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    Rechargeable Battery for my white mac book

    • Written by

    Today after almost a year my battery died incredible now I have to buy a new one because I dont have the invoice almost $130 for a new battery too expensive.
    I think this product should be given out for free to all customers with this kind of mac Now I know why not to buy an apple computer

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    Suddenly deformed itself to death after 3+ years

    • Written by from Yreka

    My battery was still working well until the past week, when it suddenly deformed itself to the no-longer-functional point and has practically come apart. Of course my warranty expired about 3 months ago, so I guess I have no alternative to getting another one.

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    Very good, if used properly.

    • Written by from Old Town

    I've had my macbook since June of 2007, the battery has had 892 cycles, and it's still going strong! I've used it properly, with the whole drain it as much as you can then charge it fully. When I do have a full charge, i still get at least 3 hours of battery when browsing the internet and that stuff. I highly recommend this battery to anyone who can use it properly.

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    It's all about intent.

    • Written by from Annandale-on-Hudson

    I have had my laptop since May of 2008. I'm a college student, and so I rely on my laptop. While I haven't been the best about running the battery out and then charging it up, my battery has lasted me quite some time. Some would argue that over two years simply isn't a satisfactory amount of time for a battery to run well, that it should run longer, but considering my battery probably still holds a 2-3 hour charge when I'm running multiple applications with the screen at its brightest, I'm not complaining. I've been the type to leave my laptop plugged in while using it, which isn't all that wise with a portable computer.

    According to the Mac "genius" I talked to about getting my 13" black Macbook fixed (the topcase had chipped, which was fixed for free without Applecare), the batteries in my year of Macbook generally run about 300 re-charge cycles, and once it hits that threshold they start to deteriorate, which is why it's important to fully charge your laptop and use it until it almost runs out. Plugging it in before this happens isn't a crime, it's simply better for the battery. I'm fine with the fact that my laptop doesn't hold as much of a charge after two years, in fact it's quite nice. The PC I had before this (it was my mother's, really) had a horrible battery life.

    Though I know I'll likely have to buy a new battery within the next year, I'm quite at ease about it. I know it'll last me another two years, if not more. Considering I could get my topcase fixed for free, I'm not complaining about a $130 battery. It's worth it because my laptop isn't obsolete, it isn't choked with viruses, and it's still functions like I did when I bought it, it just doesn't last as long.

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    Warped from the heat...

    • Written by from Simi Valley

    Really not happy with this battery. It has never lasted more than 3 hours, even when new, and it is now (2 years in) TOTALLY warped from the heat. Really poor product and a really expensive replacement! Boooooo Apple!

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    Rechargeable battery for the MacBook

    • Written by from Brownsville

    First of all, I would like to say the MacBook that I purchased about a year or more ago I am pleased with the purchase. I like the versatility of the MacBook. Where I can change between a Microsoft environment to a MAC OS environment. THe downside is the battery. After about a year of use, the quality of the battery has suffered. The battery went from about 2 hours or more of medium use to about an hour of medium use. A rechargeable battery should not suffer after a year of medium use. At least that is my opinion. The other laptop computer I had before the Macbook, its rechargeable battery did not suffer in quality like this one did and I had the laptop for about four years before I purchase this laptop and I still have the original rechargeable battery that came with it!!! SO what is the problem with the Macbook rechargeable battery? I guess in order to save on the purchase of new batteries every year or so, I guess I have to completely run down the battery down, which I didn't with the other laptop and I need to run a calibration test on the rechargeable battery every month, which I didn't with the other laptop computer. I think what should be done is improve on the efficiency of the rechargeable battery instead of doing the necessary steps to keep the longevity of rechargeable battery intact. In closing, the rechargeable battery for the Macbook is a real disappointment!

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    Should be under warranty!

    • Written by from JAY

    My friend's battery already died completely and was replaced, and mine's dropping at about 5% a month. If you want to know how far gone your battery is, there's a software called Coconut Battery to help you out, no I'm not affiliated with them, and really, you'll have noticed the battery dying faster and faster. This $159 CAN battery is a semiannual tax, just like the 3-year $300 CAN Applecare service, required to keep your computer alive.

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    battery life

    • Written by from Raymond

    I have had my MacBook for a year and a half and still can get over an hour's use out of the battery. I have "conditioned" the battery as detailed in the MacBook manual religiously. Clearly these things do not last forever. Mine is certainly not what it used to be. Given the usable life-span of these things, Apple really should consider this a loss-leader and drop the price. I understand it is the best current technology can offer, but c'mon.

    To those who don't condition the battery and then complain about the shabby life-span of the battery, it's not like you weren't warned. Maintenance is part of ownership. Complaining so is like complaining that your engine in your new car died at 30,000 miles even though you never changed the oil. Doesn't make it less of a pain and doesn't make the batteries last longer (they still are overpriced for something that will not last the expected usable life of the computer), but it does take away your right to complain.

