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    Active headphone

    • Written by from Warwick

    Awesome product. It looked a bit bulky at first but fits great. Needed to buy another one as my wife keeps taking mine. Great sound and the wireless technology works perfectly.

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    Great Headphones

    • Written by from Lincoln

    I had been looking for a pair of wireless headphones that I could use for long distance (and short) running. The Jabra Sport are fantastic! I have small ear canals and the options that are provided with this purchase were great, I found the fittings that work best. They never fall out and are perfect. My only recommendation is to remember to charge them up. It is never fun to be on a fun and have the headphones run out of battery...however that was user error. These headphones are fantastic!

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    Sporty, Compact and Easy to Use

    • Written by

    The Jabra Sport Wireless headphones where easy to charge (2hrs), lots of eargels to ensure the perfect fit and easy to use headphones with the clear instructions provided! Made my gym workout more enjoyable and tuned out the background noise!

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    • Written by from Daphne

    When I first tried on the Sport Wireless+ I was concerned it would not fit properly. Almost, like it was to big for my ears. Then, after playing around with it for a bit and actually wearing them to go for a walk I figured out how to make them fit me correctly. You just need to play around with the angle they are on your ears. You receive seven pairs Ultimate Comfort Eargels to make sure you have the comfort you desire. Try them all out and see which you like best.
    The radio function is very nice for when you do not want to carry your phone with you on a run! It helps when I go for a run not to have anything extra on my body. So nice not to have to have my phone so I can still have music.

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    Perfect for working out

    • Written by from Columbus

    Both my husband and I love these headsets, the 7 different ear piece options meant a perfect fit. They stay on and deliver clear quality sound!

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    The Best in Wireless Headphones!!!

    • Written by from Ludowici

    I ordered two sets, one for the wife and one for me. I was nervous at first because I have tried ALL of the bluetooth earbuds that Best Buy has to offer. I took the firs set all the way home before testing which was a poor decision. Upon returning that set I exchanged them for another pair and tested em in the parking lot and this process continued until I tested them all (about 7 times) and left with a full refund. The only two problems were fit and sound quality. With the Jabra ones I have no complaints at all because the fit is great as well as the sound quality. They are not going to provide as much bass as a car stereo but enough to satisfy. I see multiple reviews stating that they don't fit or they slip off so I just put mine on and began head banging really hard and it required minimal adjustment. so for those of you who have problems with slipping either you have very small ears or you need to consider turning down slightly in the gym because you are probably being laughed at for whatever it is you do. I do recommend these over any other wireless earbuds including the very expensive jay birds (first pair I returned) unless you can stuff the entire first digit of your index finger into your ear because thats about the size, both length and width, before the eargel makes contact to lock it in.

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