Can I back-up from an external hard drive to time capsule

Hi, I'm looking at getting a new Macbook pro - mainly for photo editing. Am concerned that I may run out of storage so was thinking of purcahsing the LaCie 1TB Rugged Thunderbolt/USB 3.0 Hard Drive to store my photos on. I was then looking at the time capsule for back-up. Can I back-up photos on theLaCie 1TB Rugged Thunderbolt/USB 3.0 Hard Drive to the Time capsule?

many thanks

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  • Time machine backups do not include backup of external devices, because they are detachable, time machine may not be able to always back them up.

    If you want dependable external storage, then I would suggest a raid array of some sort. There are many different multi-drive RAID type external enclosures which provide "backup" through a mirrored copy (Raid-1) and/or checksum (raid-5, raid-10 etc.) of your data while providing for a single disk failure.

    Absolute preservation of your data, is not a "cheap" proposition. There are cloud services such as Amazon Glacier (for long term archiving and slower restoration) costs for storage and retrieval, not for upload to the service, DropBox (free with a very limited free account), and many others, including online photo web sites etc.

    For things that you absolutely must try your best, to never lose, you should have multiple copies in multiple places and on multiple devices. I, personally, have 5 copies of such data in the form of 2 raid-1 servers, and some offsite storage in the cloud, in multiple places. This costs me about $40/month plus the original costs of the servers at about $2K each (so far, with drive replacements and upgrades) (with 8TB each, 8x2TB mirror plus a spare using ZFS on Solaris). So, I'd guess I have about $5K into my data preservation at this point.

    So, I'd suggest you look at one of the appropriately sized attachable drives that is a mirrored/Raid-1 device with 2 drives. Purchase a spare drive to replace one that will fail, eventually, to have on hand so that when it does fail, you can replace the failed drive ASAP. Next, figure out where to put your other copy, off site.

    Some professional photographers have bought two of the newest Drobos that have Thunderbolt connectivity. They have them maxed out with 3TB or 4TB drives, and keep one at work, and one at home, updating them on the weekend.

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