• 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Flimsy Design Flaw

    • Written by from Frisco

    I had a Speck SmartShell case for almost 5 years on my old MacBook with no issues, so I immediately went with the brand again when I got the new MacBook with retina display. The unfortunate part is that the bottom piece of the case flat out has a design flaw--the tabs that are on the back of the case meant to hold it on aren't big enough to hold the case without eventually snapping off. The left side of mine snapped off almost immediately and a few months later, the right side has snapped. Now the bottom of the case slides around and has become useless because now I fear the MacBook sliding out while I'm carrying it.

    Unfortunately, I've been searching for a replacement and every plastic shell case I've seen has the same design flaw. It looks like I'm going to have to switch to the hassle of a sleeve because I carry this thing with me everywhere and I want have some protection for it.

  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Waste of money

    • Written by from Brooklyn

    This cases have really pretty colors but it breaks so easily. I keep finding little parts of the case that have been falling off around my room.

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    Case chips away

    • Written by from Henderson

    I have this shell for little over 4 months and took good care of it but still this did not prevent the rear bottom corners from chipping away, causing the computer to easily slide out. Based on the cost of this shell I expected it to last much longer.

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    I don't suggest it at all

    • Written by from Beaverton

    I bought this when I first bought my laptop, despite the semi-steep price, directly out of the Apple store. I've had it for hardly a year now, and it's cracked, chipped, and falls off at the lightest pull. In the beginning, I used to have to cut my fingers in order to get the case off (which I had to do often, since it always lets dirt and other nasty substances into it, making my laptop gross and sometimes sticky). It's chipped all around the edges, leaving sharp corners that constantly hurt me. It lost 3/4 of the nubs that are supposed to keep the my computer on tables and stable within the first couple of months. However, despite my relatively rough use of my laptop (I have cats that like to push it off the table, or it sometimes slides off my lap because the case is so smooth), it has kept my laptop from breaking (though it does have several small chips and scratches), which is why I feel I must give it at least two stars.

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    • Written by from Taunton

    This Speck product had been recommended to me by family members that had purchased other Speck products, so I was fairly confident when I ordered this case. It was advertised as a light-weight 'hard' case. Light-weight - yes; 'hard' - NO WAY!! It is very flimsy and does not stay on my MacBook very well. It is advertised as easy to put on and off - it definitely is easy to take off but I'm not at all confident that it will stay on. Definitely NOT worth the price!

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