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    Looks are all it has

    • Written by from Visakhapatnam

    So this is the most inconvenient cases ive ever used, looks wise the best out there but usability is flawed,

    here are the downsides.

    1. when you put on your lap sitting on bed laptop immediately slips and I have to hold it with other hand.

    2 . And then the case makes the laptop bend and eventually you cant close the lid.

    3. the two elastic bands that hold the upper lid can obstruct your lid from closing as they bend sometimes.

    All in all I feel this is useless except for if you give looks a lot of importance. waste of my $80 !!! hope I can get it back although it may be too late now, but I needed this time to find how useless this product is.

    my advice, don't buy this !

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