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    Awesome Case

    • Written by from Columbus

    I got this case about 3 weeks ago when I brought my first macbook. It fits very well on my computer and feels great. I got it in black and you can actually still see the apple sign when it lights up.

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    Best thing for your Mac

    • Written by from Ocean City

    I've had this case for 4 years. It's true, you have to take it off and clean your mac once in a while. This case saved my mac from nasty scratches, keys, so on. The mould thing is not that true if you clean it, but then ask yourself about the temperature variations inside the case, specks of dust and air humidity.

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    • Written by from Antioch

    You wouldn't expect your derriere to stay clean just because you cover it with underwear, would you?

    I've had this case for 3 years now and haven't had any issues. Plus, it makes my MacBook Pro look great up on stage when I'm performing.

    I can't help but notice that most reviewers with mold issues live in areas with relatively high humidity to begin with. And, I highly suspect that they more than likely have mold issues just in general because of that.

    Mold is a living organism that needs moisture, nutrients, and a comfy cozy place to live. The case certainly provides a comfy cozy space, but doesn't create mold by itself. Moisture in the air, especially warm humid air, and dirt of some sort provides mold spores something to feed on. That's what's causing the mold.

    So, if you are considering getting this case, keep in mind that there is some level of upkeep involved and you're gonna have to pull it off every now and then to clean things up just like you do when you pull yourself off the pot! :)

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    All you people complaining are idiots.

    • Written by from Edmonton

    Whoever buys this product and doesn't take the time to clean the computer and case once every week or two and expects everything to be in perfect condition are idiots.

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    What Mold?

    • Written by from Vacaville

    Ive had this case on the whole 6 months I've owned my MacBook Pro Retina 15". I read the reviews here just today, stating mold was eating the chassis and was immediately spooked. I removed my Speck Black case and don't have any mold spots on my machine or any problems with the aluminum chassis of the machine like some other people have stated?

    This case has kept my machine good as new underneath? I'll keep an eye out but I have had zero problems with this case in 6months of use.

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    • Written by from Charlestown

    This is awesome, a great fit with nothing but satisfaction.

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    • Written by from Ypsilanti

    I bought the black satin case for my 13' MacBook Pro, and I love it! It's sleek looking, thin, easy to take on and off, and it shipped to my house very quickly! A good addition to any MacBook!

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    Really good case with perfect fitting an a great texture !

    • Written by from Cary

    I have this case / cover for my laptop 13" with retina. It really does not add bulk at all. Fits perfectly with a "click". The texture is really not slippery and has a nice feel to it. The apple logo is visible from the back which make this my fav case. Now I feel much better knowing that I wont be accidentally putting on any scratches to my laptop and yet keeping its cool. It actually makes the laptop look really cool. Also uTube has an in depth review which I saw before purchasing it. *****

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    Solid Case

    • Written by from Cleveland

    I just got this today, it seems pretty solid fit for the Macbook Pro 13' Retina display. I can't comment on the hinges holding the case together yet and if they will break. I will update if they do. It fits like a glove, adds very little bulk to the minimalistic design of the macbook pro retina. All ports are open just as shown in the pictures, there are no sharp edges that i can feel, you can see the apple logo through the case just as stated. As of right now i have no complaints about this case, but i will update this review if it does turn out to be a bad buy.

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    It what you expect...good product

    • Written by from addison

    Pretty standard hard snap case for MacBooks. This case has a matte satin finish and is semi-translucent you can see the apple light up through the case.

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