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    I love Apple products, don't get me wrong. But this is just ridiculous. Right around one year to 13 months, RIGHT AFTER THE WARRANTY ENDED, I turned on my MacBook one day, and there was a little "x" on the battery image. It said that there was "No Battery Available". After I just saved up $1100 to buy this laptop just over a year ago, now they're telling me I need to buy another $130 battery? Come on Apple, this is your fault, not mine. I take such great care over my things, I would obviously never damage anything purposely that I paid $1100 dollars for.

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    Various quality?

    • Written by from Victoria

    My battery is two years old and have 528 cycles and still lasts for over 3 hours.

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    Good Battery

    • Written by from Salem

    I have 293 cycles on my battery after 2 years and my battery still gives me a couple hours of power. It's fine if one cycles it from high to low as is recommended.

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    Stop Complaining- The Product is Fine

    • Written by from Toronto

    I had my macbook battery five months and it died, the battery I had was faulty and apple replaced it on the spot when I took it to the Apple store. Their customer service is top notch and I'm surprised to hear anyone complain about that. As for the actual quality of the battery. It's a well known fact at lithium ion batteries have a limited number of chargin cycles, and apple does not deny that, in fact its in the owners manual. I've had two dells, an ibm thinkpad, and an acer and all four of those laptops batteries died after a year or so. Its common knowledge that this technology is not perfected yet, and if you want to complain about it then find a laptop with a differnt type of battery (good luck) or get a desktop. This isn't just mac its all lithium ion batteries, stop complaining mac gets an A- for quality of product in my opinion and an A++ when it comes to customer service. I do not have one regret from switching over to mac, keep it up Apple!

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    • Written by from Saint George

    I fried my last battery overseas by using the wrong adapters... I bought this one as a replacement and it has worked perfectly! I've had it for 3 months now, and it still holds 3+ hours of battery life. Great product!

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    A battery a year is what I fear

    • Written by from Nyssa

    Dear Apple,
    I purchased a cheap Acer laptop and a Macbook a little over a year ago. Guess which one has had zero problems and which one had the battery mysteriously quit working one day. I find that unacceptable. I will not be purchasing any more Apple products. I was about to buy my wife one but she can have this cheap Acer that gets the job done better than the apple. Apple lowered the price on your iphone, you'd better start sending out replacement batteries or your Apple name will be crapapple.

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    Third time is not the charm

    • Written by from Somerset

    I am very disappointed in Apple and their batteries for the Mac Book. I am now on my third battery and it looks like I am headed for my fourth.
    I getting pretty much the same as you guys. Battery last good for a few months and then all of the sudden you cannot use the laptop without having it plugged in.
    I am a Network IT person and I consider myself very good with taking care of and troubleshooting equipment. I even followed Apple's battery instructions to the T. When the first one died, I clearly blamed on myself. I again went back to the battery instructions given by Apple and found some additional information on the Apple website, but, no such luck, and no such luck, and no such luck.
    I was going to give Apple a fair shot. I saved up and spent the money for the MacBook and a year later I have nothing to show for it(if you don't count the waiting period for the new batteries and shipping the batteries back to Apple .
    Sorry, Apple I have gone back to my PCs. I have had a PC for the last five years, lugging back and forth to work, and sometimes keeping it on for hours and hours, yet I am still on the original manufacturer's battery. Plus now PCs come in colors now and the netbooks some of the manufacturers have put are just the bomb. I wanted to like you, I really did. That's why as soon as I got my bonus check I rushed to the nearest Apple store to purchase my MacBook. I wish I could go back in time and tell that person a year ago... to stay away.

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    Battery much worse for Macbook than Powerbook

    • Written by from Westport

    My powerbook battery lasted a long time - a long time per charge (4 hours) and a long time in usage - 3 years. The Macbook battery started getting weak after a year, and now it barely can stay on for an hour, even less if I have airport and a DVD playing. I'm very careful with my battery usage - letting it charge, then letting is discharge fully before recharging fully. What's wrong with the technology?!?

