Is there a difference between this dock and the iPhone 5S dock? Will the 5 and 5S also work on this one?

iPhone 5c Dock

iPhone 5c Dock

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    Yes the shape of the hole for the phone is different. As you can see in the photos, the 5s has corners and the hole is more rectangular, and the 5c has more rounded corners to fit the exact shape of each of the phones respectively.

    You'll want to buy the one that is meant for your specific phone. also take note the the 5s dock will support the 5.

    Seeing as the 5c is slightly larger (like 1mm or so) there is a small chance that this might still hold the 5 and 5s but I would not recommend it because it probably still wouldn't sit conformably.

  • Yes, there is a difference. The 5S and 5C have different dimensions hence why there is two different docks. The 5S dock will only work with the 5 and 5S and the 5C dock will only work with the specified dock. Hope this helps.