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    Battery Issue

    • Written by from Missoula

    Yea, mine just bulged out on me too, though I must say I've had the McBook for about 8 years and have had no previous problems. I've heard that leaving the machine plugged in with the setting on sleep can cause this problem, though I'm unsure.

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    Satisfied customer

    • Written by from antelope

    I have had my MacBook for 5 years and recently started to have the swollen battery issue the impeded the function of my tracking pad. Compared with other laptops with rechargeable batteries I got a good life span on my battery. The only disappointment was the cost of the replacement...but I guess that comes with having a Mac.

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    Good Enough

    • Written by from Pleasant Prairie

    I just replaced my battery after two years of regular use. My computer stays plugged in most of the time at work, and I've been able to spend a couple hours online, etc. in the evening on battery power. A couple weeks ago the battery life dropped to a couple minutes so I knew it was time to replace it. After reading some reviews about the bubbling, I myself noticed my battery start to do it just last night. Good thing my new battery showed up this morning.

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    Rechargeable Battery for 17 inch MacBook Pro

    • Written by from Galveston

    Worked great for two years. Now it's another for the list: swollen battery. Unexpected shutdown. Reset SMC several times and then the PRAM. Two days ago went through the routine for resetting SMC again. Now will hold a charge from 100 % to 88% for about 3 minutes. Then shuts down. Guess I'm buying a new battery.

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    Macbook Pro Battery..

    • Written by from Berkeley

    After almost 2.5 years my MBP 17" Battery pulled the expanding balloon trick, eventually killing the trackpad.. I of course thought it was the trackpad until the battery expanded in the other direction.. and when the Macbook is a rockin.. well I wasn't knocking on wood.

    The cool thing was after going setting up an appointment at the Emeryville Apple store, they replaced it immediately no questions asked even though my mac was wayyyy out of warranty. Cheers Apple.

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    Good battery life for a 17" model, lasted just over 2 years!!

    • Written by from Bakersfield

    I'm a university student and got mine at the start of fall 2007. I only recently replaced my battery! I got over 2 years of use before it started suggesting I change the battery so I could have squeezed out more usage if I had to. That is very good in my book!

    Only 4 stars because the batter life (3'ish hours) is dwarfed by the life of the batteries on the new models.

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    Better than expected

    • Written by from Beverly Hills

    I am experiencing the battery bulge...
    But, I have put this laptop through a lifetime in 18 months! 519 cycles and I just started experiencing any battery issues. After 530, the battery bulge started happening. The last PC I used a few years ago had battery problems 200 cycles into it's life.
    $129 for a new battery is gladly spent if I can get the same timeframe.

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    MacBook Pro Battery Blues

    • Written by from Millbrae

    Batteries are guaranteed for a year. My first MBP battery failed after 13 months. The second battery has lasted 2 years but is now bulging and scary looking, so I'm going to buy a new one. In my line of work (PHP and Ruby development), my Mac saves me time and makes me money, so $129 is a small price to pay for what I get in return.

    Macs rock. Batteries don't. Deal with it.

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    After 3 years...

    • Written by from Allen

    Okay, a bulging battery pack does not give warm fuzzies, but my original pack lasted almost 3 years without a hitch. Even when it started to bulge, it was still reporting 5300+mAh of capacity and had not given me any problems (still providing 2 hrs of life). My MBP, still under Apple Care, covered the replacement and as usual both the rep at Apple Care and the Apple store where it was replaced were a delight. I have NO complaints with the battery as 3yrs is the more or less life of ANY Li-ion pack.


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    ...maybe I should got to Vegas!?!

    • Written by from Romeoville

    I'm still on my first battery, which is going on 2 1/2 years old, with little (if any) drop off. I would rate it 5 stars if not for the fact that my previous generation battery carried a charge for a bit longer.

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    Luckiest Person Ever

    • Written by from Aliso Viejo

    Now, I have read other reviews about this battery only lasting less than a year. I am still on the battery that came with my 17" MBP (which I got in mid January of 2008), I have never calibrated the battery (just ran it down to 5%), and I still get about 3.5 hours off of the thing. I do take good care of my products. And, I am still on my 1st MagSafe also. Might I say, a very good battery. If it only lasted longer, then it would get 5 stars. But, 4 is good enough.

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    Not a problem and decent life time and capacity

    • Written by from San Diego

    I've been using this battery since DEC '06. No bulges, or any other problems. At first I got a 3-4 hours/charge. After a couple of years this is down to 2-3 hours. I think that's pretty normal.

    BTW I made the mistake of "calibrating" the battery several times in a rort. I mistakenly thought that might improve the charge capacity. In fact it reduced it "a lot" like maybe 30-60 minute. SO don't do that!

