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    Amazing amazing amazing and miracle miracle miracle

    • Written by from VANCOUVER

    Amazing amazing amazing and miracle miracle miracle . I advice everyone in the world to buy it

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    • Written by from Mount Pleasant

    Absolutely Awesome! If you are a runner and like to listen to music, this one is amazing. Its super comfortable, the earphones will never come out of your ears, sweat proof, great sound, cable will not get stuck to your neck and pull on your earphones!!! Love it!

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    Jaybird Freedom Sprint = Awesome!

    • Written by from Lake Oswego

    I had not purchased bluetooth headphone prior to this pair and I was somewhat skeptical based on the firsthand experiences of friends in the past and reviews I had read. I decided to take a gamble knowing that I had an extremely lenient return policy at my disposal if they didn't work out. I have used them twice since picking them up, once for music while running outdoors and once for a baseball game while on a treadmill.

    Some tidbits that ran contrary to some of the reviews and made me fall in love with these headphones:
    -I was listening to the baseball game over WiFi and left the room for a moment forgetting that my phone wasn't in my pocket. I walked through a set of glass doors about 6 feet from my phone, then another set about 15-20 feet from there before I had the slightest audio hiccup to remind me that my headphones weren't physically connected to my phone (also a potential downfall).
    -I listened to an entire baseball game (a little over 3 hours) without the battery dying.
    -The treadmill that I was using had a ledge to my left, but within arms reach and I had no trouble with connectivity.

    The general things that I liked that weren't specific to any reviews:
    -The over-the-ear hooks. I really prefer the hooks.
    -The inserts are soft enough that there was no "ear fatigue."
    -When listening to rap, the bass sounded great!!
    -The carrying case is very solid and a nice addition.

    The only thing that I don't like:
    -When hanging behind my head the rubber cable sticks to the back of my neck when I sweat a lot (around the second hour of my run). Easily solved by switching the cable to hang in front...

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    Great for workouts, sweat proof

    • Written by from Taipei City

    Been using Jaybird for almost a year for workouts. Totally sweat proof and no wires to get tangled with.

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