• 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Not for iPad Air 2

    • Written by from Alexandria

    They make one of these for iPad Air. It is very well made. They say it will fit Air 2. It does fit, in the way an XXL shirt will fit me. The 1.5 mm difference makes the Air 2 wobble in the case. Pretty lame that they won't make one specifically for Air 2. Recommended for Air, not for Air 2.

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    Love the ease of charging

    • Written by from Calgary

    The product is great - case fits snugly against the iPad, stand holds firm, the tilting feature is great and the fact it is easy charged is fantastic!

    I would offer out a suggestion - make the power cord detachable from the base. You would then have a portable stand in lieu of a simple charging station. The case increases the length of the iPad, so many traditional keyboard tray and otter box stands will not work with the unit any more - leaving it simply on the counter. That was a big miss in my opinion.

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    this is a real

    • Written by from toronto

    Strong ,Beautiful design ,Worthy for the money.Portable. Reliable. NEVER WILL FALL FROM BASE.
    One of the best product I have buy online with not regret.
    If you are looking for a peace of mind to ALWAYS have your Ipad charged ,
    If you want a Portable ipad Stand , this is your chance, fully guarantee you will be happy with it as I'm .

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    • Written by

    iPort has finally made the product I have been waiting for. I was never satisfied with docks and connectors, and being limited to having to "display" my iPad and not really be able to use it while it was sitting on my desk. Also, many of the cases out there 1. don't allow you to dock the iPad and charge it while the case is on, and 2. Do not have and aesthetically great way to incorporate the smart cover. All of this is addressed and solved in this product:

    The Stand allows me to charge in portrait or landscape, and actually USE my iPad at different angles while it is charging. This is possible because of their clever way of eliminating the lightning connector from the stand and embedding it in the case, which creates this flexibility. The case is blow-away cool: it is the first case I have ever seen that attracts the smart cover to the case, which is amazing because it doesn't have an ugly gap on the side of the case like all the other ones do. There are actually magnets inside the case that make this possible.

    For me, it's great because I like using a case on my iPad, I use it a lot at my desk, and I hate it when my iPad is not charged. This product supports all my needs.

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    Great Product

    • Written by from san clemente

    I bought the iPort charge case and stand to use in the office, and I love this product. The adjustable base is perfect for typing emails and video conferencing, and is sturdy but compact- good for limited desk space at work. I was worried about the case’s compatibility with Apple’s smart cover, but it fits beautifully. Overall great product, sleek design, and I'll definetley be buying a few more as gifts.

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