ) but the battery has been great, and with nothing but ignorant usage. I am honestly giving it four stars largely because I am tired of all the other problems.

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    How has apple not fixed this problem yet?

    • Written by from Apple Valley

    So the battery that came with my macbook died a few days before my warranty was up go figure. Rather an odd trend we see. The guys at the MOA Apple store replaced it for free and were nice. I had to make the stupid appointment online and deal with that process though.
    That was in January, well it's June and my replacement battery now died. Seriously these things are garbage. I heard a pop pop the other day so glad I didn't have this thing on my lap if anything. Since I'm at school I doubt I'll find a place to replace it for free and the closest service center is 500 miles away at the MOA. Thanks Apple

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    It's . . . a battery!

    • Written by from Minneapolis

    I have owned my Core 2 Duo Macbook since December 2006, and am still running the original battery. The computer, when new, had what I considered excellent battery life, and it is still what I consider good (2+ hours). I consider that impressive for a 1 1/2-year old battery, and I find it surprising that the average review score is so low.

    It is my observation that the reason there are so many negative MagSafe and battery reviews is that most happy users would never bother to submit one. I consider MagSafe an excellent design, and the battery a perfectly good one, and would give them both 4 or 5 stars.

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    A bit sad

    • Written by from FREDERICKSBURG

    Being a strong Apple fan, my Mom had purchased me a MacBook in the summer of 2006, right when the new designed MacBook came out. I have noticed alot of problems with the MacBook right when I recieved it, how ever it is much better than the fit, finish and stability of Dell, HP or any other computer company. After about a year and a half the battery would only last about 30-45 minutes, if I were to unplug my MacBook right now it would just turn off as if the battery wasnt in it. Im looking to purchase a new battery, however, it just upsets me that you cant get a good product now in days. But Apple will always be #1, I am very satsified with Apple compared to any other computer company.

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    I am rather disappointed...

    • Written by from Fairburn

    I must confess, this new Macbook of mine is only my first ever Macbook product. I saved for it, in the face of opposition of my wife, who didn't think we needed a new laptop, bought it in December of 2007, and I have been very happy with it...except for this suddenly non-functioning battery of mine!!! All of a sudden, it goes from keeping a charge for at least 2½ hours, to only barely over one hour, and then it loses its charge in less that 45 minutes!!! The trouble with me now is that I do not have any of the papers that would allow me to claim my warranty. I believe I had registered this product, so hopefully I can claim for the warranty that way, because it is impossible to understand why such a successful and artistically inclined company, whose very ethos is built on producing and offering quality, would offer a battery of this low quality. It should not begin to fail in such a short space of time.

    I will have to find out from the Discussion Boards if anyone else has experienced what I have experienced with this battery. I am loathe to purchase another one, and in fact will have to do so clandestinely, so as not to let my friends who have seen me with this machine know what problems I have had with it.

    ...disgruntled Apple Fanboy.

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    Better than I expected

    • Written by from ÄLMHULT

    I have to say that I was surprised to find so many negative reviews here. I didn't think that there would be so many people disappointed with this battery since mine works better than expected.

    18 months of use and according to Coconut Battery I have more capacity than when I originally bought it. And I'm not very careful about charging and draining it fully, I've done that two times since I bought it.
    But I guess the quality varies just like with any other product, but I'm more than happy with mine.

    However, I went here because I was thinking about getting a backup battery for long trips but seeing the price of it I will have to think twice. It is indeed quite expensive, so that's why I give it four stars instead of five.

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    Why Apple Why?

    • Written by from Neenah

    Buyer beware! This battery is very frustrating. I finally talk my wife into buying a Mac and now after the warranty expires the battery dies. Well I shouldn't say dies because the tech said that the battery shows good life left but it will shut my computer down if my MacBook is not plugged in. I wish apple would step up to the plate and fix this problem and give us poor suckers who bought this inferior product a credit or rebate.

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    Good battery

    • Written by from Ames

    I have had my macbook for a couple years now and the battery has never let me down. I always have several hours of battery life between charges--after the years of use, it is still going strong.

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    • Written by

    I recieved my macbook as a christmas gift this year 2008 and it is now May 22, 2008 3 days short of 5 months and my battery is already shot, dead, lifeless!! I now have to leave it on my desk plugged in untill I recieve my new replacement. If the new one dies shortly after my year warranty, I will not spend 129 dollars for a new one! I will put my macbook on craigslist for sale and buy a different lap top!

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