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    Worth it

    • Written by from MISSION

    I've had my MacBook for two years and the battery started given me poor performance after soooo many recharge cycles, which is expected so I replaced it. This new battery works awesome. People, stop complaining that you have to replace batteries, its a known FACT and drawback that lithium-ion batteries have a limit of recharge cycles. It even says in the manual. Awesome battery! Worth it.

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    • Written by from oceanside

    In less than year battery stopped working unless plugged in. If I wanted to be plugged in all the time I would have bought a desktop. I thought APPLE was supposed to be superior to PC, but in regards to this battery I am VERY disappointed. It is so expensive to replace this battery for less than 1 year of use! THUMBS DOWN!

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    • Written by from Dartmouth

    My battery died in 9 months! I've been to 2 stores in boston and one in providence and they haven't had them in stock. If they die so quickly they need to at least carry them in the store at all the time. Horrible service

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    =/ good while it lasts

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    i had this battery for a year and it slowly started getting worse and worse one day it just stoppped working without the power adaptor. apple is great in general but this product isnt good at all

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    Stopped working suddenly after 14 months

    • Written by from Olympia

    Worked great for over the 1 year warranty. I left the computer ac charger unplugged for five days, when I plugged it in, the battery would no longer hold a charge. This does not seem like apple quality.

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    • Written by from Killarney

    I've had mine for 2 years now got her when they were first out had to have motherboard replaced and now battery only lasts 50% but computer tells 1.50mins but cuts once 50-44% reminds and refuses to go back on till plugged in.
    I'm not sure but seems to me that the battery is defective. I've just 183 cycles and doing the whole take out battery for and hold power for 5 secs didn't do much for long.

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    bad apple product

    • Written by from parker

    my laptop cant even stay charged for 30 minutes after two years of having it I'd rather stay with the charger than to rely on this product that really does not have that good of a charge i mean can't apple come up with something better to keep our laptops charged

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    disappointed in Apple

    • Written by from Ottawa

    After 14 months of use with 300 charging cycles (letting battery drain before recharging), my battery now offers just over 40 minutes when fully charged. Given all of the ongoing complaints about MacBook batteries, it is disappointing that Apple hasn't invested in making significant improvements. I was persuaded to switch to Mac from PC notebooks as a result of sophisticated advertising and design. Perhaps Apple should invest some of these resources into producing a better battery. Not sure I will buy a MacBook again (due to battery) as much as I want to love it!

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    so dificult!!!

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    mine last for lass than a year and not even a havy user. the support said for me to check the cicles of charge and mine was not even at 200. 300 cicles is what they said would be the expected for the batery to last. the problem is i found a lot of other users with the same problem as mine.
    and for me is little worst i guess, becouse i'm in brazil. i got my macbook when i was at the USA and know besides the high prize of the new batery (130!) they wont ship it to me here.

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    Very disappointed.

    • Written by from edmonton

    I have purchased only Mac computers since 1988 and never even considered a PC. For years, I have also always stronly recommended the purchase of a Mac over a PC to friends and family. This battery problem is so annoying and frustrating that I can longer make this recommendation and I myself will consider other options for my next purchase.

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    Poor Quality

    • Written by from Kremmling

    The MacBook batteries are poor. After less than one year of use, they report incorrect charges and your MacBook will shut down suddenly as a result. Apple really needs to step up QC on a few products, this is one of them.

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    The worst battery i've ever seen

    • Written by from ---

    I bought my macbook 2 years ago, and the battery worked for just 1 year... then it suddenly started to indicate wrong information about the power left in the device and the computer now shuts down without any advice. I used to perform the battery calibration frequently, but once it went wrong and goodbye battery...

    And even when it was new, it's working time was 2 hours.. back then, it was the most dissapointing thing in my brand new macbook...

    And now what are my chances? To buy a new one for US$200 (the market price of the battery in my country), and buy one periodically every year...

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