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    At least it didn't blow up

    • Written by from CINCINNATI

    One day the clicker on the mouse stopped working and after looking over the computer i saw that the battery looked funny. It had expanded! and the battery was pushing up on the clicker stopping it from working. After taking the battery out it piped a part the rest of the way? But the clicker isn't broken just need a new battery.

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    these do not last

    • Written by from London

    They are great during the first year, but all three i have had burst the battery cases after about 24-28 months. This is an expensive battery to last only about 2 years!
    Apple will gladly sell me another but no thanks.

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    2 bulging batteries

    • Written by from Cedar Park

    First battery bulged after ~3.5 yrs. Second one, 5 yrs.

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    Battle of the bulge

    • Written by from Austin

    My story is the same as others. 17" macbookpro. First battery bulged a good 1/4 " in the center. Apple store replaced it. Replacement battery is delaminating in the corner making it so it can't sit on a flat surface. Other complaints about this machine are that it does not wake easy from opening the lid. It turns on normally about 40% of the tries. Also, ever since upgrading to snow leopard it is much slower to switch users and I get many more spinning beach balls of death.

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    Bulging Battery Blues

    • Written by from PARKER

    On my way to replace my second bulging battery. This time I'm also having the strange track pad and keyboard issues. My Apple Care replaced the first battery but I no longer have coverage.

    I've long supported Apple but this is very disappointing.

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    • Written by from Morgan Hill

    my battery staring bulging and died without warning. This appears to be a trend with this battery? Wondering if it is a quality issue?

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    2nd Bulging Battery

    • Written by from Portland

    Kinda disappointed. The 2nd battery I got at the end of 2009 is starting to bulge. The first one had the same problem. Gonna have to get a 3rd one soon. You'd think this problem would've been fixed. Third time the charm, perhaps?

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    Bulging battery

    • Written by from Valley Village

    I've had my 17" MacBook Pro for about 3.5 years...never a problem. Suddenly it was wobbling. I thought it had warped or something. Then I looked on the bottom and the battery was bulging. WHAT?!?! Some possible advance notice: it was shutting off, low battery, without any warning, as it used to do. I didn't notice any other changes.

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    MacBook Pro battery

    • Written by from Atlanta

    Dear Apple, I pride myself in showing off this excellent machine. With no job, fortunately recieving unemployment and going back to college, ordering my Macbook Pro and 23 inch display was an enormous sacrifice. I saved and living with my partner I was able to pay it off all $4,000. With the death of my older G5 my MacBook was like having the world at my finger tips everywhere I went. In college studying graphic and web design I was thrilled we had all mac desktops,imacs 24 inch and I was almost the only one to have a MacBook Pro 17. To see my batterry literaly expand and come apart at the seems is like the sadness of Steve Jobs early departure from this earth. We, I, me and you, would have Apple if it had not been for him. Fix Our Batteries Apple, these things are defects for microsoft pc, not Apple Machines.

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    Expanded Battery

    • Written by from poplar

    Never unplugged my Mac 17". battery finally bubbled after1.5 or 2 years. Never lasted very long anyway. Maybe an hour. the laptop really is too big to be portable all the time so I'm not too bummed. I like the 15 for bummin around much better. Have had my Mac for 4 years. Finally ugraded from tiger to lion. No problems except I didn't upgrade all the drivers first. Couple of days went by and the printer started working. Love the lion.

