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    Can do better

    • Written by from Prairie Du Sac

    Probably not worth the price. The sound quality is average, comparable to my $20 Sony, and beat by all of my Bose, Klipsch, and high end Sony headphones. My wife accuses me of having a ear/headphone fetish, I have many. I do like the wireless feature, and that is the whole reason I own a set. My in ear Bose quiet comfort 20i blow these away both for sound quality and for noise cancellation. When I turn on the Bose set, the sound around me disappears. I have a Bose over the ear without noise cancellation, and the Studio headphones compare to these for noise, but Bose sound is superior. When I mow the lawn, or ride in a plane, I can't use the Beats Studio, as they don't work well enough unless I have the sound turned up VERY LOUD. I am using my Bose in ear noise canceling set, which work great for these times. If you are looking for noise cancellation, consider Bose which are far superior and cheaper, although do not come wireless. I would choose the Bose Quiet Comfort 15 noise canceling over the ear headphones if I had to buy again. Perks for Beats are better than others, being wireless and having a rechargeable battery. Lastly, the Beats are comfortable, but I think Bose and Sony are slightly better here too. Beats are quality built and sturdy, better than Bose or Sony. Buttons easy to use.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    A Developers Enemy

    • Written by from Charlotte

    Let me start by saying that the sound quality is amazing. I've never heard sound this pure in my ears, and I continue to listen to music and keep these things wrapped around my neck daily.

    Now, does $400+ after taxes justify this purchase over Bose or any other superior brand? Truly, all you're buying is Dr. Dre's name and style (sort of like Nike Air Jordans to go with any outfit). In this case, you're not just buying style or Dre's name, his expertise on how sound should sound, yes, but a lot more than that.

    These headphones have incredible build quality, beatiful design, phenomenal sound, extremely comfortable and just like Apple they made sure every detail was covered in how the headphones fold, the case they are put in and the cords being extra long and thick! All positives in my book and a pleasant surprise when I opened my first pair.

    So why the 3 stars and negative title? Well, I'm a developer, so I like to go "Off the Grid" as I call it when I'm working on a serious project, or just need to disconnect from others to get certain tasks done. I really bought these for the ANC (Noise Cancellation) more than the sound quality. However, when ANC is activated it makes this light static sound - Beats has confirmed this is normally and what I should be hearing. To me though, that's very, very annoying and actually bothers me more than it helps me. This is a big flaw.

    I also keep my Apple EarPods in all day at work and in the car. I'm on the phone probably 4-6 hours a day on top of the hours I'm developing. So I want comfort and Apple has it, now I'm just looking for something better. These headphones are very comfortable, however once you use Bluetooth to get on a call you now sound like you're in a tunnel. When the other party on the line speaks they echo within your ears, and you echo as well. Also, more static that's louder than when ANC is the only thing enabled. When you plug directly into your phone, laptop, tablet the static also increases and never goes away.

    To test the static and verify it wasn't just my pair, I called Beats and they said that's normal. I then went to my local Apple store and tested 7 pairs they had out (3 Studio Wireless and 4 others with ANC) and they all did the same thing. This is something that needs fixed as this is a major flaw, especially for people looking to get multiple uses out of this device.

    The other downside is that for this price you get a cheesy 1 year warranty and if they need replaced during that 1 year it's a 4-6 week delay if not longer. On top of that, they can send you back any other pair of Beats instead of the one you bought - it's in their contract.

    Lastly, the song they play in the commercials by Aloe Blacc "I'm the Man" should come with any pair you buy, it's there selling piece, just my opinion =).

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