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    Apparently People Don't Know How to Use a Lithium Ion Battery.

    • Written by from Denver

    Just like most cellphone batteries, this is a lithium ion battery, something that — if you've ever taken chemistry you would know — is one of the most powerful chemical combinations for a battery.

    However, like all batteries it has a power input capacity that when over filled will either melt the battery, or cause it to die over time. That is the same case with this one, so in order to maintain its life and keep it healthy, you have to use all that power you've been flowing into it.

    So if your battery is becoming useless very quickly, it's because you aren't using it for a battery, you're using it as a liaison between charger and laptop, so buy a desktop if you want something stationary.

    Laptops were designed to be mobile. So use them that way.

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    to person complaining of only 20 minutes use

    • Written by from Columbus

    ALL rechargeable batteries of any sort are meant to be exercised. Leaving the laptop plugged in all the time and never discharging the battery will eventually ruin ANY laptop battery. It's a function of how battery chemistry works. You're supposed to drain the battery fully and recharge it again every now and then- Apple's recommendation is at least once per month. Once a week is a good idea, followed with monthly, or at least quarterly battery calibration cycles (check Apple's support for how to do this.) Don't blame Apple because the battery performs the way all rechargeable batteries perform.

    As a side note: I'm writing because my current battery is finally failing. My MacBook is one of the early ones- it's 2 and a half years old. I can't complain about my battery not lasting long, especially since I rarely used it in the last year.

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    not a good battery!

    • Written by from diamond bar

    my battery died after a little over than a year and i had to buy a new one. The battery lasted almost 3 hours away from the charger but in the long run, I had to buy a new one faster than expected

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    • Written by from lightwater

    battery still holds >100% of capacity (5044mah) after 482 cycles on my C2D macbook, great product, although most of that is from me looking after my batters very well.

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    Terrible functionality

    • Written by from Brampton

    I have had my macbook for 2 and a half years now. I have barely ever used it without the charger wire attached. I tried to use it while in school, and after a mere 20 minutes it went caput without warning. I did a battery diagnosis and figured out that after only 209 battery loads, my battery's capacity is only 6% of the original charging use.

    This is a LAPTOP. It should be portable. I hear that people can only use this for a max of 3 hours without battery. Tell me, what occasion in need of a laptop (rather than a desktop) is less than 3 hours long??? The fact that this battery is useless enough you must keep it on the adapter elimates the functionality of a laptop as a whole. And the price to buy a new one is ridiculous. This technology isn't cheap, so it should be functional and practical, at the very least.
    Very disappointing.

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    battery doesn't last long enough.

    • Written by from wheatley

    I love my macbook and it stays charged ok i guess, not impressive but not disappointing, what is disappointing however is that I have to replace the battery every 8-10 months, I think if you purchase a rechargeable battery it should be just that and not become a disposable battery that just recharges a few times. I wouldn't be upset if it wasnt costing me 140 bucks every year.

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    537 Cycles with 98% Health!!!

    • Written by from Marianna

    I have been reading all of the negative comments on the macbook battery, but mine has performed very well. I have only had my macbook for 19 months, but my cycles count is 537 because I never turn my computer off. After having a full charge, I never plug it back in once I disconnect the power cord until the battery is almost dead. Often I even run it down to the point that the screen shuts off. I always let the computer fully charge before I unplug it if possible. If I do have to unplug before a full charge, I let it run all the way down again before I plug it back in.

    Battery Information:

    Battery Installed: Yes
    First low level warning: No
    Full Charge Capacity (mAh): 4940
    Remaining Capacity (mAh): 4924
    Amperage (mA): -1385
    Voltage (mV): 12313
    Cycle Count: 537

    Hardware Overview:

    Model Name: MacBook
    Model Identifier: MacBook2,1
    Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo
    Processor Speed: 2.16 GHz

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    battery stops working after a few years - disappointed

    • Written by from Templestowe Lwr

    I have the same problem as several other reviewers. After seeing my powerbook battery become useless after 400 recharge cycles, I run my macbook with no battery, constantly plugged in. I only use the macbook battery 3-4 times per year when i need it, the rest of the time it is stored in bubble wrap. Now about 2.5 years later, the battery is completely dead, with the red "x". Even cleaning the contacts, resetting the PRAM, charging it for hours, updating the latest OS update and battery firmware update will not resuscitate this battery.

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    Don't last very long.

    • Written by from Winnipeg

    After reading some of these reviews I almost feel lucky.
    My battery lasted nearly 2 years before it died. One day I went to turn on the computer and it was dead. I plugged it in and it says there is no battery. I either get an X or it says "Not Charging". I have Apple Care, but it doesn't cover the battery so here I am getting a new one. I love my Macbook, but I really wish Apple would step up on this one.

