What voltage does the current iPod Classic (late 2009) charge at? Is it made to charge at 5V and 12V? Or is charging at 12V going to break it?

This question is specifically for the following product: Ipod Classic, (late 2009 model), 160 Gb. I believe this is the current one being sold.

Apple World Travel Adapter Kit

Apple World Travel Adapter Kit

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  • The iPod Classic was made to charge from a USB connection. USB standard is 5.00±0.25 V (or slightly lower on USB 3.0). If you have a 12V adapter with USB out (as with a car charger), it is, or should be, made to step down from 12V to approx. 5V. Directly inputting 12v would probably not be a wise thing to do. The older firewire to 30 pin adapters had voltage regulated by the device and probably would not work on the Classics.