Can I use the airport time capsule to also backup my iPad and iPhone

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    I believe the correct answer is No, though it's not stated directly anywhere. Ideally, you would want to use this product to backup your iPhone and iPad over WiFi so that you didn't need to use iCloud, but this is not supported. The solution being offered is to connect your iPhone or iPad to an OSX device, back them up using iTunes, and in-turn, those backup files would be copied over WiFi to the ATC. I agree that iCloud works well and is very convenient, but the pricing beyond a few Gigabytes is out of touch with reality, especially if you purchase one of the new iPhone 5/5c models at 32GB/64GB capacities. Thankfully, AppStore and iTunes purchases are backup up in their respective stores, but the majority of your space is likely to be photos and movies, and at full 1080p, your free iCloud allocation will be gone very quickly.

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  • Yes you can backup your iOS device, but only through your Mac. Backup your iOS device to your Mac regularly and backup your Mac to your Time Machine regularly. That is also free as opposed to buying iCloud storage for backups.

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  • well no APP from Apple to backup files from mobil devices! would be possible.
    Take other APP like "file explorer" at itunes store.
    ... looks like, some one would like to force to use the iCloud.

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  • no

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  • Backup you iOS devices to iTunes, then everything is backup by Time Machine to your Time Capsule. Better, backup your iOS devices to iCloud.

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