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    It's all about intent.

    • Written by from Annandale-on-Hudson

    I have had my laptop since May of 2008. I'm a college student, and so I rely on my laptop. While I haven't been the best about running the battery out and then charging it up, my battery has lasted me quite some time. Some would argue that over two years simply isn't a satisfactory amount of time for a battery to run well, that it should run longer, but considering my battery probably still holds a 2-3 hour charge when I'm running multiple applications with the screen at its brightest, I'm not complaining. I've been the type to leave my laptop plugged in while using it, which isn't all that wise with a portable computer.

    According to the Mac "genius" I talked to about getting my 13" black Macbook fixed (the topcase had chipped, which was fixed for free without Applecare), the batteries in my year of Macbook generally run about 300 re-charge cycles, and once it hits that threshold they start to deteriorate, which is why it's important to fully charge your laptop and use it until it almost runs out. Plugging it in before this happens isn't a crime, it's simply better for the battery. I'm fine with the fact that my laptop doesn't hold as much of a charge after two years, in fact it's quite nice. The PC I had before this (it was my mother's, really) had a horrible battery life.

    Though I know I'll likely have to buy a new battery within the next year, I'm quite at ease about it. I know it'll last me another two years, if not more. Considering I could get my topcase fixed for free, I'm not complaining about a $130 battery. It's worth it because my laptop isn't obsolete, it isn't choked with viruses, and it's still functions like I did when I bought it, it just doesn't last as long.

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    Good battery

    • Written by from Surrey

    Used for 1 year, 598 cycles, and averages around 1hr 45min. Health is 63% so i think its okay.

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    Exactly what its suppose to do

    • Written by from Adrian

    I have had this battery for two years and have used it almost every singles day of those years. It is cutrrently at 482 Cycle Counts, and it is going perfectly. I recently bought a new battery for the last two years of college, but I believe continue to be running perfectly till then plus some.

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    Its good.. but why does it swell??

    • Written by from Hyderabad

    Its been 3.5 years now since I got this Mac. And the battery worked well until recently when it started sweling. It still works well but I can't find a reason for its newly acquired shape.

    I think Apple should find out the cause and correct it to at least avoid such problems in future.

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    Bad Reviews?

    • Written by from DETROIT

    This is a good battery, but it is expensive. Everyone that is leaving a bad review keep in mind that keeping your laptop plugged in constantly will kill your battery sooner than expected. This goes for anything running on a battery. You are overcharging the battery. This slowly destroys the battery and it will not have as long of a life span as it should. This goes for almost any electronic device running on a lithium ion battery. They should implement a feature where the power from the outlet is no longer supplied when the battery reaches a full charge. I think nintendo the d.s. lite does this but im not positive.

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    Lucky me

    • Written by from Aptos

    I've had my MacBook for just over two years and I still get about 2 hours of use on a charge, with high screen brightness. I make sure to run the power down and fully charge as much as possible. I appear to be lucky but I'm sure I'll need a new one soon. It died out of nowhere the other night at about 25% and I'm afraid it's on its way out. I don't care though, I love my MacBook. I see a 15" MacBook Pro in the near future . . .

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    You need to know how to use it.

    • Written by from Fort Simpson

    To "What you gonna do about it"

    Let me guess, you leave your book plugged in, sometimes overnight even though its fully charged. That is what is killing your battery. I just learned that and am buying a new battery. It makes complete sense to me. Although it would be nice if something would stop the battery from overcharging, but 'what you gonna do about it"...I'm gonna stop plugging my battery in when I don't need to, easy enough and it saves me on the powerbill.

    Still love my macbook.

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    Battery smarts

    • Written by

    Ok so i've received my mac book a year ago its for my school we are on some kind of mac contract thing and all the new freshmen get one my year was the first to start this program but anyways our teachers told us if we use up all (when he said all he ment ALL your battery) before recharging what i normally do is i let my battery power get to the point where it eater says you need to plug in because you are on reserve or when it goes red in the little icon and my battery is doing around 5 to 6 hours its been doing me well

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    Works well if you use it right.

    • Written by from Pensacola

    I am in the Marine Corps and have used my 13" white MacBook (2007) on my most recent deployment to Iraq. Not only has the MacBook itself been able to withstand the brutal elements and environment of a desert combat zone, but without access to reliable power outlets -not to mention the need to use multiple adapters- my battery performed as expected. People who write in negative comments and threaten to go back to PC probably haven't taken the time to read their manual. I have owned two other PC laptops, and they were useless. My wife owns a 1 year old HP 17" laptop and guess what? She wants a MacBook Pro now. The HP gets used by my 5 year old to watch Nick Jr! Learn your Macs, people!

