does this dock defiantly pass through the composite video to the composite video cable? (the 3g one did not, please only answer if you have tried it.

Apple iPhone 4 Dock

Apple iPhone 4 Dock

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    It doesn't show the slightest hint of defiance. It is, in fact, quite cooperative.

  • Depends on which cable you are using. I just discovered that my dock DOES NOT pass video NOR AUDIO to the dock connector. So, if you have a dock connector to A/V cable, you won't get anything out of it when the cable is plugged into the dock. Plug the cable into the bottom of the phone, and it works fine. So the dock appears to intercept the audio/video and pass it to the jack labeled "LINE OUT" and doesn't have a true dock pass through.

  • OK, so I bought the dock. And as suspected it does not pass the AV signal to the read connector. (it does take out the sound to the headphone jack on the dock, but the video is not passed through to my composite video cable.)

  • Half of the responses say it works, the other half say it doesn't. I bought a cheap ebay dock, and it only passes through 8 of the 30 pins, so video out will not work. I have a special cable that I want to connect to this dock that allows video output to my mobile video system. All 30 pins being present in this dock is crucial. Can anyone who has this apple dock confirm, by looking closely under light, that all 30 pins are present on the in and outputs of this dock? Thanks!

  • This dock DEFINATELY DOES NOT (nor defiantly) pass through the VIDEO signals!

  • Yes. I tried it and it worked for me. The video and sound are not affected in any way from being plugged into the dock.

  • yes it does