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    • Written by from Richmond Hill

    After 2 years with this computer and rarely using the battery "improperly" (i.e. I generally allowed it to drain all the way when used away from home) it now loses charge WHILE being plugged in. All the time.

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    Best Battery Ever

    • Written by

    I never had any battery life like i have on my macbook... In Brazil it used to be hard to find any apple products but I rencently got this mac and im loving its battery life. Thank you apple for this unique battery.

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    great computer - short battery life

    • Written by

    I love my Apple MacBook but I am quite disappointed that after only ten months my battery has died. The battery indicator shows that it is fully charged; however, I can no longer run the computer on battery power. Very weird. Hopefully the Apple Store will be able to help solve this issue.

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    Good and bad

    • Written by from Milwaukee

    ok so until now when i've been looking into the battery my battery has been working fine for me, but now it says it is 70% to 68% health the life is only from 98% to 16% then DIES and i can't turn it back on, and it all started when i was working with calibrating, i do not think the battery is bad i just think there should be more things and help on getting battery's to last longer, i've been looking every where, and it seems once your health is gone it is GONE, i still tell everyone i no to buy one

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    After 15 months and 362 load-cycles it has higher capacity!

    • Written by from Gryfino

    Battery on my MacBook 2,16 has 5259 mAh vs 5020mAh 15 months ago, and 100% health. I'm very satisfied with the battery.
    It's really hard to believe that so many people have problems with it. Maybe you don't use it properly? 80% of time I work on battery and only 20% on power adapter, during the night it's plugged to adapter. I don't see any drama coming. Still, I'm getting 5hrs of casual usage with AirPort ON

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    It's better than expected.

    • Written by from Edmond

    I have had my MacBook for almost 4 years and my battery just died today. I suppose I just got a really excellent battery since I have heard of other people's batteries dying after just one year. I've been pleased with my portable, and I'm not complaining about having to buy a new one. This is a wonderful computer and it doesn't deserve anything under 5 stars.

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    • Written by

    I purchased my MacBook 2 years ago. My battery is dead for some time now and a replacement one at an authorized dealer in my country (Macedonia) costs 200 Euro (more than 250 US$). It's a rip off. Also, it's completely unfair Apple to turn a blind eye on this widespread problem, since it's their fault to include such a low quality part into their notebooks. The least they can do is replace these batteries at production cost price. I loved this company 2 years ago and now I would never recommend Mac to nobody. Finally, it's not right to censor the reviews. If I write something else instead of "low quality", I mean it and I am entitled to say it.

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    Heads Up

    • Written by from Daleville

    I saw that many of you wrote a review on how you're "not surprised" about the failure in your battery life. Remember, your notebook is a PORTABLE, it is NOT a laptop. These computers are made to be portable with the adapting charger. If you let the life in your battery run out, then your battery will indeed not charge to it's fullest, nor will you get the maximum amount of life from the battery power source. You can check to see how many times you've ran your battery down by going to "about this mac" on the apple icon located in the top left corner of your screen. Click "more info" and scroll to where you see "power" on the left. Also, download the free software "battery update" if you see that your computer isn't communicating to the battery like it should be. You can tell if you're updated on your battery by click HD/system/library/system config/batteryupdater/apple+i (info). If you're a macbook you need battery updater 1.2. If you're an os x, you'll need 1.3

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    2 years, 800 cycles and still running strong

    • Written by from Thousand Oaks

    I've had my MacBook for 24 months now, and have used it 100% of the time. My battery has over 800 cycles (838 as of today) on it, and it will still last me 3 1/2 hours when I am away. I don't ever feel the need to bring my charger places, unless I will be away for a long time (I can use it all day at college, I never bring the charger). This is a great battery and even after two years it will still easily outlast my friend's PC's. I probably have one of the most used MacBook batteries in the world, and mine is still running great. Awesome Product Apple!

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    Not Surprised

    • Written by from Pasadena

    I bought my MacBook White 1.83GHz August of 06' and just now am i having trouble with my battery retaining power. But I expected it, so I'm not surprised by this. It has 42% health and I'm OK with that. At least mac users don't have to pay repair fee's when our computers [don't] get viruses. Oh, and with 42% health, I only get about an hour tops of wireless time.

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    30 mins....

    • Written by from Amarillo

    My battery has only 291 cycles and it lasts 30 mins at the most! And It started to get worse just right after the warranty expired.

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