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    Glue Doesn't SEAM To Stick

    • Written by from Pattersonville

    First may I preface by stating I LOVE Thule products and NEVER write reviews. However, I want to warn people of at least my defective case. No matter how fantastic the rest of the product is, when the Mac slides in topside and FALLS OUT the bottom side due to the bottom seam of the shell separating fully across, it is obviously a problem.

    I was disappointed to see this product still for sale on the website and feel it my consumer obligation to notify others of this potential "fall out".

    I take VERY good care of my products and the majority of the time my Mac is IN it's shell, it's also in a Patagonia computer bag. I will grab the case - with Mac inside - out of it to transport only to and from short distance and take the Mac out and leave the case solo ONLY when I cam using my Mac. The case is never abused.

    I have had the case around 8-12 months and don't see why the entire seam should be separated other than defective adhesive. If it is on mine, it may be on yours also.

    IF YOU NOTICE, they now make a 2.0 version with a zip. Personally, I prefer the velcro but is it possible the reason they updated the product was because they know of the defect? Oh, and that product is back ordered a month or two which demonstrates the typical genius, functionality and reliability of Thule product lines.

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    Stay away from this product - damaged macbook air

    • Written by from Toronto

    I bought this sleeve just under a year ago. It was fine until a recent trip - could not get my Macbook Air out of the case without some major tugging. The glue from the seam at the bottom of the case fused itself onto the edge of the laptop. so aside from the case imploding - I now have glue on the edge of my otherwise presteen macbook air - not exactly what I had in mind when I bought this product- If I could rate it 0 I would. Heading to the apple store to see how to get the glue off my macbook

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    Separated at the seams

    • Written by from Brooklyn

    I bought this case 3 months ago with my new mac and the seam to the bottom has completely unstuck.

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