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    Battery swollen-affecting trackpad funtionality

    • Written by from Ocala

    This month my Mac Book Pro will turn 3 years old to be exact. I realize that the trackpad was getting crazy it was getting to a point that using my Mac Book Pro without a mouse was impossible, until a realize that the battery compartment of my Mac Book Pro was not closing properly.
    I checked the battery and found out that the battery was swollen and that it was pushing the trackpad upward affecting the functionality of the trackpad. I removed the battery and the trackpad is working fine now.
    Are the batteries of this computer supposed to swollen with the used after 3 years, or is this a battery defect? I mostly used my computer on my desk and plug. I agree with some of the Customer reviews to affirm that I'm happy with apple products and I did not have any problem with my battery until now. the battery still charging fine but it's charge go fast and continue swollen.
    My problem is that if I want to used the battery I can not used the track pad or if I used the trackpad I can not use the battery. So, what do I need to do, pay for a new battery? I have to, if I want to used the computer on the go! I hope to be luckier that many of the people that had posted here, and the battery I will buy next will last longer.

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    Another swollen battery

    • Written by from Brooklyn

    This would be the second one I think, as others have reported. The price tag is not cheap but still cheaper than buying a new laptop - although I'm sure apple will force me to upgrade, already they are cancelling me.com next June... I've had this one for more than six years though, and it still serves well (after a hard-drive upgrade). Still, I'm weary of getting another battery. Seems like it started after my last trip to Europe (220v, supposedly the power supply handles it) - maybe because I used it on the train where power may not be the cleanest. If the battery starts swelling after a surge, they need to fix it...

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    Bulging Battery

    • Written by

    I have been trying to figure out what I am doing wrong! I am saddened to learn that Mac produces such a product, but relieved to know that the problem is universal. I have obtained another 15' macbook pro and so far i have not experienced these problems. Is it worth buying my third battery for my older 17' macbook pro?

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    • Written by from Mercer Island

    These batteries certainly would get a much better rating if they didn't continue to have the ongoing buckling issues. They rate about like any others in terms of holding their charge over time, but the fact that, without fan malfunction issues, they suddenly start morphing out of shape and essentially make continuing to use them impossible. Apple should get a fix on this issue. It's costly and annoying.

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    Bulging Battery=track pad button stuck

    • Written by from brooklyn

    My track pad button was also stuck and upon reading this forum I realized that my battery was in fact bulging out. I removed the battery and voila! No more button problems. Problem is that magnetic charger is designed to pull out easily so you have to be careful that you don't accidentally pull the plug and lose your work. A new battery is in order. I think this one had a good run-4 years, not bad but could have created a more serious problem had I not realized that this was the problem.

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    Another one bites the dust...

    • Written by from Peoria

    I have already had issues with the bulging battery in my MBP - thankfully it was at a time when Apple was willing to take control of the situation and replace it, no charge. I have recently had a hard drive failure - losing everything... have been working without a "C" key for a while, and decided to put a little money into it to fix it up. A few hundred dollars later, with a new hard drive and a new keyboard - the battery exploded again. SO FRUSTRATED! Do I keep putting money into this or just call it a loss? ugh.

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    Battery Bulge, Trackpad freaking out

    • Written by from Irvine

    Same here, battery bulged and trackpad is freaking out with the pointer going all over and creating havoc. Ironically noticed it after Lion upgrade. However if I remove my battery and operate on just wall power, no issues with trackpad. Going to take it to Geniuses and see how they can help.

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    same story...

    • Written by

    Battery got hot. Battery wouldn't hold charge. Battery bulged and eventually burst open. This happened in 2011 to the original battery that came with my MBP which I got in 2008. I just purchased & received replacement battery, I'm hoping it lasts at least as long as my original. Reading all these reviews has been disturbing. Is there nothing Apple can do about this problem???
    (Side note: I recently purchased a Targus Chill Hub in hopes it will keep the battery/MBP cool and maybe help prevent future bulging. We'll see how that goes...)

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    Good at first

    • Written by from seekonk

    The battery works very well for the first couple of months, but dies within a year and you have to get it replaced

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    2nd one battery not so good

    • Written by from Timmins

    My 1st battery lasted for three years, and the second only one. Not impressed at all with the 2nd one ordered direct from Apple. I did the calibration faithfully every month and still (in my view) didn't help. That being said I DID NOT remove the battery when MacBook Pro plugged into power.

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