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    Really Nice Case!

    • Written by from Ocala

    I'm not certain where some of the people that have reviewed this case are getting their info from. Once reviewer talked about the charging cord being different from any other one you might have. The Boost Case uses a standard micro USB to charge the case....it is universal, you can use it to charge the case, a camera, and anything else that uses a micro usb. So any other micro usb cord you have around will work as an extra cord when you travel or to keep at work. The charging case itself is very practical and although it adds some bulk, it's not terrible. I typically keep mine on all the time, but you do have the option to remove the battery and keep the slim case on which is nice. I will agree that I wish it had the option to sync when you plug into iTunes, but it's easy enough to remove the battery from the slim case and just plug the phone into your computer and sync it like you normally would. Inconvenient, but again, not terrible. Also, the packaging says you'll get up to 150%, but realistically, it's about 100% charge for the 2200 mhz and probably 70-80% for the 1500 mhz which is on par with the Mophie Air and Juice pack cases. I like the variety of colors offered by the boost case and like the feel of Boost over the Mophie cases. They are not as bulky. I have the plain black and white, which is a nice combo and the black battery is matte so it's not slippery and has a good feel and grip. I haven't experienced issues on my unit, but I felt I had to clarify some reviews with information that was not accurate with regard to the charging cords (USB)...etc.

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    The 2 parts case is a nice never seen before idea.

    • Written by from Ramat-Gan

    The nice part about this case that the battery comes off and still leaves a case on the phone, the bad part is that with the battery is thicker then other good booster cases but it does what it says and gives you %150 extra charge on the iPhone 5 and about %100 extra battery charge on the 5S.

    There is an On/Off button all you have to do is keep pressing the play button till the phone starts charging and if you press it long enough again it stops charging, just like any other booster case.

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    I like it

    • Written by from VANCOUVER

    I looked at both the Mophie battery pack and the Boostcase – decided on the Boostcase because it comes with an iPhone 5s case designed to connect the phone to the battery (with the Mophie you would have to remove any iPhone case every time you wanted to mount the battery to the phone). I’ve used this Boostcase (2200 mAh battery) two months now for heavy iPhone GPS use and screen-on time, and it still has battery capacity to spare at the end of the day. A light on the back flashes when charging and steady light when charged. 
The battery pack is coated with a rubbery material that improves grip. My only criticism of the Boostcase is that the iPhone case they supply has a smooth plastic finish – I would prefer a rougher plastic or a rubbery coating to make the phone with just the case (and no battery) more secure in my hand - hence 4 stars.

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