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    Stable fit, audio lacking

    • Written by from SCOTTSDALE

    I try quite a few of the Bluetooth/exercise combo sets, the bluebud x's have been the king of them all for some time but for me, the fit of those are cumbersome while previous models from jaybird weren't. Always on the prowl for a better pair so tried these but returned.

    The fit is as rock solid stable as they claim, they won't fall out. My issue was(and this differs for every individual), It was harder for me to achieve a proper seal and without it, the set didn't get loud enough to overcome that and ended up sounding very bad. I use comply foam tips on my x's so I tried them on these and while the seal was good then, the set again just doesn't get loud enough for my tastes. Even at its best with a good seal from the foam tips, it sounds good, but not audiophile quality as advertised and certainly not as good as the x's. At its worst without a good seal, that lack of volume just makes them sound very underwhelming. I give it 3 stars for it's superior fit and decent sound when sealed right but find them to be a average set priced at a premium level that is not able to beat out the sound of its competitors like the x's and backbeat go 2. Had they delivered even just equal sound to the x's, the fit and feel would have made them my prime pair that I would have used. They are bulky looking but didn't feel very bulky, felt light, felt nice. Again though, the sound difference wasn't very close hence the return.

    As a side note, while waterproof, Bluetooth tech won't work under water anyway so they won't break while swimming, they won't work either.

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