• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Bad heart rate monitor

    • Written by from Burlington

    This is the worst HR that I have ever used. It constantly loses the signal, making it useless.

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Too Small

    • Written by from Orlando

    The chest strap was too small. I adjusted it to the maximum size, but was way too tight for comfort. I'm 6'3" and 204 Lbs.

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    • Written by from Salem

    Having used heart rate monitors of one type or another for decades, the concept of using LE Bluetooth in combination with my iPhone appealed. I was persuaded to purchase the original Blue HR by Wahoo in early 2013. I was forgiving of its weaknesses (primarily connectivity and unreliable heart rate transmission) as it was a new concept device. Wahoo as a company proved itself to have questionable customer support as I struggled with Blue HR. But the idea using the iPhone to record heart rate date via Bluetooth was too good to give up and I bit when the TICKR came out. Shame on me. I'm on my second TICKR at this writing, at anything over the 5-6 mile mark and the TICKR stops sending heart rate info to the iPhone. Sometimes the transmission does not last that long, dropping out within the first couple miles. As for customer support it took weeks to get a recognition that the first TICKR was not performing as specified. A second device was shipped from Wahoo that has obvious changes to the strap contact area. Unfortunately this improved performance marginally but the device still drops heart rate data once any distance is logged. If I had to speculate I would think the issue is related to the amount of sweat that occurs on longer runs. But this is only a guess. What is certain is the device fails repeatedly and reliably on any run going over 5-6 miles. Which pretty much makes it useless for any type of training. TICKR used with IOS 7.1.2 with 5S, left and right arm TuneBelt, with and without electro-gel, Wahoo App, Endomondo App. No improvement after resetting phone Bluetooth, deleting apps, reseting TICKR etc. Heart rate data is very important for some athletes and their training programs. I hesitate to think Wahoo takes it very seriously based on my experience with multiple devices over a year and a half's time.

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    Irritating reminder to rate the program

    • Written by from Aberfeldie

    Irritating reminders to rate the program which stop you from closing the program. Also I am yet to find a way to change what's specs are shown on what pages. Of the ones chosen by Wahoo none are grouped together the way I would like it. The technology is there. The software is not

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    don't buy this product

    • Written by from Zürich

    I purchased the product in the apple store. you can connect it, you can use it, however the connection constantly interrupts during the training. I have found dozens of reviews of this product where customers complain about the issues.

    I do not understand how the people here vote 4 or 5 stars since 90% of the users (outside the apple store) complain about the well known issues with that product.

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