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    So far, so good

    • Written by from Albuquerque

    I've owned my MB White for 30 months. The battery is holding up better than the Toshiba's and IBM ThinkPad's I've used (my employer's). However, I wish it had about one more hour of initial capacity (which I will get when I upgrade to a MB Pro).
    The key to long battery life is to regularly run off the battery, depleting the charge.

    Here's today's data from the system profiler:
    " Full charge capacity (mAh): 5025
    Health Information:
    Cycle count: 329
    Condition: Good"

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    never overcharge you battery

    • Written by

    i have had 315 cycles for 17months now and yet, my battery works perfectly 100% health, i think you just need to charge your battery properly, never charge it while its still usable, and most importantly, never leave it charging while u go asleep.

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    mac book battery

    • Written by from Scarborough

    I have the upgraded black Macbook with the 160 gig hard drive. I've had it for 2 years & the battery is still holding a charge. If you want you batter to work properly you have to run the battery down frequently until the screen shuts off. When you do this the battery can receive a full charge. Once you laptop is charged, use it on the battery, don't leave it plugged in.


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    to person complaining of only 20 minutes use

    • Written by from Columbus

    ALL rechargeable batteries of any sort are meant to be exercised. Leaving the laptop plugged in all the time and never discharging the battery will eventually ruin ANY laptop battery. It's a function of how battery chemistry works. You're supposed to drain the battery fully and recharge it again every now and then- Apple's recommendation is at least once per month. Once a week is a good idea, followed with monthly, or at least quarterly battery calibration cycles (check Apple's support for how to do this.) Don't blame Apple because the battery performs the way all rechargeable batteries perform.

    As a side note: I'm writing because my current battery is finally failing. My MacBook is one of the early ones- it's 2 and a half years old. I can't complain about my battery not lasting long, especially since I rarely used it in the last year.

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    Good and bad

    • Written by from Milwaukee

    ok so until now when i've been looking into the battery my battery has been working fine for me, but now it says it is 70% to 68% health the life is only from 98% to 16% then DIES and i can't turn it back on, and it all started when i was working with calibrating, i do not think the battery is bad i just think there should be more things and help on getting battery's to last longer, i've been looking every where, and it seems once your health is gone it is GONE, i still tell everyone i no to buy one

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    Not Surprised

    • Written by from Pasadena

    I bought my MacBook White 1.83GHz August of 06' and just now am i having trouble with my battery retaining power. But I expected it, so I'm not surprised by this. It has 42% health and I'm OK with that. At least mac users don't have to pay repair fee's when our computers [don't] get viruses. Oh, and with 42% health, I only get about an hour tops of wireless time.

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    Good Battery

    • Written by from Salem

    I have 293 cycles on my battery after 2 years and my battery still gives me a couple hours of power. It's fine if one cycles it from high to low as is recommended.

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    Problems, but not with battery

    • Written by from Lawrence

    The battery is fine, 550 cycles in two years and I now am down to 1 1/2 hours of normal use. I have had a ton of problems with this MacBook (power cord melted under a year, 2nd cord the same, logic card for ethernet jack died, fan stopped, hard drive spectacularly self destructed, . . . ) but the battery has been great, and with nothing but ignorant usage. I am honestly giving it four stars largely because I am tired of all the other problems.

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    It's . . . a battery!

    • Written by from Minneapolis

    I have owned my Core 2 Duo Macbook since December 2006, and am still running the original battery. The computer, when new, had what I considered excellent battery life, and it is still what I consider good (2+ hours). I consider that impressive for a 1 1/2-year old battery, and I find it surprising that the average review score is so low.

    It is my observation that the reason there are so many negative MagSafe and battery reviews is that most happy users would never bother to submit one. I consider MagSafe an excellent design, and the battery a perfectly good one, and would give them both 4 or 5 stars.

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    Better than I expected

    • Written by from ÄLMHULT

    I have to say that I was surprised to find so many negative reviews here. I didn't think that there would be so many people disappointed with this battery since mine works better than expected.

    18 months of use and according to Coconut Battery I have more capacity than when I originally bought it. And I'm not very careful about charging and draining it fully, I've done that two times since I bought it.
    But I guess the quality varies just like with any other product, but I'm more than happy with mine.

    However, I went here because I was thinking about getting a backup battery for long trips but seeing the price of it I will have to think twice. It is indeed quite expensive, so that's why I give it four stars instead of five.

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    Good battery

    • Written by from Ames

    I have had my macbook for a couple years now and the battery has never let me down. I always have several hours of battery life between charges--after the years of use, it is still going strong.

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