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    Pretty darn good sound

    • Written by from Calgary

    just piked up one of these. At first I wasn't too impressed with the sound quality, it seems to completely filter out any sound lower than about 125Hz. For the price I could have gone Bose and got much better bang for the buck..(I am a bit of a bass junkie)

    Found out that there was "an app for that" which allowed me to tweak the EQ between 4 different pre-defined settings. They are: Out loud (best for most environments), Bass Boost, Intimate (for small rooms, hard floors/walls) and Vocals (Talk Radio, Podcasts/Movies).

    So I just had to update the speaker...that was painless (download the updater, plug in the speaker with USB to the Computer and open the updater and run it.) once I updated it the sounds was much better and the Bass Boost EQ setting is much better for the music I like to listen to (mainly dance/techno etc..). the Standard EQ setting "Out Loud" works great with Alternative/Rock etc..

    Had I not updated it I would have been returning it tomorrow and picked up a Bose for $30 more.

    The claim is up to 15hrs per charge. Well this is day 1 with it so have not had the chance to test for it yet.

    Overall much more impressed now that the firmware has been updated.

    Easily gets loud enough to fill the 1200sqft or so of my main floor at home with decent sound.

    I will now be looking for a discounted version of this so can pair two together and can't wait for Camping Season to test this over a weekend or so!!

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    Buy two and play BOTH as a Stereo

    • Written by from Honolulu

    So the neat thing about this speaker is that there is a FREE app you can download called UE Boom. If you have two of these, it allows you to play both speakers SIMULTANEOUSLY!! AND you can choose if both speakers play L&R or one speaker plays left and the other right.

    Sound the pretty good too. Not so much on bass, but good enough

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