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    Sync Problems

    • Written by from Beaverton

    I have owned the Fuel Band SE for about 2 months. I love the features of the band, and as other users say, it keeps me motivated. I like it more now that I have discovered "Sessions" for walking, training, etc. Those times when you aren't using your arms too much so Fuel points are harder to track. My biggest issue with the product is it's inability to sync properly. I have the Iphone 4s and I have had trouble getting it to sync properly with my phone. I contacted Nike customer service and tried everything I was told to do and now it won't connect at all! It is very frustrating and now I will have to send it back and wait for a replacement. Their customer service team is fantastic and very helpful, so I am hoping getting a new band fixes the issue.

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    Not ready for prime time?

    • Written by from Cuba

    A year ago I owned the 1st Gen FuelBand and found it generally trouble-free (until it died after a year of continuous use!) and the Nike software/infrastructure relatively responsive and reliable.

    My experience (since December 2013) with the new SE model has been far less satisfactory. The device works well some days but the bluetooth connection can drop out for no apparent reason (and it's difficult to re-connect without rebooting the iPhone).

    The Nike+ website is often "down" or won't accept my attempts to log on. When I do get logged in successfully, the data recorded doesn't match what I see on my iPhone.

    Nike+ support is, in general, helpful and sympathetic but I've had FAR more issues with the SE than I had with the first model AND the problems are more annoying.

    Nike's development of this product seems to be moving backwards, not forwards.

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    Horrible sync & set-up

    • Written by from Murray

    The Fuelband se has to be the most difficult and cumbersome product ever sold by Nike. Brand new out of the box requires a firmware up-date and will not sync to multiple computers (windows desktop or Mac). Has to be hard reset multiple times and installed/un-installed on multiple computers to get it to sync and start up. Bluetooth 4.0 is a joke. Fuelband se will not sync to iPhone 4s. Why would Nike release a product that isn't ready to be used with ease? Cool idea and nice design. 3 stars assuming they work out the syncing issues. The release on an iWatch will put this product of out commission.

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