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    Early 2006 Macbook

    • Written by from Cuyahoga Falls

    I haven't plugged in my macbook for about 2 months (recently got an ipad 2 and sort of abandoned it). When I finally did tonight, I was told that my battery wasn't charging and that I needed a new one. At first, I was ticked off! 129.00 for a new battery!? But that I started reading the reviews and realized that I was one of the lucky ones! I got my macbook in 2006, and I got 1120 cycles out of it. I hope my new battery works that well because the rest of my computer is fine. That'll do, little battery, that'll do....

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    Poor battery life.

    • Written by from Wheatley

    I have had my macbook for three years now and I have gone through three batteries. I do everything the experts say that you should do to prolong your battery life. I don’t even use my macbook that much. My friend has a macbook that is newer than mine and she is having the same problem. I'm very disappointed with Apple concerning this issue. With the cost of their computers you would think they would have better batteries. I could have paid for a new Dell with the amount of money I have spent on batteries for my macbook. Don’t get me wrong I like the macbook but I would prefer to get my money’s worth out of a product than have to deal with this issue each year.

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    Apple Battery is my choice

    • Written by from Charlotte

    My MacBook is now 4.5 years old and I am on my 3rd OS because I chose to upgrade. Yes, I replaced the hard drive but only for more capacity, I also upgraded the RAM. My battery is only now starting to have issues.
    I've read the reviews on off brand and I for one plan to go with Apple endorsed. If the off brand has a review they all mention poor fit and some even complain of them falling apart. I use my computer a fair amount 4-8 hours a day. I stream video run multiple apps and even multi OS (I can't do my timesheet without Windows) though I moved that into VirtualBox. I need the battery to be fully reliable not a poor fit and falling apart.

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    Very Unhappy with this product

    • Written by from Brooklyn

    This product is insanely expensive for what it ends up being....after a year of use the original battery wouldn't give me more that 20-35 min so i resorted to having it plugged all the time.
    Alas, it did what I've heard about for a while...it warped for the heat and, cant even have it in its slot since it affects the performence of the machine ( e.g. the mouse and touchpad dont work at all) Booooooooo Apple on this one. Big Fail on quality!!!!!

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    so dificult!!!

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    mine last for lass than a year and not even a havy user. the support said for me to check the cicles of charge and mine was not even at 200. 300 cicles is what they said would be the expected for the batery to last. the problem is i found a lot of other users with the same problem as mine.
    and for me is little worst i guess, becouse i'm in brazil. i got my macbook when i was at the USA and know besides the high prize of the new batery (130!) they wont ship it to me here.

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    • Written by from Neerlandia

    I bought my MacBook a year ago and did all the right things. Powered it up and then down, letting the battery die completely out and then powering it up again. All of a sudden, the battery simply quit. I had a Toshiba laptop for five years, gave it to my daughter and the battery is still running the computer for the same length of time it was when I bought it. I switched to Mac because I kept hearing about the quality of the product and for the most part I'm happy. Just having trouble choking down paying another $159.00 when I figure I paid for quality the first time around.

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    dead after not charging it for two weeks

    • Written by from Mountain View

    We just got back from traveling for two weeks and discovered that my wive's macbook no longer has a working battery. The macbook just shows an X and claims that no battery is available. This is the third major problem with this macbook: first the logic board was faulty and needed to be replaced, then the hard disk died and needed to be replace and now the battery is dead, too. Unfortunately, being about one month out of the one year warranty means that Apple did not help with the hard disk and is probably not helping with the battery either. Feels like Apple has been selling lemons.

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    Time For A New Battery

    • Written by from Edgewater Park

    I got my Macbook for Christmas in 2007. The battery burned out about a year ago and now I have to connect it to a power source when I use it. Im finally buying a new one. I believe the reason why my battery burned out is one of two possibilities. One is that I left my computer on sleep for several days or that I left it on the charger for several days. It happened so long ago I can't remember which one it was or it could have been a combination of both.

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    1637 Cycles on First Battery!

    • Written by from Toronto

    I'm still on my first battery and still get about 3hours on a full charge. I've had my macbook for almost 6 years now and its still great!

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Great while it lasted, which wasn't very long...

    • Written by from Gig Harbor

    After only 199 cycles, my battery status is "Replace Now" and it does not hold ANY charge. Just last week my battery would still last 2-3 hours, and suddenly I'll plug it in and it says "Not Charging".

    Love the computer, used to love the battery, but I'm going to test my luck w/ a non-OEM battery this time around.

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    Needs Work

    • Written by from Port Moody

    Apple has to pull up their socks on their battery issues concerning 1st generation macbook's. I understand there are limitations to charge duration, but the failure of the battery altogether is preposterous. No rechargable battery fails faster.

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    bad battery

    • Written by from Cocoa Beach

    I have 3 MacBooks all 2 - 3 years old, now the battery in one is bad, completely dead, its the one in my wifes computer, she took great care to let the battery discharge completely before she would charge it again, and then charge it completely and so forth, the other 2 were treated with no regard to battery level or preformance, those 2 still have decent battery life, 1.5 - 2 hours light useage, go figure. now, I'll have get a new battery for her one? 1 in 3 ain't bad I guess.

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