what are the differences between GoPro Hero3+black and GoPro Hero3+silver edition

GoPro HERO3+ Video Camera - Silver Edition

GoPro HERO3+ Video Camera - Silver Edition

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    the black edition comes with a wifi remote. It also is lighter that the silver edition and can shoot higher frames rates and resolutions like 4k and 240 fps (but not at the same time). Black edition also has a setting called super view that is a super wide angle around 170-175. The black edition has a setting called auto low light mode that adjusts frame rates to get better performance in the dark. The black edition also has protune Protune, a setting that bumps up the bit rate to around 50 Mbps, but it also makes the colors look worse so that's only for people who are going to do post production color correction. But the black edition also is $100 dollars more than the silver.

  • The reviewer above is right on all counts. Do not forget that the Go Pro offers tons of accessory mounts for almost every need. I would get the best one for your sport or situation because losing a Go Pro costs a lot. That is not including the great video you captured. I would just go for the higher end black because the extra features and the Wi-Fi remote if you feel you would like that feature is worth the price difference. Either camera though will capture happy memories of your adventures or happy camping trip :)