Which ibaby monitor has better features, M2 or M3?

iBaby Monitor

iBaby Monitor

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    The M2 Ibaby monitor has a stationary position where as the M3 rotates via swiping the app on your iPhone or Ipad Screen. The M2 will snap a picture when it notices motion or sound on its alert system.

    We have two M2s and I am very pleased with them. We set one in my invalid mom's room to watch her and one in the family room to monitor anything that goes on in the main area of the house. At $150 each, this $300 that we spent has avoided having to have a more formal security video security system saving us hundreds of dollars in camera equipment and monitoring fees per year. The motion and sound alerts allows us to see what's happening in our home from wherever we are on any of our 5 devices... and the battery in the into works even if the power is cut.

    I have also removed one and aimed it, on battery power, on our front door when expecting a very important or valuable package.Its not meant for outdoor use, so we aim it through a window. It tells me whenever it sees someone walk up the walkway.

  • I bought M3 a year ago and was very happy with its quality, though it has taken me a while to set it up (port forwarding on our double router home setup has not been easy). The only complain I have with the M3 is its lack of a built-in speaker. So I have been looking forward to the M2.

    The M2 is much easier to setup, not port forwarding whatsoever. Pretty design, the magnetic stand is very chic, and speaker is built-in. One thing I missed sorely is you can no longer move the camera with the app, which I think is the most appealing function of the M3!