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    • Written by from Boulder

    I recently experienced what others have mentioned in regards to the expanding battery - If you make an appointment and take the battery to an Apple store, they should replace it as it is a defect. I had no problem swapping mine out for a new one

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    Unexpected battery shutdown

    • Written by from DELRAY BEACH

    I have a macbook pro 15 that works great. recently it would just shut down without warning. The battery would charge fine and show 42% every time. I called Apple and tried a system reset but it did not work. They agreed it was a faulty battery and are replacing it for free as long as I send the original back. Great Customer service.

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    Not as "impressed" with the performance compared to previous batteries

    • Written by from Kennewick

    I bought the first generation 17" MBPro, and as was par for course, the first battery that came with the unit did bulge. Fortunately I got a free new one. But being conscious of the "frailty" that these batteries may be (I've come to the conclusion that Macs are not meant for rugged use) I thought I would treat the next battery a lot more sensitive.

    Most of the time I used my computer without the battery in it. I thought it would preserve the battery more. And it very well may have, but this is the part where I tell you that if you're going to put the battery in, shut the computer down first.

    The other day I was simply going to move from one end of the house to the other for a few minutes, and when I went to put the battery in, with the computer turned on, I think it fried the battery. As soon as I unplugged the AC cord, the unit turned off. Days later I had the authorized Apple repair shop check the battery and the laptop with a different battery, and the conclusion was that the battery had died.

    After experiencing the hot and bulging battery from the original purchase, I have tried to minimize the heat with the new one, by running a desktop fan on the computer any time I'm using it at home, and using the AC plug with the battery out. The fan definitely keeps the computer cool, and I'm hoping it will extend the life of things for me. I am certainly disappointed by the 2nd battery's life span, though. For all this time of not using it at all, I would think that I could have preserved it for that much longer than the last one. But it turns out to have only lasted about 5 months longer than the original one that bulged on me.

    My next battery will be cared for even more delicately. I do not plan on attaching the battery when the AC power is already on. I do not plan on detaching the battery when the AC is on. I plan to only plug the AC in when the battery is already in or already out.

    For such a gem as this Macbook Pro is, I am very disappointed with the life span of the batteries. I've had the computer for about 2.3 years now, and the batteries have lasted about 1 year apiece. The second battery, I only got about maybe 4 months tops of "constantly plugged in" use out of it.

    I am a little reluctant to conclude that it wasn't something I did, though. That's why I think that attaching the battery, or detaching it, while the AC plug is running things, may have been the cause of the second battery dying on me.

    So I encourage you all to not mess with your battery while the AC power is plugged in, too.

    The charge hold was great when I actually used the battery. I certainly can't complain there. I just wish these units were a little more forgiving and not so dainty! It would be nice if Apple produced a Mac laptop so us building contractors could have it with us out on the job! Not all Mac users are white collar workers, you know.

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    Good capacity

    • Written by from Tampere

    Mostly using text editors and firefox (web developer),
    I get 3 to 4 hours of working time with my new battery.
    It's good, though it'd be really nice to see actual 5 hours
    of battery time in real use (not just in "lab test" scenarios")

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    Apple service

    • Written by from Ojai

    Unlike "IG's" comment of Feb 29th I had a very positive Apple experience. Last summer (August) my 17" Macbook Pro battery took a dump, I drove down to their SLC store and in minutes they replaced the battery. No questions asked. My computer was purchased in San Diego in May of the prior year.
    I give Apple a 10 on service.

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    Take my word of advice

    • Written by

    When I first got the MacBook Pro, I had many use for it: video games, writing papers throughout the night, and watching movies. I always charged it or left the plug on and after about 9 months my battery just failed on me. Luckily I had the warranty and the apple dudes just gave me a new battery for free. The guys at the apple store told me a word of advice, "Never charge your battery to the full 100% except for the very first time you have the battery." Since then, I have charged my battery up to the full 100% only once(which was the first time I got my battery). And now my battery runs well and I don't seem to have any problems with my battery life. So use your laptop without the help of the power chord but if you need to use the power chord, unplug it after it reaches around 95%. It'll last you longer and thus save you the trouble many people here went through.

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    Return Battery To Apple Store

    • Written by from Ypsilanti

    I bought my MacBook Pro in Feb. 2006, so it was no longer under the repair plan. Last month the battery started to warp and the mouse stopped working and the battery would say it was full, but when I disconnected the power it would shut off seconds later. I read the reviews here and printed them out and brought the battery and the reviews to an Apple store. I told one of the "Apple Geniuses" my problem and she took my battery and gave me a new one FREE!

    Apple is aware of the problem and have corrected it. The materials in the battery have been replaced that caused the failure, so said the Genius. I gave this 4 stars because the battery failed, but Apple stepped up and did the right thing.

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    Follow the Directions

    • Written by from Seminole

    I have two of these batteries and they provide power for three to four hours each. Performance and life are achieved by following the instructions in the Help section. Calibrate the battey once a month per the instructions, and don't leave it plugged in all the time. If you constantly use the power cord, remove the battery so it doesn't over charge. If you do these two things you'll get long life.

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